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Strange Eclipse Gravity Anomaly – The Allais Effect

Strange Eclipse Gravity Anomaly – The Allais Effect

Einstein’s theories of General Relativity fail to explain gravity anomalies during eclipses, especially why pendulums change their direction of movement and speed during an eclipse.  The anomalies force us to consider alternative theories on gravity, whether or not gravity is carried by particles, and whether two celestial objects lined up have additive gravity (they simply … Continue reading

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Nostradamus and the Islamic Invasion of Europe

The 16th century French prophet Nostradamus wrote thousands of predictions but his main theme is the military invasion of Europe by an Islamic alliance of nations in the early 21st century.

End Times and 2019

End Times and 2019

Astronomical alignments described in the Bible and other prophecies tell us WHEN the visions of prophetic events will occur - and they s point to an END in December 2019

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