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Moon Monolith?


The image above may be from Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, but Mark Carlotto at the Before Atlantis blog recently wrote about a potential slab monolith the Soviet’s photographed, discussed, and then got quiet about in 1973.  For even more information, see the full original article: In Search of the Lunokhod “Monolith”

“Thursday, February 15, 1973, the Soviet news agency Tass reported that the Lunokhod 2 was investigating “an unusual piece of lunar material.” The report stated that a “one-meter long plate, resembling a modern house panel, has proven to be a strong monolith” and goes on to describe the plate as having “a smooth surface.”  An article in the January-February 1973 issue of the  ARPO Bulletin contained excerpts from a story in the February 19 issue of Soviet Aerospace:

“The article [in Soviet Aerospace] stated that the ‘stone plate which has so puzzled scientists’ has a smooth surface which is unlike the large stones in the area and that it withstood ‘the buggy’s pressure of a hundred atmospheres’ (1,407 lb. per square inch) which left only slight traces on the thin layer of dust which covered the plate. Also, the article said, scientists have determined that the plate ‘seems much younger’ than other stone material in the area.”

“Because of the monolith’s uniqueness, scientists decided to continue to investigate it to determine its chemical composition and magnetic properties, as well as transmit TV photos. The object was found on February 13 and plans were made to continue the investigation through the 16th. The bedrock in the immediate area was described as being different from the material observed and tested earlier and because the monolith is also so different from the surrounding bedrock the scientists were wondering if such a combination is accidental.”

News of this discovery was also reported by NASA:

“A monolith one meter (three feet) long of unusual lunar material was discovered Feb. 13. The plate had a strong, smooth surface unlike surrounding pockmarked stones and appeared to be much younger.”


That doesn’t look natural at all – it looks like it was either just part of the Soviet moon rover sticking down like a microphone in a movie scene… or just something photo-shopped into the image.  But both nations did acknowledge it, and you can easily see it at


Many other “monolith” anomalies exist to be investigated.  Buzz Aldrin was very excited about one on Mars’ moon Phobos:


There are many images from early Soviet lunar orbiters (and later American ones) taking images of tall towers like this one:


And of course there are the famous claims by Karl Wolfe of artificial structures built on the moon long ago… In an article in Britain’s Express: “US Air Force whistleblower says ‘I saw structures on dark side of moon'”  “A FORMER US Air Force top-security clearance photo technician claims to have seen structures allegedly built on the dark side of the Moon.”

Are these images all natural, or is there a conspiracy to hide the truth from us?  Is this evidence of alien watchers?  Or was human civilization technologically advanced enough to leave the surface of the Earth before being destroyed in the last catastrophic pole shiftAncient texts from India suggest civilization has risen and fallen losing high science including spacecraft.  The Osirion in Egypt may even show them:

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