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Graham Hancock’s Ancient Apocalypse Series on Netflix – It’s Popularity Scares the Crap Out of the Mainstream Narrative’s Gatekeepers

As the author of POLE SHIFT: Evidence Will Not Be Silenced, I am clearly biased (by mountains of evidence) in favor of anyone reporting on the very ancient foundations of human civilization which pre-date the last cataclysmic destruction of a very advanced human civilization (some call it Atlantis) around 12,000 years ago. When the entire … Continue reading

Randall Carlson & Joe Rogan Talk About Atlantis

Joe Rogan has been in the news a lot recently, accused of spreading misinformation – when many of the things he said in the past that were once questionable have since been verified and even accepted by mainstream sources. But Rogan is also in tune with some of our favorite topics like pole shifts and … Continue reading

More Reasons to Consider the “Eye of Africa” a.k.a. the Richat Structure as a contender for the site of Atlantis

Jimmy from YouTube’s Bright Insight channel recently put out another video on the Richat Structure in West Africa, noting the many features in Mauritania which match Plato’s description of the capital city of Atlantis and its surrounding area – far too many to cover adequately here. He covered this in an earlier video a few … Continue reading

U.S. Navy Has More Video Of UFOs, But It’s A National Security Threat

In recent days, I’ve seen many articles like this one by Mac Slavo at SHTFPlan.com: U.S. Navy Has A Video Of UFOs, But We Can’t See It: It’s A National Security Threat “The United States Navy has reportedly confirmed it is in the possession of classified documents and a video related to a 2004 UFO … Continue reading

What’s Under The Ice In Antarctica?

What’s Under The Ice In Antarctica? According to mainstream commentary and videos like the one below – nothing but lots more ice, an occasional lake of water below the ice, and eventually, bedrock….  Of course there are conspiracy theory articles suggesting everything from evidence of Atlantis from before the last pole shift moved Antarctica to … Continue reading

Cuba’s Sunken City – Suppressed Evidence of Ancient Civilization?

Twenty years ago, Cuba was hiring companies to search for sunken Spanish gold in its territorial waters.  Instead, granite monuments and pyramids were found 650 meters down off the western tip of Cuba. “The discovery was first made in 2001 when Pauline Zalitzki, a marine engineer, and her husband Paul Weinzweig, owners of a Canadian … Continue reading

Aftershock: The Ancient Cataclysm That Erased Human History

My readers know I think the evidence points to a cycle of catastrophic pole shifts, the last of which knocked out an advanced human civilization about 12,000+ years ago. Brien Foerster presents his evidence in this book and video: Aftershock: The Ancient Cataclysm That Erased Human History As he says on the Amazon page for … Continue reading

Ignatius Donnelly on Atlantis & Pole Shift

Atlantis: The Antediluvian World is a book published in 1882 by Ignatius Donnelly.  He considered Plato’s account of Atlantis as largely factual and attempted to establish that more recent ancient civilizations were descended from Atlantis after it was destroyed in a global cataclysm caused by a POLE SHIFT.  His book showed evidence from geology, mythology, … Continue reading

What If? Atlantis Found Via Great Pyramid & Sphinx – Video

Ancient Egyptian texts suggest a land of death across the water to the west, where the sun set.  Ignatius Donnelly wrote about Atlantis and described a widespread ancient tradition describing an island homeland of the gods in the west, submerged under the ocean, where its cities and mountains and rivers were now flooded and sunken … Continue reading

Ancient Global Nuclear War of the Gods in India, Pole Shift, Deluge, and Atlantis

India’s Mahabharata describes an ancient war in which an iron thunderbolt of death annihilated entire races of people, blew elephants away like dry leaves, looked like a second sun, with parasols opening one on top of another – and made birds fall from the sky and peoples’ hair and fingernails fell out.  Background radiation levels … Continue reading

Best Underwater Evidence Yet

The evidence for a periodic cycle of POLE SHIFT catastrophes that last destroyed an advanced human civilization 12-13,000 years ago is immense.  Ruins 20 feet deep near Greece or Egypt are not that interesting to me… But it is rare to see an underwater discovery with pyramids and temples in regions that officially had no … Continue reading

Temples in Eastern Mediterranean Often Aligned to Previous North Pole

The surface of the Earth has been catastrophically moved and reoriented in a series of POLE SHIFT events that happen periodically, probably every 12,900 years or so. Mark Carlotto, author of Before Atlantis, recently posted about the Bosnian Pyramids and other temple structures in the eastern Mediterranean and their alignment to a much earlier North … Continue reading

BANNED Antarctica Video?

There is a reason so many top Russian and American government officials have been visiting Antarctica.  There is a reason John Kerry sneaked down to Antarctica on election day in 2016 so news of his trip would be lost in the Trump/Hillary coverage.  There is a reason travel tourism is banned there.  There is a … Continue reading

Was Atlantis in Antarctica Before the last POLE SHIFT?

I recently stumbled onto an interesting article about penguin poop in National Geographic.  Yes, a whole article about how the penguins on Danco Island in Western Antarctica have been pooping on the otherwise bare rocks and making nutrient rich soil “for the last 5,000 years or so” ever since local conditions changed roughly “5,000 or … Continue reading

Mark Carlotto, Author of Before Atlantis, Comments on Pole Shifts

At Mark Carlotto’s new blog – which needs followers to subscribe – just like mine does – (hint, please use the subscribe button on both sites; today I became the fifth  subscriber on Mark’s site…) We may disagree on certain details, but the main point is: pole shifts happen and there is a lot of … Continue reading

Atlantis in West Africa? Growing Evidence the Richat Structure in Mauritania was the Capital of Atlantis

In my recent book on pole shifts, proof of previously advanced civilizations like Atlantis are just one small portion of the pile of evidence suggesting that the entire surface of the Earth is repeatedly destroyed and re-oriented in a periodic cycle of natural catastrophes.  The last POLE SHIFT seems to have occurred less than 13,000 … Continue reading

Rand Flem-Ath Presents: Antarctica is Atlantis (Video)

One of my earliest and most convincing introductions to the POLE SHIFT theory was a book by Rand Flem-Ath titled: When the Sky Fell: In Search of Atlantis His premise was that pole shifts have devastated the Earth many times, wiping out civilizations like the last one (Atlantis) which was probably centered on Western Antarctica … Continue reading

Atlantis in Africa? Look at Richat Structure

A relatively new theory on the location of Atlantis is that the Richat Structure or “Eye of Africa” matches Plato’s descriptions of Atlantis’ capital city of Poseidia with its concentric circles of rings of land and water, past the Pillars of Hercules, with mountains and plains in certain positions around the city.  I believe the … Continue reading

We Are Not The First Advanced Civilization

Myths and legends describe advanced technology like flying machines and nuclear war in very ancient times.  The image above is from a granite carving in one of Egypt’s oldest temples.  Below, an ancient gold miniature replica from South America, that matches many details of the vimana (flying machines) described in ancient India. Even the Bible … Continue reading

Rand Flem-Ath on Pole Shifts and Earth Crust Displacement Theory

Rand Flem-Ath, author of When The Sky Fell: In Search of Atlantis –  discusses geological and other evidence that over 12000 years ago, prior to the last catastrophic POLE SHIFT –  vast areas of Antarctica were ice-free and home to the empire of Atlantis. The Pole Shift and Earth Crust Displacement Theory

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POLE SHIFT: Evidence Will Not Be Silenced

Evidence suggests that pole shifts are both magnetic and geophysical, with a periodic cycle of recurring and predictable cataclysms involving huge earthquakes and tsunamis, changes in latitude and altitude, mass extinctions, and the destruction of civilizations, reducing them to myth and legend.

Nostradamus and the Islamic Invasion of Europe

Nostradamus and the Islamic Invasion of Europe

Nostradamus prophecies suggest Europe will suffer greatly before WWIII ends in 2028.

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