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Why Did William Shatner Mention “The Coming Catastrophic Event” After Returning From Space?

Jeff Bezos just launched Captain Kirk into space for real this week, and after returning to Earth many people interviewed William Shatner about his experience. It’s great that civilians can go into space, even when they’re almost 90 years old. I’m glad he had a wonderful experience looking down at this beautiful and fragile blue … Continue reading

Magnetic North Pole Accelerates Towards Russia as Siberian Dip Pole Strengthens

As I continue my research and attempt to better understand the cycle of catastrophic pole shifts that periodically rearrange the surface of the Earth and wipe out civilizations, I occasionally stumble on a good video that I haven’t seen before. While it doesn’t make any conclusions about pole shifts or what happens once the magnetic … Continue reading

Ben Davidson Made Another Great Video on the Upcoming Micronova / Pole Shift

Ben Davidson of Spaceweathernews.com and Youtube’s SuspiciousObservers channel usually puts out a video a day and I don’t write up many of them – but this one titled “A Disaster is Coming” is a great summary of what he thinks we can expect in the next few decades as the Earth’s magnetic field weakens and … Continue reading

I Just Answered A Pole Shift Question on Reddit

A few days ago someone posted: “Though it can technically be counted under a ‘conspiracy theory’, the idea that magnetic poles can indeed shift is not ruled out entirely. So i was wondering, if such a calamity does happen, what would be its consequences? Another flood? Most likely. However, my main question is, where would … Continue reading

Magnetic North Pole Moving Faster Than Ever to New Position in Russia

I’ve been saying for years that the accelerating movement of the Magnetic North Pole from Canada to Russia is a precursor of a catastrophic, civilization-ending geophysical pole shift in which the crust of the planet slips over the core. In this month’s most recent measurement of the magnetic pole position, it moved 5.44 miles – … Continue reading

Our Sun Novas Repeatedly Throughout History, Much Like The Nova Witnessed on August 8

There is a great deal of geological, astronomical, and mythological evidence that our sun has a long-cycle of recurring novas which devastate life on Earth. Doug Vogt thinks the cycle is 12,068 years. Others claim it is closer to 13,000. The search for geological proof may have been a major incentive to get to the … Continue reading

Doomsday Preppers Review: Preparing For a Pole Shift

Of all the problems people do prepare for – even among preppers and survivalists – a POLE SHIFT – typically isn’t on the list. As an author of a book on pole shifts I was pleasantly surprised to find a video titled: Doomsday Preppers Review: Preparing For a Pole Shift I still can’t find the … Continue reading

John Moore Links Vaccination, Depopulation, and Pole Shift

My last post a few days ago had a similar theme – asking why globalists and governments are obsessed with a 100% vaccination rate. I went farther down that conspiracy rabbit hole the next day, adding to the content of my WordPress post in an article explaining why the elite might want depopulation – to … Continue reading

Interesting Pole Shift Video from Diamond at Magnetic Reversal News

I agree with Diamond that magnetic reversals and excursions have a periodicity of about 12,000 plus years. I agree that magnetic field events are linked to mass extinctions. But Diamond isn’t as sure that geophysical pole shifts are always linked to magnetic pole shifts. Despite some of the minor differences in our opinions, it’s worth … Continue reading

Wacky Continental Drift Model Required to Explain Magnetic Record Without Pole Shifts

I’m not saying there was never any continental drift or that the theory of plate tectonics is completely wrong. It’s pretty obvious that the coast of Brazil seems to match the coast of western Africa. And the world is spreading at the mid-Atlantic rift (where bands of new rock on each side indicate reversed polarity … Continue reading

New Navy Maps and Post – Pole Shift Maps

There’s a new spike in interest in POLE SHIFTS after a lot of Youtube videos in the last few weeks started commenting on a “new navy map” that isn’t really new and isn’t really from the U.S. Navy. There are a lot of maps based on estimates of what would happen if polar ice all … Continue reading

Arctic Dinosaurs? Misled Scientists, Unaware of Pole Shifts, Report Evidence of Dinosaurs Breeding in Arctic Cold

I understand that most people are not aware of the cycle of periodic pole shift catastrophes. Most people are lied to by schools and governments in that we are taught the Earth is a very stable place. So when biologists find evidence of dinosaur nurseries and nests and breeding grounds and year-round habitation of an … Continue reading

New Study Proves Most Major Earthquakes Can Be Predicted Hours Ahead of the Coming Quake

Chinese scientists (Drs. Chen, Li, Zang, Wang, Jin, Ma, Xu, etc.) recently came up with a brilliant way to detect most major earthquakes (happening on land) several hours ahead of the earthquake. (See the early version of their upcoming paper: Hourly Warning for Strong Earthquakes.) In normal fair-weather atmospheric conditions there is a small vertical … Continue reading

Though Denying Pole Shifts in Human History, New Study Admits Ancient Pole Shifts

A new study was just published June 15 in Nature Communications – and although it’s a far cry from admitting there are catastrophic pole shifts very 12-13,000 years in which Earth’s crust suddenly slips over the interior, causing massive earthquakes, tsunamis, and extinctions (and wiping out most of human civilization) the study does admit that … Continue reading

Earth’s Mantle Has High Density Zones 180 Degrees Apart and Subjects Earth to the Dzhanibekov Effect

Ben Davidson from Youtube’s SuspiciousObservers channel details yet another reason why the structure of the Earth is set up to suffer cataclysmic pole shifts. This time the focus is on high density structures protruding from the core through the mantle, and why they help induce the Dzhanibekov effect

The Charlotte Whale – More Evidence of Pole Shifts?

Discovering the skeleton of a whale near the beach may make a big impression on the individual who finds it, but it does happen somewhat often and it doesn’t rock the scientific community when it occurs. But in 1849 a whale skeleton was discovered in Charlotte, Vermont – hundreds of feet above sea level, and … Continue reading

UFO Disclosure – How Will The American Government Portray the Threat?

Anyone can tell that the topic of UFOs and aliens has experienced a recent change because our government, and the lapdog media they so completely control are no longer portraying their existence as crackpot conspiracy theory. UFOs are suddenly (since 2017 anyway) – after roughly seventy years of denial – being portrayed as very real, … Continue reading

More Reasons to Consider the “Eye of Africa” a.k.a. the Richat Structure as a contender for the site of Atlantis

Jimmy from YouTube’s Bright Insight channel recently put out another video on the Richat Structure in West Africa, noting the many features in Mauritania which match Plato’s description of the capital city of Atlantis and its surrounding area – far too many to cover adequately here. He covered this in an earlier video a few … Continue reading

Plasma Experiment Visible in East USA Sky Friday May 14 Just After 8PM

Ben Davidson (of spaceweathernews.com and Youtube’s SuspiciousObservers channel) says tonight’s launch is important because the plasma experiment it will conduct in the atmosphere will offer “a literal preview of field collapse scenario” similar to what we’ll see shortly before the next pole shift. As NASA’s article explains: “A mission to explore energy transport in space … Continue reading

Climate Change and Pole Shift

Many articles in the last week, like this one at Newsweek, say that climate change has already caused a bit of pole shift: “Climate change has contributed to the shifting of Earth’s axis of rotation, according to new research. Earth’s geographic north and south poles—where the planet’s axis of rotation intersects with its surface—are not … Continue reading

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POLE SHIFT: Evidence Will Not Be Silenced

Evidence suggests that pole shifts are both magnetic and geophysical, with a periodic cycle of recurring and predictable cataclysms involving huge earthquakes and tsunamis, changes in latitude and altitude, mass extinctions, and the destruction of civilizations, reducing them to myth and legend.

Nostradamus and the Islamic Invasion of Europe

Nostradamus and the Islamic Invasion of Europe

Nostradamus prophecies suggest Europe will suffer greatly before WWIII ends in 2028.

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