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Europe Surrenders to Islamic Terrorism

British Socialists, like all other European Socialists, seem hell-bent on denying the truth about the Islamic threat and flushing Europe down the toilet.  The rich elite stand to gain from fomenting a third world war in Europe and the Middle East, and the complacent, apathetic, and lazy Europeans will slowly open themselves to Islamic conquest … Continue reading

The Conquest of Israel – During Nostradamus’ Islamic Invasion of Europe

In my new book covering Nostradamus and his prophecies on WWIII and the end times: Nostradamus and the Islamic Invasion of Europe …I cover many topics, including the Islamic conquest of Israel.  This shouldn’t surprise anyone, because if Islamic nations form an alliance strong enough to invade all of southern and western Europe, they are … Continue reading

Hungary’s Viktor Orban Tells the Truth on Immigration Destroying Europe

Hungarian President Viktor Orban is a rare voice of truth and honesty in Europe when most of the traitorous leadership there not only refuses to acknowledge the threat to Europeans but makes it criminal to even complain about the millions of migrants pouring in from the Middle East and North Africa. Europe’s situation will soon … Continue reading

Iran Using U.S. Cash to Fund Unprecedented, Massive Military Buildup

I found this article at the counterjihadreport blog here Tehran seeks to completely overhaul, revamp military might to counter U.S. Washington Free Beacon, by Adam Kredo, May 3, 2017: Iran is using the billions in cash resources provided under the landmark nuclear deal to engage in an unprecedented military buildup meant to transform the Islamic … Continue reading

Nostradamus on WWIII: 2001 – 2028

The 16th century French prophet Nostradamus warned future generations about many events and people – from Napoleon to Hitler to Soviet Russia to an apocalyptic world war between Islam and Christianity that lasts 27 years and is fought mostly in Europe… with Rome and other cities (including New York) being nuked. For details read: Nostradamus … Continue reading

Jim Willie Interview on WWIII & GOLD

“Jim Willie is a statistical analyst in marketing research and retail forecasting. He holds a PhD in Statistics. His career has stretched over 25 years.” JW seems to think that North Korea is just a meaningless distraction (again) and that the news misleads us with rumors of war.  He says North Korea has been selling … Continue reading

WWIII starts TODAY – May 13, Fatima’s 100 year anniversary, says Horacio Villegas

From the full article at Beforeitsnews.com HERE “On May 13, 1917, three little Portuguese children received their first vision of the Virgin Mary, who returned to them (and eventually to crowds of about 70,000 witnesses at what became known as “The Miracle of the Sun”) many times to give secret warnings of what must occur … Continue reading

Which Cities Get Nuked?

In my new book: Nostradamus and the Islamic Invasion of Europe – New York and Rome top the list of cities destined for nuclear destruction.  But what cities come up on other lists? From the article by J.D. Heyes at the SHTFplan.com site: If nuclear war breaks out, which U.S. cities would be targeted first? … Continue reading

The Third Secret as we approach the 100 Year Anniversary of the events at Fatima

On May 13, 1917, three little Portuguese children received their first vision of the Virgin Mary, who returned to them (and eventually to crowds of about 70,000 witnesses at what became known as “The Miracle of the Sun”) many times to give secret warnings of what must occur in WWI, WWII, and probably WWIII and … Continue reading

Nostradamus and the Islamic Invasion Of Europe

The huge influx of immigrants from the Middle East and North Africa is just the beginning of what Nostradamus warned will soon become an apocalyptic world war.  I waited to publish this latest book until after the French election confirmed the results Nostradamus described…  Since he repeatedly said France will choose “neglect” and “negligence” and … Continue reading

Has WWIII Already Begun?

Last week, Zerohedge.com posted an article by economics guru Dennis Gartman titled: Gartman: “The World Is Finally Awakening To The Fact That World War III Has Begun In Earnest” His main concern seems to be the financial markets: “perhaps the world is finally awakening to the fact that World War III has begun in earnest; … Continue reading

John Hogue Interview on Nostradamus Prophecies Discusses MY Take on WWIII

The full show is over 3 hours long: The video description on Youtube says: Published on Apr 23, 2016 “John Hogue provides insights into the life and work of Nostradamus. He also share his own predictions for the future. John Hogue writes on the subjects of the . Why can’t people just sit and read … Continue reading

Iranian military leader confirms plan to cause Armageddon

“200,000 men have been prepared to help the Mahdi in the final battle between good and evil. The Mahdi will usher in an era of peace and justice by imposing Islam on the world by force. In order to conquer the planet, the Mahdi will need the best and most destructive weapons available.  But Iran … Continue reading

America has Barely Started a Hundred Year War with Islam

Quoted article below based on a recent speech by Newt Gingrich: read the full original article: Why America Needs To Get Ready For A ‘100-Year War’ With Radical Islam at the Daily Caller, by Russ Read, Jan. 16, 2016: The war against radical Islamic terrorism could go on much longer than anyone is expecting, and … Continue reading

One Step Closer to WWIII – Turkey Shoots Down Russian Fighter Jet

Zerohedge explains: “the geopolitical situation in the middle east changed dramatically when NATO-member country Turkey downed a Russian fighter jet allegedly over Turkish territory even though the plane crashed in Syria, and whose pilots may have been captured by local rebel forces.” 21st Century News says: “Turkey has admitted that it just shot down a … Continue reading

Third Secret of Fatima and War With Russia

October 13 was the 98th anniversary of the first Marian apparitions in Fatima, Portugal.  Young children who repeatedly saw the Virgin Mary were told three secrets, the third of which we have never been told. Pope John Paul II commented on this third secret of Fatima in 1984, as noted in this article on the … Continue reading

Vasili Arkhipov: The Unknown Russian who Prevented WWIII

Unknown in America, anyway – at least for a few decades after his world-saving ability to keep calm under pressure.  As an article at Zerohedge tells us: “You may have never heard of Vasili Arkhipov. And yet life as we know it on this planet could have ended if it were not for his crucial … Continue reading

Chinese Video Depiction of Battle with America?

Interesting, video-game-like perspective of a military battle in which Chinese forces defeat… somebody. Consider this – for decades, China’s one-child policy and the preference for baby boys and gender based infanticide means China has about 50 million “surplus” males – a society-wide imbalance. In America, a few hundred body bags of soldiers coming home means … Continue reading

Memorize Qu’ran Verses and win a Sex Slave Girl from ISIS

ISIS has already committed countless unspeakable acts on Yazidi and Christian girls and women in Iraq, but the terrorist army may have reached a new low with a twisted new contest in which female slaves captured in war are given away as “prizes” to fighters who show the have mastered the Koran. The shocking practice … Continue reading

Jaw-Dropping Visualization Will Give You New Respect For The Sheer Number Who Died In WWII

Those who study and are interested in World War II will be unable to stop watching this amazing video from the Huffington Post which breaks down all the deaths of WWII.  Wow. I hope we don’t have to go through a world war again – because it will be even worse if there is a … Continue reading

Nostradamus and the Islamic Invasion of Europe

The 16th century French prophet Nostradamus wrote thousands of predictions but his main theme is the military invasion of Europe by an Islamic alliance of nations in the early 21st century.

End Times and 2019

End Times and 2019

Astronomical alignments described in the Bible and other prophecies tell us WHEN the visions of prophetic events will occur - and they s point to an END in December 2019

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