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Graham Hancock Presents Evidence of 12,000 year old civilization – Zawi Hawass Storms Out without Debating

Zawi Hawass was formerly in charge of all Egyptian antiquities and archeology and Egyptology under the Mubarak regime.  He screams and yells like a child, retreating from a scheduled debate with Graham Hancock (author of many books like Fingerprints of the Gods and The Message of the Sphinx that question the recent dating of Egyptian civilization) before a word is said.  Hawass’ behavior is a pathetic way to escape the truth.  I don’t know why he pretended he would be willing to have a debate at all.

The first slide of Hancock’s presentation has an image based on a theory by Robert Bauval – namely that the three pyramids at Giza represent the three stars of the belt in the constellation Orion, and that they are positioned near the Nile River exactly as the belt stars of Orion are positioned near the Milky Way – as the sky appeared in 10,500 B.C.

VIDEO of Hawass storming out HERE

Hawass has argued for decades that no civilization existed that far back in time.  Such a civilization would imply that Egyptian civilization was not original, but a legacy that survived an earlier civilization, as John Anthony West has suggested.  (Atlantis?)  Zawass argued that if civilization existed at this ancient date there would be other evidence for it.

Since then, two crucial facts have been established.  The ruins of Gobekli Tepe in Turkey – very structured, with impressive columns and detailed carvings and artwork – have been established to be approximately 12,000 years old.  Geologist Robert Schoch’s book, Forgotten Civilization, emphasizes the importance of this point in regard to dating the Sphinx and Great Pyramid.  Also, the temple complex at Angkor Wat in Cambodia has temples in the positions of the stars of the constellation Draco, as it appeared in 10,500 B.C.  (Even the name Angkor, could be Ankh-Hor, which in ancient Egypt, would have meant “Horus Lives” – and this may mean the ancient Egyptian priesthood was involved.  Angkor Wat is also 72 degrees of longitude east of Giza (one fifth of the planet’s 360 degrees) and Easter Island is 144 degrees (2 fifths) from both, with Chichen Itza 72 degrees from both of them.  It seems like there was a very ancient, global plan of temples.

But official Egyptology, and especially their main spokesperson – Zawi Hawass – do not care for facts.  In this VIDEO (at the 3:51 mark) Hawass says “I do not believe in radar” (despite ground-penetrating radar being very useful to archeologists.  Unfortunately, it brings up evidence that disproves what Hawass claims about Egypt’s past.  Hawass also has stated disbelief in DNA testing, carbon-dating, and any other science that might disprove his claims.

Anyone researching related topics knows that Hancock and Bauval are on the right track and that Zawi Hawass has suppressed and discredited proof of very ancient origins of pre-Egyptian civilization.  Hawass yells like a child because he is under pressure from Islamic leaders and a global elite to deny the truth.  They do not want us to know the truth about the ancient past – because ancient civilizations have WARNED us about cosmic cycles of destruction in their myths, monuments, and religions and the current cycle will end in catastrophe VERY soon.

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