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Solve Some Middle East Problems Through an Independent Kurdistan

For many decades it has been obvious that IF America were willing to piss off Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Turkey by creating an independent Kurdish nation (the Kurdish people overlap all four countries) – America would gain a thankful, loyal, moderate ally in the Middle East.  Kurdistan would be self-sufficient economically due to oil, and … Continue reading

The BBC Looks At “How Western Civilization Could Collapse”

I found this article at Zerohedge.com, but it was Authored by Rachel Nuwer via BBC.com, “The political economist Benjamin Friedman once compared modern Western society to a stable bicycle whose wheels are kept spinning by economic growth. Should that forward-propelling motion slow or cease, the pillars that define our society – democracy, individual liberties, social … Continue reading

What [Really] Just Happened in Syria?

I found this article at Zerohedge.com.  They got it from: Authored by Howard Kunstler vua Kunstler.com, “Close your eyes, click your heels three times, and tell me if you actually know what the fuck is happening in Syria. There’s an awful lot about the poison gas attack that doesn’t add up for the casual observer. … Continue reading

Everything MEASURABLY Worse After 8 Years of Obama

If Obama were a Manchurian Candidate who intentionally tried to weaken the stability of the US and the world, he did a pretty good job.  The threats of collapse and war are many. from the full original articles at the Burning Platform  HERE: “Barack Obama, the well-dressed, polished, articulate, empty suit, who has occupied the … Continue reading

Has WWIII Already Begun?

Last week, Zerohedge.com posted an article by economics guru Dennis Gartman titled: Gartman: “The World Is Finally Awakening To The Fact That World War III Has Begun In Earnest” His main concern seems to be the financial markets: “perhaps the world is finally awakening to the fact that World War III has begun in earnest; … Continue reading

United Nations vs. Israel: Foreshadowing the Middle East War Coming This Year!

Asking Israel to give the Golan Heights back to Syria is kind of like asking the United States to give Texas back to Mexico. (Courtesy)from Michael Snyder’s article HERE “The U.N. Security Council has unanimously rejected Israel’s claim to sovereignty over the Golan Heights, and this is likely to cause tensions in the Middle East … Continue reading

What do Muslims Think of Rome?

On one hand, the Pope kissing Muslims’ feet can be viewed as a sign of peace and friendship.  But it can also be viewed as submission to the new dominant religion of the world, and of Europe.  Do these Muslims look like they are about to kiss the Pope’s feet soon, in a sign of … Continue reading

“The US is constructing a secret army base in central Israel”

via Report: US army building secret missile-proof base in Israel — something fishy stinks about this – What’s really about to happen in the Middle East this year?  

Meet the NEW political dissidents: Europeans fighting against “the million Muslim march”

Some Europeans are reacting to the mass Muslim immigration that threatens to convert Europe to a Muslim majority: “The Rebel, by Ezra Levant, Mach 8, 2016: Over the past week, we’ve shown you the massive wave of Muslim migration that’s changing Europe. Tonight, political dissidents fighting back: in Parliaments… …Go see the Eiffel Tower now, … Continue reading

Islam: At war with the world (and itself)

  From American Thinker, by Dan Calic, Feb. 12, 2016: “The most significant undeclared war of our time — a war with Islam — began November 4, 1979, the day Iran took US citizens hostage in Tehran and held 52 of them against their will for 444 days. While 9/11 was the worst single event … Continue reading

Iranian military leader confirms plan to cause Armageddon

“200,000 men have been prepared to help the Mahdi in the final battle between good and evil. The Mahdi will usher in an era of peace and justice by imposing Islam on the world by force. In order to conquer the planet, the Mahdi will need the best and most destructive weapons available.  But Iran … Continue reading

Russians Distrust Turkey; Discuss Potential War

The Russians see themselves as brave soldiers battling ISIS where the USA only pretended to try… and where Turkey actively collaborates with ISIS (and let’s not forget, where Turkey shot down a Russian plane at the border.) The following article excepts are from what I found at the warsclerotic blog by danmillerinpanama: “The Russian-Turkish conflict … Continue reading

ALL War Games Scenarios End in Russian Victory

As this article at Zerohedge.com puts it: “Since mid-2014 the Pentagon has run all manner of war games – as  many as 16 times, under different scenarios – pitting NATO against Russia. All scenarios were favorable to NATO. All simulations yielded the same victor: Russia.” Back in 1939, if a nation like Poland realized the best it could do against … Continue reading

A More Important TURKEY is LYING not on our dinner table, but to the World

Turkey had an itchy trigger finger, and was waiting for any flimsy excuse to shoot down a Russian plane to defend ISIS.  Read all about it at http://www.infowars.com/turkey-is-lying/ “Turkey’s claim that the SU-24 was in Turkey’s airspace for 17 seconds but only traveled 1.15 miles means that the SU-24 was flying at stall speed! The … Continue reading

Iranian Guard Troops Simulate Capture of Al Aqsa Mosque from Israel

By Ali Akbar Dareini TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Thousands of paramilitary forces from the country’s powerful Revolutionary Guard have held a war game simulating the capture of Jerusalem’s Al Aqsa Mosque from Israeli control. Iran’s state media reported Saturday that the forces stormed and “liberated” a replica of the mosque in the exercise. They say … Continue reading

Palestinian Hatred of Jews Prevents Peace

The whole concept of “Palestinians” is a relatively new creation.  It is effective propaganda as it has permeated Western thinking in recent decades, but historically there was never any such nation, people, or identification until it became politically expedient to use the term against Israel after the Six Day War in 1967. 1967 was not … Continue reading

Palestinians: A World of Lies, Deception and Fabrications

The world in which Abbas and the Palestinian leadership live is a world of lies, fabrications and deception aimed at demonizing Israel and murdering Jews. The goal is not only to murder as many Jews as possible, but also to force Israel to its knees so that it will vanish as soon as possible. Welcome … Continue reading

Raymond Ibrahim on Russia’s “Holy War” on ISIS

Source: Raymond Ibrahim on Russia’s “Holy War” on ISIS I wrote an article about this based on Pravda and other Russian commentary back in March: http://beforeitsnews.com/international/2015/03/russias-view-of-isis-excerpts-from-pravda-2485238.html Putin and Russia have shifted towards Christianity and they seem more like the good guys than Obama’s America

Egyptian TV Host & Historian Agree: ‘Burning’ Is The Only Solution For The Jews

Originally posted on BUNKERVILLE | God, Guns and Guts Comrades!:
A bright young man in New Hampshire had the audacity to ask Hillary a question about her past scandals. The crowd gasps. Wouldn’t it have been great if one of the moderators could have inquired into her scandal plagued past as well? First the clip then…

Russian airliner carrying 224 people crashes in Sinai

Source: Russian airliner carrying 224 people crashes in Sinai “Russian airliner carrying 224 people crashes in Sinai Wreckage found of plane that crashed 23 minutes after takeoff from Sharm el-Sheikh; rescuers looking for survivors; all on board were Russian nationals.” No suspicion or fingers pointing blame there.  Accidental.  Case closed.  No heightened tensions or increased likelihood … Continue reading

End Times and 2019

End Times and 2019

Astronomical alignments described in the Bible and other prophecies tell us WHEN the visions of prophetic events will occur - and they s point to an END in December 2019

Antichrist 2016-2019: Mystery Babylon, Barack Obama & the Islamic Caliphate

Evidence suggests the Antichrist comes to full power to assume his prophetic role in 2016

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