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Chan Thomas – My Indirect Friend

If he were still alive, Chan Thomas (author of a controversial little pole shift theory book called The Adam and Eve Story) would be 100 years old this weekend.  He was born on February 15, 1920 – and unfortunately he died on February 14, 1998.  I wish I could have spoken to him directly.


Almost a year ago, I began researching Chan Thomas in depth.  I had written about him previously in a magazine article and in my last book on pole shifts, but in early 2019 I really focused on the mysteries surrounding Chan and his work.  Youtube, Reddit, and Google were all still buzzing with frequent commentary on the CIA’s somewhat recent declassification of a file containing Chan’s first book.

Most people who know a little about him still mistakenly believe that the CIA’s primary interest was the pole shift theory detailed in his book – when in reality, the book was included in the classified file only because it gave insights on the man.  It was Chan himself they were interested in when this was classified in the 1960s.  And it is the details on the man which remain only “partially declassified and sanitized for public view.”  The book, despite many internet rumors to the contrary about hundreds of missing pages – is available in full on the CIA’s web site.

I’m not dismissing The Adam and Eve Story – the book does give the correct explanation for the geophysical mechanism that allows pole shifts to happen.  As I explained at length in my own book on pole shifts – magnetohydrodynamics prove that the viscosity and friction between molten layers under the Earth’s crust only remains strong enough to avoid a pole shift when the Earth’s magnetic field is strong.  In a weak magnetic field, semi-crystalline lattices break down and the torque from mass imbalances like an unevenly distributed ice cap in Antarctica will overcome the restraints of viscosity.  And we know that Earth’s magnetic field is declining at an accelerating rate in recent years.  The pole shift event on Earth is tied in to a cosmic energy event that will reach our solar system sooner than you want to know – and sooner than authorities want you to know.

But when it comes to Chan Thomas, the CIA is hiding much more than evidence of the coming catastrophic pole shift.  Chan was also a psychic and he knew that everyone has the ability to develop their ESP.  He taught classes on developing your ESP at UCLA from 1972-1974.  His second book, Body 2, describes how our physical body is the less important shell used by our eternal energy body – which has incredible abilities to communicate across time and space with everyone else – human or otherwise.

As much as secretive agencies like the CIA hate the idea that everyone has natural psychic potential (which can be used to bypass privacy and secrecy in a way that horrifies intelligence agencies) – the idea that extraterrestrial aliens can be contacted this way scares them even more.  The CIA wants to keep a lid on the existence of aliens, let alone the agenda they have for us.  They don’t want regular people in open communication with them.  But Chan Thomas worked for aerospace companies like McDonnell-Douglas trying to back-engineer anti-gravity engines and other UFO technology – AND he claimed to be in direct psychic contact with aliens.

We know all this from Chan’s “public period” when he officially existed, up until 1974.  Prior to that he was a semi-famous author who gave lots of talks on his theories.  He taught at UCLA.  He was even a guest on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.  (Good luck finding the episode – even the written transcripts have been “lost” by both the network and the Library of Congress.)

Then in 1993, Chan Thomas reemerges from the ether and started publishing books again.  I am most interested in the Prelude and Postlude to The Adam and Eve Story, as they greatly expand on his thoughts about pole shifts, and his interpretation of the Bible through that unique perspective.

But where was he between 1974 and 1993?  For about twenty years, Chan Thomas disappeared from all public records.  It is hard to write a biography on a man tied to the CIA who did his most interesting work undercover.  On the one hand, I admire the CIA for the thoroughness with which they erased his official existence.  On the hand hand, it has made my last year of research efforts somewhat frustrating because they are good at what they do.  I have discovered more than they would want me to know, yet far less than I want to know.

I had initially expected that by now, at the centennial of Chan’s birth, I would be using the occasion to promote my new biography of Chan Thomas.  But the path has not been easy; the rabbit holes are long and deep and there are many of them.  When my book does eventually come out, after I feel I have thoroughly exhausted all my leads and sources of information, it will offer a fascinating insight into the man and his work.

Unfortunately, my journey researching this is far from over.  I have become friends with someone who was once Chan’s friend, who said “we were instantly friends” when he met Chan many decades ago…  I know enough of Chan’s character, despite all the CIA secrecy, to say with certainty that if I had met him in person, I too would have naturally been friends with him.  All I can say now about my indirect friend Chan (I know him well, but never met him) is – rest in peace.


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19 thoughts on “Chan Thomas – My Indirect Friend

  1. “And we know that Earth’s magnetic field is declining at an accelerating rate in recent years. The pole shift event on Earth is tied in to a cosmic energy event that will reach our solar system sooner than you want to know”

    As I’ve pointed out before, these two things cannot be related unless you entertain the idea that the Earth’s magnetic field is able to anticipate this ‘cosmic energy event’. And that is just as wacky as entertaining the idea of ESP and telepathic contact with aliens.

    There is a mundane, non-wacky explanation for the flipping of the Earth, which simultaneously explains the apparent reduction in The Earth’s magnetic field (due to an increasing and opposite external field), and this needs nothing more exotic than the recognition the Sun is in a 24,000 year orbit with a binary twin (giving rise to the precession of the equinoxes). Crustal shift is then simply a matter of inertia (slippage due to sudden 180 flip) and nothing to do with magnetohydrodynamics.

    Why go wacky?

    There’s no need for it.

    Occam’s razor, etc.

    Posted by Zod | February 14, 2020, 7:46 pm
    • While I can’t rule out a conspiracy to hide the truth about Sirius as a binary companion, it’s official distance over 8 light years away raises doubts about its binary potential when there are other stars closer to us. Unless the distance is a lie, and Sirius is truly much closer to us. Have you ever found early parallax measurements suggesting Sirius is much closer?

      Posted by David Montaigne | February 14, 2020, 10:00 pm
      • The other thing against the ‘magnetohydrodynamically reduced viscosity’ crustal shift theory is that it implies a relatively slow rebalancing of 70-110°, which geological records indicate doesn’t happen. The poles remain roughly polar within a 60° cone. For near total surface erasure (tsunami, hyper-winds, volcanism, seismic, tectonic, etc.) you need a sudden rotation of around 180°, and that’s the force giving rise to crustal slippage.

        As to observations establishing the Sun has a binary, I have provided these to you on many previous occasions. And, yes, it is just past apoastron at around 4-6,000AU, which is about right for a 24k orbital period.

        Posted by Zod | February 15, 2020, 8:46 am
  2.          If you were in a very Lefty institution, as the CIA  is very much proving itself to be now, what would you do? And In relation to Chan Thomas of course! Pole shift is no minor conspiracy either! Concerns us all! Left opened it up to us, reluctantly! Took till late December 2016! After much deliberation from Obama

    and crew, no doubt! Bit like climate warming theory! So much infighting and all, and look how hard the right of politics, would want to shut this down, as well as climate change worldwide! So whom do we really trust?Say’s it all eh! And yet it is now right wing survivalists running with this Lefty released document by Chan! No wonder the Democrats are rope-able, and why they want back in at any cost to get back into the classified Info loop! Wouldn’t you? Yep, read the whole thing to postlude, and all! but if you know anything about Govt, and how it operates, why he Chan, went Low Key was for many good reasons! For all those years also, and is fully understandable! Especially By those who know! Gov’t

    has a peculiar tendency, to want to kick you in the teeth, regardless of how much you pull them out of the crap, from my experience. Just to let you know of course, whom exactly is boss! This is obviously why he ducked for cover for so long, or at least this should be obvious! Especially Regarding the life he Lead, regardless of his Coy Ploys for filtering INFO!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    And did he Chan Thomas, really do the Establishment any real favour? Especially in the way, that they would see it! I think not. He created a greater awareness, in himself, and others, that was all, and yes Gov’t

    likes to punishes this at their discretion, if they can. Especially if you like freedom, in some way! They don’t see it as punishment though! Control freaks that they are, for the so called social benefit, or more likely for themselves, and their rather greedy cronies, and contemporaries, if you could call them that! Either elected, or selected of course! Elite and all! Whatever! Underground could be very much their coffins next pole shift round! Bit like Dinosaurs trying to survive in a world of flowering plants? After much incredibly rapid change of course! Same for if they go to live in  “Near Earth Objects”, and set up shop in these, and even Ecology’s from Earth now, in them! They better plan to not come Back, as what will be, will have evolved almost alien to themselves, if they miss out on the change! Hope this helps you, and others above, put things into a proper perspective? Yes even the cowardly runners, and all?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      So my Question to you is, do you really want to do the Thomas Chan thing, Dig, Dig, Dig, and after digging too deep, and for year on end, to find yourself to be ducking for cover, to avoid sitting duck syndrome? Just as Chan Thomas Did, or had to do? Popularity, and Fame, Money even, can become rather Infamous ( Just ask a Jew, or the Rothschild’s, etc ) and surprisingly quickly, may I add, and especially in a time, when Chaos starts breaking out! Especially at the Beginning that is! And if the beginning is drawn out, somewhat? What then? Questions eh! All need answering? Anyway, the first to be shut down will be, well you guys of course, those hungry for the truth for themselves are one thing! Those that want to really put it out there, published and all, well! Maybe I can feel a Witch hunt, coming on? And whom knows, how soon, that will begin? Soon as Donald Trump’s career is over, unless he can get a dynasty thing happening! Remember JFK tried to do this prior, hope he is more than ready! Lefties are damned angry! And who was it that ended this dynasty of the 60’s

    , and 70’s

    , eh? Hope I have helped your understandings somewhat!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Nevertheless, the Quest for truth must Prevail, and be forever ongoing, and for us all! Or no doubt, Chaos will be much worse than the Chaos coming, and amplified to the hilt, as it will be infused with Divine retributive Justice, Karma, what comes around goes around, that none – but a number of handfuls, of people, will survive! How everything really works, I’ve  seen enough over 50 plus years to know! And in some incredibly harsh environments, that I am far removed from now! But as Gargarin

    – space explorer said, 2 Men in a Tin Can, “spaceship” – is a recipe for murder, if they are stuck in their long enough! – Thus, Massive Underground Bunkers, still sound good? What I have remote viewed, if things play out wrong, and so many lies are held onto so dearly, especially by those that are supposed represent us, for the public, so called good. Or they persist in the lack of truth, for the general public good – even if this could be believed! Then this will result in –  Absolute Chaos, for all but a very small part of humanity! And these in no way will be considered Elite! Just the opposite!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      And I really do trust my remote viewings, David, much more than I do for any man, or woman alive! And my father did warn me, just before he died, that the world is now very evil – Matt! So Honestly, What more can I say? What more would I want to say? Honestly Integrity, Honour, Justice – Where are these qualities now! In Politics? Where? This may just be your greatest Question, and the answer to this, much greater still! I have moved on to this much greater quest! As I see it! What do you think, most people think! Who has really cornered themselves in all of this, after all eh! The Elite, and those serving them? And just maybe this Pole Shift, needs to play out, and all For very good reason’s – Especially when so much Evil, misinformation, conspiracies, and cover-ups, half truths etc Prevail! David, Sadly this is our world now, and the Gauntlet we all have to run now, until the Pole Shift, etc, happens, anyways – Pole-shifts maybe constructions built into our world by a much more higher power that knew the Failings over time of the human Psyche, and planned into the system an automatic cyclical mitigation system, against such weaknesses in the human psyche!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        If true, then Id say it – Pole shift etc,  isn’t far off, from what I have seen over 50 or so years, and it’s rate of progression downhill! Mega – cities can be brought to their Knees by microbes, and as we have just seen, rather very Quickly, not forgetting what Australia has also endured! Seen through – Covid

    – 19, so really how mighty are we, as a bunch of civilisations on Earth? If it isn’t Covid – 19 then maybe its Covid – 24 or just 40 virus’s away. Much worse than now, after much evolution, that can Mutate unbelievably! And at an unbelievable rate! All the Best David, in a very difficult world now, that we all helped construct, and often unwittingly so! And for whom, we may very much regret! Matthew Bath.

    Posted by mbat7912@optusnet.com.au | February 16, 2020, 11:12 am
  3.          David, can’t you feel it in your bones, especially since the 60’s we have constructed a Doctor Jekyll, Mr Hide world! It’s all around us sadly! Since they discovered Pole shifts as a reality. They have had 60 years to prepare for every contingency, every uttered lie – timed perfectly for release! War gamed this pole shift scenario, for the best outcome for themselves, probably a thousand times, with ongoing regular updates. Every scheme, contingency, and plan, tested for full proofing, as many times. Trust politicians – yeah right! Even in a little population of 26 million people in Australia, this would now be an absurd, undertaking if there ever was one! To trust Politicians, corporations, and the like, are as bad as trusting your paranoia’s, or worse!  At least  Paranoia’s, can be dispensed of Quickly, with the appropriate knowledge. Everyone can sense things are wrong David, unless you are a millennial Woke type! Or a redneck clown! At the end of the day, I do not trust in Govt, as of Late, as they – none – have definitely not earned this trust! The only thing they have earned is distrust, there problem, and they don’t care! They just don’t, and just won’t!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        So each and every individual now, has to plan as best they can, to survive what must be survived. And God may help us, if we have Earned or deserve it! If we are allotted to survive this, and only God will decide this! No Government will Decide this, that is for sure! For themselves or anyone else! The Best laid, or hatched plans eh! Can come to zilch! I know David, the decisions have already been made from on high! Whom will survive, and who will not! Remote viewing helps in understanding this! Human society has become very ugly David, none of us ordinary people have deserved this. But too many Plotters, and schemers! Wrecked it for all of us, whilst they are trying to survive it all themselves! Billionaire Boltholes, and all! Thiel, and silicon valley crew, NZ! Really – ring of fire central! Really! And all they have really managed to achieve, is the quickening of the time-line! Clowns!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Nevertheless, My main hope now is for full throttle Divine retributive Justice to play out, especially on the plotters, and schemers! I should not have to be even feeling like this, or praying for divine retributive Justice, at my age! I should be enjoying life, and going forward with a positive mindset! And I only just bought a house 2 years ago, fully paid for, in Murrurundi! Just Damned great eh! And here I am instead of feeling terrific, I simply despise the ugly human created world, that has now as of late, been turned into a madhouse, come Hellhole, especially in Australia, by the Politicians, and elite! What a joke David! However maybe I just need to see this all in a positive Light, somehow, and view clean-slating of civilisation as a positive thing, a gift from God, that can replenish us with a new start, that can be just as terrific, as any adventure, and lead to the pioneering days that can start all over again! Probably will be a lot harsher, for a long time, but a challenge to survive nevertheless, that will bring it’s own adventures in survival-ism once again, except for real! The real deal! I come from a long line of pioneers, and we are all from pioneers David, originally, but now we may soon need to become pathfinders as well! God bless, and  All the best! Matthew Bath.

    Posted by mbat7912@optusnet.com.au | February 17, 2020, 7:24 am
  4. Maybe I’m related to him LOL. Hope you are doing well David. I looked up Adam and Eve and it seems very interesting but the words are so big it’s hard for me to even understand it. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t 25 and born in 1994. I feel like my soul is much older. I hope you are doing well sweet friend. Almost everytime me or a loved one has coughed lately I’ve been saying oh you must have coronavirus lol. Hugs,
    Devin Thomas

    Posted by Devin Thomas | February 26, 2020, 6:06 am
  5. A few points:

    – First, if the book is unimportant then why did someone file a FOIA request for its release? (and who filed it …)

    – Second, why did the CIA not declassify the entire book when they released it? The version from the CIA website is sanitized. The CIA FOIA Reading Room post for the book lists “RIPPUB” as the release decision (which means “release in part public,” according to the CIA FOIA Manual).

    – Third, the timeline does not add up. The first edition (the one that was classified) was published in 1966 (copyright 1965). Why (and how) would the CIA classify this book after it had been publicly available for eight years?

    – Fourth, the information you cite regarding Chan Thomas and psychic research is accurate. It is now common knowledge that the CIA was conducting multiple studies on various parapsychology topics at this time. I have even found his name mentioned in some of the declassified literature in this area.

    – Fifth, as to Dr. Thomas’ purported psychic abilities, much of what is covered in all versions of the book is clearly inspired (stolen perhaps?) from the well-known prophesies of Edgar Cayce (who covered pole shifts in detail in his predictions).

    – Sixth, yes “pole shifts” (well a version of) are real, and YES the CIA/NASA/Federal Government has been worried about various iterations of such a cataclysm since before Thomas wrote the Adam and Eve Story. Documentation to support this assertion is freely available in the various government FOIA archives (if you know where to look).

    – Finally, I would like to say you are very close as regards the mechanism for the pole shift. However, the magnetic field is not holding the continents in place.

    The earth’s core is divided between a liquid outer part, and a solid inner core. The earth’s magnetic field is generated by the inner core. However, the outer core is liquid metal (of some sort), and the field can actually “torque” the liquid outer core physical via magnetohydrodynamics (as you mention). The “torqued” outer core then transfers this change in direction to the mantle, and the movement works its way up to the crust over the course of several years and results temporarily slowing down/speeding up the earth’s rotation. For mere mortals like ourselves, this means that days are actually not uniformly the same length (although the difference is not noticeable to us). This process has been measured, tested and is scientific fact.

    Where this process can cause serious issues is when (if) the earth’s magnetic field completely reverses, and does so extremely quickly. The result is that the torque will be an order of magnitude stronger … and this will be reflected once it works its way to the crust. The scenario that could cause a “pole shift” (of a sort) is if the strong field reversal torque causes the change to travel to the crust via extremely fast mantle plumes. The details here are complicated and too much to include in this post, but the possibility that this could happen depends a lot on the composition of the inner mantle. The most recent satellite data (2019) strongly suggests that the inner mantle has the composition that would allow this to happen.

    Also, this process could be triggered by an enormous solar flare (it essentially pulls on the field) or a significant impact event. In none of these scenarios is the result nearly as bad as in the Adam and Eve Story. No one could survive that. However, it would be nonetheless catastrophic to civilization.

    [Please note that I am not trying to be a harsh critic with this post, I’m just a lawyer and this is how we structure our writing]


    Posted by D. Rice | June 10, 2020, 10:39 pm
  6. In his book the Adam and Eve story, Chan Thomas writes about the “glyph of creation”, which depicts three people. Where can I find an image of this glyph stone?
    Aside from this, it’s absolutely annoying he mentions so many things without citations or images.
    If anyone knows to what glyphs he refers then I’ll gladly read it.

    Posted by Valmont | January 10, 2021, 12:11 am
    • Chan describes many glyphs which he believed Moses could not fully understand, which came from an ancient eastern language called Naga, which Chan believed was the mother language of many that we found in more modern times. He mentions glyphs of “tree, fruit, serpent, cherubim, sword of fire” but unfortunately he gave no illustrations. We would have to stumble on them elsewhere, such as in “Indian blankets of the Southwestern United States which have woven into them colorful glyphs depicting a cataclysm.”
      In another list of such glyphs, Chan mentions “The significant Naga glyphs given to us by Ezra through Moses’ direct reading are: Cherubims, Rib, Adam’s sleep, Man, Woman, Tree, Fruit on the tree, Serpent, and Flaming Sword.” We might assume that some of these are at least partially represented in the creation glyph, which I would assume represents destruction of the old world equalling the creation of the new world.
      Then Chan wrote: “The glyph of the creation is even more revealing. There are three figures represented on the stone; the top figure is the face of a sleeping or dead person (there were no separate symbols for death and sleep in Naga – both were represented as the same). The middle figure is shown as a male, and the bottom figure a female who is represented as the mother of all mankind. In addi tion, there are curved lines from the sleeping or dead person and the male middle figure to the bottom of the female figure.” A person lying down on top, a man in the middle, and a woman on the bottom, with three curved lines connecting the top two to the bottom one. I interpret this creation glyph to mean that the woman was imprgnated by the man, but that in a greater sense she was continuing the lineage of “the dead.” There are many holidays around the world devoted to “the dead” all around November 1 – and perhaps there was a catastrophe that decimated the planet’s population at that time. If this happened today, and someone in a primitive tribe survived such a cataclysm that killed off civilization, they might not care to specify that it wiped out America or China or any specific land… they might just refer to that entire global civilization as “the dead.”
      Chan is the author however, so let’s continue not with my interpretation but his: “This glyph has been interpreted to mean that the middle figure, a male, was put to sleep, shown by the top figure, and a rib (or ribs) removed from him (the ribs being the curved lines) and fashioned into the bottom figure, the female mother of all mankind. This (its beautifully with the story of Eve’s creation, Adam therefore being both the male middle figure and the top figure, a sleeping or dead person.
      There is a hitch to this story, however: the top figure, either sleeping or dead, is depicted as a female!
      I low could it be Adam, asleep, awake, dead or alive?”
      I suppose this could instead refer to a mother civilization.
      Chan soon continues: “in Naga the curved lines denote parentage rather than ribs; so, more reasonably, it appears that the top figure is a dead female, whose offspring by the male middle figure (Adam) was the bottom female figure (Eve), the mother of all mankind.” Chan is suggesting the interpretation that Eve is Adam’s daughter by his wife who died soon after childbirth. Perhaps, but too literal I think, when he ruled out the mother as the dead civilization, the mother country, wiped out in cataclysm.
      Chan later summarizes: “So, in essence, the story as read from the glyphs would be that Adam and Eve, who lived in the Garden of Eden on the mother continent (tree), were descended from the original mankind (fruit) of that land, which incidentally was surrounded entirely by water (serpent entwined around the tree). Eve was Adam’s daughter, and he was a widower.
      They realized that, in order to survive, they had to leave and never try to return, for the motherland was destined to be destroyed by a cataclysmic inundation. Eve had perceived this coming event, and Adam asked her how she had discovered it; she answered that she had inherited the intelligence to do so from her ancestors. As a result she had gained victory over the inundation (Eve’s heel on the serpent’s head).
      They left the motherland; and afterward the continent (tree) was subjected to a fiery earthquake (flaming sword), during which it lost its foundations (cherubims) and sank beneath the ocean (serpent) which remained forever afterward burying the continent (forever afterward crawling on its belly).”
      You have undoubtedly read this before or you wouldn’t be asking about the glyph of creation… but from this I think we can only go be his description, based on Naga glyphs he allegedly found we know not where – as the three human figures, probably a woman lying down above, a man in the middle, and a woman on the bottom, with the three curved lines connecting the top two figures to the bottom one – and we don’t know if the curved lines went on the right or left or even through the man in the middle – but my guess is on the right.
      I will try to focus more on this glyph topic later, now that you’ve drawn my attention to it.

      Posted by David Montaigne | January 10, 2021, 2:22 pm
      • But that doesn’t answer my question at all lol.
        Where do I find an image of said glyph?
        Also, his statement that “This glyph has been interpreted to mean ”
        This begs the question: by whom was it interpreted? Citations?

        Posted by Fash Man | January 10, 2021, 7:41 pm
      • I don’t have that answer either – unless someone else provides it we can only speculate

        Posted by David Montaigne | January 10, 2021, 8:00 pm
  7. There’s a much more simple explanation for the pole-shift: it’s the tennis racket problem. When a 3 axis object rotates in the a gravity free environment, it is stable. When it transforms into a 2 axis object (when the ice on the pole becomes heavier) then the pole are flipping / shifting cyclically. But fundamentally asymetry is enough to cause it. Russian astronauts have discovered that phenomenon in space.

    Posted by Dom | October 2, 2021, 11:49 pm
    • Yes, the Dzhanibekov effect is relevant because we live on a sphere and all three axis have moments of inertia very close to each other. It doesn’t take much change on the sphere (like ice accumulation near the poles) to shift the moment of inertia ranking between one axis and another. Since two are stable and one is not, sometimes when that ranking changes, so does the rotational axis.

      Posted by David Montaigne | October 3, 2021, 1:22 pm
  8. Have you looked into the Urantia Book? There are some very interesting parallels in that book, with Chan’s writings.

    Posted by Rick | January 7, 2022, 8:48 pm
  9. This was fascinating to read. Thank you. My friend Kay Gore unearthed a letter written by Chan Thomas in response to her April 22 letter. Circa 1961ish. So, we were digging around Google to learn more and found your blog.

    Would you like a copy of the letter? If so, with her permission, I left her contact email below.

    (She was 13ish when she wrote to him asking about pole shifts because she heard him interviewed on a Saturday radio show. She was raised in Virginia Beach, VA.)


    Posted by Kay Gore | January 11, 2022, 1:59 am


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POLE SHIFT: Evidence Will Not Be Silenced

Evidence suggests that pole shifts are both magnetic and geophysical, with a periodic cycle of recurring and predictable cataclysms involving huge earthquakes and tsunamis, changes in latitude and altitude, mass extinctions, and the destruction of civilizations, reducing them to myth and legend.

Nostradamus and the Islamic Invasion of Europe

Nostradamus and the Islamic Invasion of Europe

Nostradamus prophecies suggest Europe will suffer greatly before WWIII ends in 2028.

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