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Doug Vogt’s Recent Video on Pole Shifts and Charles Hapgood’s C.I.A. Background

Doug Vogt is a highly intelligent researcher and I’ve had many conversations with him. A fan of my pole shift book and a good friend alerted me to this video about Charles Hapgood as soon as it came out – a video which covers many topics of interest. It also hints at an upcoming video … Continue reading

“Dangerous” Graham Hancock’s “Ancient Archeology”

Six months ago I wrote the post: Graham Hancock’s Ancient Apocalypse Series on Netflix – It’s Popularity Scares the Crap Out of the Mainstream Narrative’s Gatekeepers Long story short, he says the evidence points to a global civilization about 12,000 years ago which at the peak of it’s rather advanced development was destroyed in a … Continue reading

Other Star Systems Exoplanets Repeatedly Flip in Pole Shifts

Anton Petrov makes many entertaining videos commenting on scientific topics, and in this one he explains that planets in other star systems seem to quickly flip over, repeatedly, in cycles of catastrophic pole shift events – and concludes that any life on them would have to be very adaptable. Sounds kind of familiar….

Charles Hapgood: Godfather of Pole Shift Disinformation

Early on in my research for my own eventual book on pole shifts, I used to admire Charles Hapgood for writing books like Earth’s Shifting Crust, Path of the Pole, and Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings. He seemed to make painstaking efforts to prove that Earth’s crust periodically moves over its molten interior in … Continue reading

Pole Shifts in Prophecy

The video below mentions books by Charles Hapgood and Chan Thomas. They are informative but both worked for the CIA and purposefully included false ideas to discredit the pole shift theory which government cannot acknowledge. Read their books anyway, but also read – POLE SHIFT: Evidence Will Not Be Silenced. Watch Ben Davidson’s videos on … Continue reading

I don’t agree with everything in this video, but some parts are spot on

Jordan Maxwell is correct in his assessment/interpretation of Genesis, and in periodic destructions and re-creations between dispensations. I obviously see room for pole shifts in this. So the first 2/3 of the video is great for me. I can also see why some people say we have been genetically modified as a species, “like us” … Continue reading

Things the NOAA Knows But Won’t Admit

I recently stumbled on a post at godlikeproductions claiming they know someone at the NOAA (The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) who revealed some facts to them which they will never admit to the public. After all my research on pole shifts and other topics, it sounds legit to me:

Gobekli Tepe – Are Carvings Warning of Event 10,950 B.C.?

When John Anthony West and Robert Schoch first proposed that the Sphinx, and possibly the pyramids at Giza, were not just 4,500 years old, but at least 10,000 years old – they were ridiculed. The strongest argument against their analysis of rainfall erosion, or even archeo-astronomical dating of monuments to stars as they were positioned … Continue reading

Magnetic Pole Shift – Accelerating

Our Magnetic North Pole has spent many years moving towards Siberia at a rate of over 1000 feet per day, or over 5 miles/month or 60 miles/year. At the beginning of this year that motion suddenly paused and backtracked, but in recent weeks has resumed moving at an accelerated pace. Kudos to Gene at the … Continue reading

Even Saturday Night Live is Aware of Pole Shift Evidence

Last Saturday night (February 4, 2023) a skit on SNL’s “Weekend Update” featured Groundhog Day’s Punxsutawney Phil ranting about what’s wrong in the world including – that the Earth’s core stopped rotating. While many news commentators try to downplay the likely stopping and reversal of rotation of the planet’s core as a common event not … Continue reading

Future Unity Obviously Likes POLE SHIFT: Evidence Will Not Be Silenced

It’s not often I watch a video on pole shifts and realize, not only does the person who made the video understand the topic – but they’re using so many of my phrases they had to read my work. Knowing I got through to someone enough that they decided to make a video about it … Continue reading

Pole Shifts on Other Planets and Moons

I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s so strange to see scientists acknowledge pole shifts of 20, 30, 55, 70, even 80 degrees on other planets and moons, and then fall silent about pole shift catastrophes on Earth. On Mars, they admit that the solar system’s largest volcano, Tharsis, grew so large that it’s mass caused … Continue reading

Nothing to See Here… The Earth’s Core is Just Reversing its Rotation

Not that something like this could possibly point to a catastrophic pole shift in the near future…. but a few interesting articles came out today, like this one from Newsweek: Earth’s Inner Core May Have Started Rotating in the Opposite Direction and MSN says: Earth’s Inner Core Rotation Appears to be Reversing Flipboard says: Earth’s … Continue reading

Everybody Figures Out Pole Shifts Eventually

When most of the famous authors and commentators discovered POLE SHIFT cycles, and what they claim:

Pole Shift, Looking Glass, and The Great Awakening

If the technology alleged to exist in Project Looking Glass exists, then human consciousness has a way to perceive multiple possible future outcomes of the choices we can make. But do our choices matter, or is one outcome unavoidable? Sounds like the coming pole shift will not only change the surface conditions of the planet, … Continue reading

Micronova Timeline

Ben Davidson explains not just when the micronova event is likely, but (aside from the pole shift) also details on what may happen in the hours, days, and weeks after the solar event.

If Catastrophe Ends Civilization Every 12,000 Years, How Do We Still Have So Many Species Survive?

Yes, there’s a periodic cycle of regularly recurring catastrophes roughly every 12-13,000 years. Yes, the evidence suggests a solar micronova burns one side of our planet. Yes, this coincides with a POLE SHIFT that causes massive earthquakes, volcanism, and tsunamis. Yes, almost all lands move to significantly different latitudes, altitudes, and climates. Yes, civilizations like … Continue reading

Why Are So Many Volcanoes Suddenly Exploding Across The World?

Michael Snyder recently posted an article at The End of the American Dream and at SHTFPlan.com: Why Are So Many Major Volcanoes Suddenly Exploding All Over The World? “Two of Hawaii’s largest volcanoes are erupting simultaneously. Hawaii’s Mauna Loa, the world’s largest active volcano, erupted for the first time in decades on Sunday night. Nearby, Kilauea is … Continue reading

DNA Reveals Arctic Was Once 50-65 Degrees Warmer

I found this recent article from The Guardian quoted at Zerohedge: DNA From 2 Million Years Ago Reveals Arctic Utopia That Was 50-65 Degrees Warmer I want to emphasize a few key points, because this is excellent support of POLE SHIFT theory evidence: This DNA evidence was from “sediment, tucked in the mouth of a … Continue reading

The World is in Peril but not from Comet Impacts – Ken White wrote about evidence of POLE SHIFTS

I was shocked today to find a video by “Diamond” at Magnetic Reversal News on Ken White’s World in Peril – which concludes that crustal displacements are “impossible.” That pole shifts “don’t happen.” That Charles Hapgood (whom Einstein supported) and Chan Thomas had “crazy theories.” Evidence that the Svalbard Islands were once on the equator, … Continue reading

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POLE SHIFT: Evidence Will Not Be Silenced

Evidence suggests that pole shifts are both magnetic and geophysical, with a periodic cycle of recurring and predictable cataclysms involving huge earthquakes and tsunamis, changes in latitude and altitude, mass extinctions, and the destruction of civilizations, reducing them to myth and legend.

Nostradamus and the Islamic Invasion of Europe

Nostradamus and the Islamic Invasion of Europe

Nostradamus prophecies suggest Europe will suffer greatly before WWIII ends in 2028.

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