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Ancient Flying Craft Hidden and Buried in Egypt?

Many of you have seen these images from the Osirion Temple before: Ancient books from India describe flying craft called vimana for hundreds of pages. Some were made for local flights, some were designed to be intercontinental, and other models were designed for “interplanetary” travel. Many chapters discuss metallurgy, fuel consumption, listening in on enemy … Continue reading

Oldest Egyptian Temples are Aligned to Previous North Poles

Mark Carlotto, author of books like Before Atlantis, recently wrote a paper analyzing the orientation of hundreds of ancient Egyptian temples.  His conclusions: dozens appear misaligned today because they were built and aligned tens of thousands of years ago when the crust of the Earth had not yet experienced the most recent POLE SHIFT that … Continue reading

New Discovery at Egyptian Temple of Hathor at Dendara Being Kept Secret

Hathor, in Egyptian mythology, is the mother of the sun god and his agent of destruction when humanity requires decimation.  I suspect the description of Hathor killing most of humanity describes the last catastrophic pole shift event many thousands of years ago.  Her temple at Dendara had an amazing zodiac (now in Paris) and the … Continue reading

R.I.P. John Anthony West (1932-2018)

One of the greatest experts on ancient Egypt, and one of the very few who understood and acknowledged the extremely ancient origins of Egyptian civilization (probably going back over 12,000 years, before the last “ice age” ended with a pole shift) – was John Anthony West.  You might have seen him in 1993 in a … Continue reading

Cover-up at Giza: Huge chamber discovered in Great Pyramid, Hawass and Lehner dismiss it – because they know the TRUTH!

Thank you Jimmy at Bright Insight for another great video – this time one exposing the cover-up from mainstream Egyptologists – the worst of whom include the former Egyptian Minister of Antiquities, Zawi “I deny all scientific evidence as invalid” Hawass – and his sometimes partner in crime, (when not denying obvious truths, they recently … Continue reading

Huge New Chamber Discovered in Egypt’s Great Pyramid

Even mainstream news sources like this article from NBC acknowledge a new chamber found in the Great Pyramid of Giza: “Cosmic rays have revealed a hidden void inside the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt, scientists said Thursday.  They don’t know what’s in it or what it was built for, but it does not look … Continue reading

Great Sphinx of Giza Hidden Tunnels & Chambers Confirmed – Hall of Records Cover-Up? Ancient Egypt

Zawi Hawass, former Minister of Egyptian Antiquities, has been called a gatekeeper, a liar, one who withholds the truth of humanity’s ancient past.  I’ve been under the Giza plateau, under the pyramids, looking at a locked gate wishing I could go where they don’t want me to see things…  So I understand where Jimmy is … Continue reading

Statue of Liberty – ISIS – Mystery Babylon – Destruction of New York

Today’s post comes after I stumbled on a new video from self described “end time harbinger” Jonathan Kleck.  I agree with him that our Statue of Liberty represents the goddess ISIS/ISHTAR, that New York is the Bible’s “Mystery Babylon” and that NY will suffer a prophetic destruction.  I wrote extensively on the significance of this … Continue reading

Ancient Monuments Pinpoint time of last Great Cataclysm – Over 12,000 Years Ago

Notice the sites of the most significant ancient monuments on the old equator, before the last pole shift, including Giza, Nazca, Angkor Wat, Easter Island, Mohenjo-Daro, etc. Graham Hancock has written many books on ancient civilization, and concluded long ago that astronomical alignments in ancient Egyptian monuments point to a time when survivors from the … Continue reading

Graham Hancock on the Origins of Civilization in 10,000 BC Cataclysm

Graham Hancock shouldn’t need an introduction if you are interested in non-mainstream explanations for civilization before 4,000BC.  He is the author of Fingerprints of the Gods, The Mystery of the Sphinx, and Magicians of the Gods – among other books.  In this video he discusses evidence of civilization and of cataclysm approximately 12,000 years ago … Continue reading

June 1967 – Israeli Victory – Next Time – Israeli Defeat?

From June 5-10, 1967 – Jerusalem was united under Israeli control when Israel won a huge victory over Egypt, Syria, and Jordan during The Six Day War, and an important milestone in end times Bible prophecy was achieved…  But in the next war (coming sooner than you think) both the Bible and even Nostradamus clearly … Continue reading

Dr. Robert Schoch Discusses Signs of Imminent Upcoming Ice Age and a Conscious Sun

Dr. Schoch first became famous around 1993 when as a PhD in Geology, he was willing to stick his neck out for a TV series called The Mysterious Origins of Man, narrated by Charleton Heston – in which Schoch described the evidence showing the Sphinx in Egypt was eroded by millennia of intense rainfall, and … Continue reading

Daily Prompt: Vanish

via Daily Prompt: Vanish (the image above is an ancient underwater complex found off the western tip of CUBA) Civilizations across the globe have legends and myths of powerful empires that have vanished without a trace – or at least, without enough evidence to prove they existed.  Although Homer’s legends of Troy were eventually proven as … Continue reading

Graham Hancock Gives Evidence For Previous Civilization and Government Cover-Up

In this article, Graham Hancock, bestselling author of alternative ancient history books like Fingerprints of the Gods and The Message of the Sphinx, discusses his newest book: Magicians of the Gods – and the evidence of a catastrophic event that wiped out the civilization of our ancient ancestors over 12,000 years ago.  Hancock told us … Continue reading

Gates: Obama Went Against ‘Entire National Security Team’ on Egypt Coup

The full original article can be found at the counterjihadreport blog HERE: “Washington Free Beacon, by Aaron Kleigman, March 17, 2016: Former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates told Fox News that President Barack Obama ignored the advice of his “entire national security team” during the Egyptian coup in 2011 that ousted Hosni Mubarak, the country’s … Continue reading

Secret Hidden Chamber Discovered in Tutankhamen’s Tomb

“The Tourism Minister of Egypt Hisham Zaazou may have slipped up during a recent visit to Spain when he revealed startling information about the investigations into a hidden chamber in Tutankhamun’s tomb ahead of official press announcements due to take place in April.  Zaazou said that the hidden chamber has been found to be full … Continue reading

Ancient Egyptian Science – 3,200 Years Ago, Egypt Knew Details of Astronomy and Encoded it in Myth and Religion

Many modern discoveries about the sun, moon, and planets turn out to have been known facts in ancient times.  In my books, I have pointed out that not only did our very ancient ancestors have accurate measurements of the diameter of the Earth, Moon, and Sun – and distance to the Sun and Moon – … Continue reading

Graham Hancock Presents Evidence of 12,000 year old civilization – Zawi Hawass Storms Out without Debating

Zawi Hawass was formerly in charge of all Egyptian antiquities and archeology and Egyptology under the Mubarak regime.  He screams and yells like a child, retreating from a scheduled debate with Graham Hancock (author of many books like Fingerprints of the Gods and The Message of the Sphinx that question the recent dating of Egyptian … Continue reading

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POLE SHIFT: Evidence Will Not Be Silenced

Evidence suggests that pole shifts are both magnetic and geophysical, with a periodic cycle of recurring and predictable cataclysms involving huge earthquakes and tsunamis, changes in latitude and altitude, mass extinctions, and the destruction of civilizations, reducing them to myth and legend.

Nostradamus and the Islamic Invasion of Europe

Nostradamus and the Islamic Invasion of Europe

Nostradamus prophecies suggest Europe will suffer greatly before WWIII ends in 2028.

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