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Why Did They Blow Up the Georgia Guidestones?

Early this morning, someone blew up part of the only modern monument warning us about the coming pole shift catastrophe – the Georgia Guidestones: https://t.me/My21wire/7980 https://youtu.be/1k4l9mtestE Unfortunately embedding the links to videos above for easier viewing has been disabled, but do check them out. Then hours later, crews bulldozed the rest of them: The time … Continue reading

False Flag Planned For 9/11/21 ?

The United States has a long and not so proud history of planning fake attacks on itself to gain public support for a war. Operation Northwoods: The Joint Chiefs of Staff approved plans for terrorist attacks in U.S. cities, killing civilians and soldiers, blowing up a U.S. ship, sinking boats of Cuban refugees, and hijacking planes. … Continue reading

Even Warren Buffet Admits Hyperinflation

More money chasing after the same goods leads to price inflation. And monetary inflation, by definition, is caused by increasing the supply of money. Roughly ten trillion dollars have been helicopter-dumped into America’s economy in the last year, ostensibly due to COVID-19. The reality may prove to be the intentional destruction of the current economic … Continue reading

Martin Armstrong Warns Trump: Long Coronavirus Shutdown Will Cause Leftist Wet Dream of Global Economic Collapse

Martin Armstrong of Armstrong Economics has correctly predicted many trends (especially economic and political ones) since at least the 1980s.  (FWIW he also expects a pole shift like I have written about.)  In a recent letter to President Trump he warns: And allegedly, in a private blog: “The Seriousness We Face THURSDAY, 02 APRIL 2020 … Continue reading

Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories

There are many articles comparing the coronavirus to the flu, to SARS, and to various deadly plagues….  There are also many conspiracy theories circulating, suggesting this outbreak may not just be Mother Nature at work.  Most, if not all of these conspiracy theories will ultimately be proven wrong.  Some of them are just plain silly. … Continue reading

Which Pole Shift Cover-Up Matters Most?

Did the CIA hide some of what Chan Thomas aimed to reveal about pole shifts in The Adam and Eve Story, which you can find in a “partially declassified” file on the CIA web site?  Did Charles Hapgood, author of Earth’s Shifting Crust, intentionally mislead pole shift researchers by promoting a false narrative of slow … Continue reading

Last Ditch Government Efforts to Prop Up Failing Economy – Negative Mortgages

In a normal, healthy, functional economy, banks operate to make money – profit – interest – by loaning to home borrowers.  In today’s brink of Great Depression II Bizarro world of government mandated financial shenanigans, banks have been pressured to offer negative interest rate mortgages to keep the party going.  Some people suggest there is … Continue reading

Epstein Rumors Abound; But Antarctica?

Reddit has a lot of talk about “Jeffrey Epstein, a hedge-fund manager, was first arrested a decade ago of sexually abusing dozens of underage girls. Due to a widely criticized plea deal he avoided federal criminal charges. He was arrested again in 2019 after the Miami Herald published a three-part series that helped FBI’s sex-trafficking … Continue reading

“One giant leap for womankind, mankind, transgenderkind, genderfluidkind, and otherkind.”

It’s hard to tell whose sense of humor is serious and who is just nuts sometimes. This article at Zerohedge.com: Fact Or Fiction? NASA Announces All-Female Remake Of Staged Moon Landings “In this new normal, it’s hard to decide…   As a tribute to the 50th anniversary of its fake moon landing, the National Aeronautics … Continue reading

Why do some people doubt the official moon landing story?

I recently answered a Quora.com question about why some people doubt the official version of events in 1969 and doubt we really sent astronauts to the moon. I answered: “Never A Straight Answer makes it hard to believe them about anything. Modern digital analysis of the original moon landing tapes could clarify whether the footage … Continue reading

Plans to “Storm Area 51″ in September?

Almost everyone wants the government holding captured aliens and ships to come clean on secrets and offer full disclosure.  Even President Eisenhower allegedly wanted to use the US Army to storm Area 51 when they denied him information.  So it’s totally understandable that millions of people would be willing to do something to bust out … Continue reading

NASA Just Warned ANOTHER Asteroid Might Hit Earth in 2019

Why are there so many warnings about asteroids that might hit Earth this year? Seriously, there must be a reason.  Is there some conspiracy to raise our awareness of a threat from space for a reason?  They have us worrying about Earth being in the Taurids right now.  The European Space Agency warned of a … Continue reading

Moon Monolith?

The image above may be from Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, but Mark Carlotto at the Before Atlantis blog recently wrote about a potential slab monolith the Soviet’s photographed, discussed, and then got quiet about in 1973.  For even more information, see the full original article: In Search of the Lunokhod “Monolith” “Thursday, February 15, … Continue reading

More Evidence of Water on Mars

First Evidence of “Planet-Wide Groundwater System” on Mars Found The European Space Agency (ESA) reports: “28 February 2019 – Mars Express has revealed the first geological evidence of a system of ancient interconnected lakes that once lay deep beneath the Red Planet’s surface, five of which may contain minerals crucial to life. Mars appears to … Continue reading

Global Conspiracy Matrix

The following excerpt is part of a recent blog post at https://jonrappoport.wordpress.com/2019/03/16/matrix-revealed-cartels-run-world/ by Jon Rappoport March 16, 2019 “The following information comes from insider interviews with Ellis Medavoy and Richard Bell, two people I interview extensively in my collection, The Matrix Revealed. This is just a brief taste of what they have to say… Major … Continue reading

Denver Illuminati Airport Now With Talking Gargoyles: Video

The “Mile High” city of Denver makes sense as a city that could survive the tsunamis and changes of elevation that come with a POLE SHIFT.  The Rocky Mountains protect Denver from any oceanic intrusions from the west, and the CIA and the military are already very well established near this potential future capital city. … Continue reading

Secret Space Program?

I have heard rumors for many years that Americans have an official space program in NASA and a much more advanced, science fiction level secret space program with interplanetary travel, interstellar travel, antigravity propulsion, stargates, warp drives, and pretty much everything else we’ve seen in movies and TV shows. In the videos below, Dr. Michael … Continue reading

Best Underwater Evidence Yet

The evidence for a periodic cycle of POLE SHIFT catastrophes that last destroyed an advanced human civilization 12-13,000 years ago is immense.  Ruins 20 feet deep near Greece or Egypt are not that interesting to me… But it is rare to see an underwater discovery with pyramids and temples in regions that officially had no … Continue reading

Web Bots Bashing My Conclusions

This January has been fascinating to me, as I have experienced unprecedented (for me) internet publicity – hundreds of articles, all negative.  In a blog post a few weeks ago I noted how my comments were misrepresented and made to sound even sillier and more questionable than the fringe ideas they already are.  One article … Continue reading

Fluoride is Poison, Especially for the Pineal Gland

The most persistent rumor against the use of fluoride is the idea that the Nazis used fluoride to make prisoners more passive.  America did start using fluoride in 1945 (in theory, after learning why German concentration camps used it) and Germany was one of the first countries to STOP putting fluoride in drinking water.  At … Continue reading

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POLE SHIFT: Evidence Will Not Be Silenced

Evidence suggests that pole shifts are both magnetic and geophysical, with a periodic cycle of recurring and predictable cataclysms involving huge earthquakes and tsunamis, changes in latitude and altitude, mass extinctions, and the destruction of civilizations, reducing them to myth and legend.

Nostradamus and the Islamic Invasion of Europe

Nostradamus and the Islamic Invasion of Europe

Nostradamus prophecies suggest Europe will suffer greatly before WWIII ends in 2028.

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