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Dr. Paul LaViolette is an astrophysicist who thinks outside the conventional box and accepts the fact that catastrophic POLE SHIFTS periodically destroy human civilization.

Since the late 1970s he has had many discoveries and theories, one of which I’ll call “the galactic superwave theory.”  He suggests that our galactic center has a periodic cycle of almost 13,000 years in which it appears inactive for over 12,000 years and then suddenly releases a burst of energy including gravity waves, a blue light visible in our skies for centuries – even in daytime, and many other forms of radiation.  I believe the arrival of such galactic superwaves act as triggers for correcting mass imbalances on Earth’s crust by initiating a pole shift.

In June I had an article on pole shift evidence (and conspiracies to hide it) in Nexus Magazine.  Dr. LaViolette wrote in and commented in a letter to the editor afterwards

suggesting that he thinks the event could occur in early 2020, and provided links which I will get to below.  Since my interpretation of end times Bible prophecy suggests that the event may be due in late December 2019, his comments focusing on early 2020 are close enough to get my attention.  Recently I contacted Dr. LaViolette about this and started to discuss the subjects with him directly.  He briefly expressed interest in reading two of my books: End Times and 2019 and Pole Shift: Evidence Will Not Be Silenced in mid October, but the more we emailed the more he focused on the differences in our opinions and soon felt there was no need to read my books once he knew what our differences of opinion are.  I still admire his research and theories immensely.

His comments in Nexus also led me to this website: http://etheric.com/will-superwave-arrive-2017/ which led me to comments from “Jake Simpson” at this one: http://projectcamelot.org/jake_simpson.html where we can read:

The biggest secret

The international network of deep underground bases, Jake confirmed, had been built in a continuing program since soon after the end of World War II costing trillions of dollars. The issue here was that military leaders had learned through ET contact that a potential catastrophe of huge magnitude, occurring early in the 21st century, was possible. This information was certainly known to Eisenhower, Jake said (and may have been partially responsible for his heart attack), and was very possibly known as early as World War II.

Just as we had presented in our important summary article The Big Picture, the problem is one which involves massive potential Earth changes that could, in extremis, threaten our civilization. The situation had been extensively studied and evaluated and the conclusion had been reached that the public could not be told.

Just because a conspiracy theory I conclude is correct – regarding a soon-to-come pole shift – happens to be supported by a PhD – doesn’t make it right.

But Dr. LaViolette is no crackpot, he is an astrophysicist with a PhD and the author of several great books including Earth Under Fire and Genesis of the Cosmos.  The fact that someone of his caliber is somewhat in agreement with my assessment on how and when the next catastrophic pole shift is coming (early 21st century, and possibly as soon as December 2019 or early 2020) is both exciting and scary as hell to me.  And he is not the only world-renowned PhD with similar views.

Dr. Robert Schoch, famous since 1993 for acknowledging that water erosion on the Sphinx proves it is many thousands of years older than mainstream Egyptologists claim – also suggests another civilization-ending event in the early 21st century (see p. 216 of his book Forgotten Civilization.)

Even the great astronomer Sir Isaac Newton, the inventor of Calculus and modern physics – studied end times Bible prophecy (and the planets and stars) and concluded that we should look to the era of 2016-2060 for the fulfillment of all end times Bible prophecy and the destruction of the current world as we know it.  (Since the “generation” that saw Israel reborn as a nation in 1948 is supposed to witness the fulfillment of all biblical prophecies – and generations last 70-80 years – I tend to focus on the early end of this range.)

I have taken their comments (and many others – going back thousands of years) and concluded that evidence from geology, biology, astronomy, physics, history, mythology, religion and prophecy all suggests that the next pole shift is due in the early 21st century.

Pole Shift Front Page Book Cover

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