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WWIII Looms Closer

With America in obvious disarray and decline, other major powers are more likely to risk war to gain territory they have wanted for a long time. Most lists of flash points that might start a large war include Taiwan, Iran, Kashmir, Ukraine, Korea, Armenia, and Syria. China is the rising superpower most likely to challenge American dominance, and though some analysts worry China will pick a fight with India, Japan, or the United States – it seems far more likely to start with Taiwan. In this video the PLA produced a mock invasion of Taiwan: https://www.the-sun.com/8b60248f-c63f-4941-86e4-56ab2dd1342f

If China does attack Taiwan, will the one-time world policemen (Britain and the United States) want to get in the way of the Chinese army and treat it like an invasion of a democratic nation? Or will a leader on China’s payroll describe it as a “mostly peaceful” reunion with a renegade province that was historically Chinese already, and walk away from the situation with nothing more than talk of sanctions?

My first published book was written in 2001 – on Nostradamus prophecies of WWIII. I wrote then that he described a 27 year conflict gradually escalating over time to eventually become a world war including the use of at least a few nuclear weapons. Though Nostradamus focused on events closer to his native France, including an Islamic invasion of western Europe, he made it clear that WWIII would start around the start of the millennium, within 57 years of WWII -and that Europe, the Middle East, Russia, China, and America would be involved. September 11, 2001 was probably the stating point – and that date was more than 56 years – but less than 57 years – after WWII ended. That puts the end of WWIII near the end of 2028, if Nostradamus is right. (He also describes a catastrophic pole shift shortly after the war, in the month of October, most likely October 2029.)

Nostradamus describes a pan-Islamic alliance invading southern and western Europe allied with China, while Russia seems to remain neutral for years (probably taking what it wants in Eastern Europe while other major powers are busy.) In his description of our near future America (which he mentions by name) is unable to come to Europe’s aid for a long time. He does not explain why, and we are left to guess if pandemic, civil war, a first strike against America, or inability to fight a war against China and simultaneously send troops to France explains the lack of American involvement.

American leadership and military preparedness in 2021 raises great doubts over U.S. intentions to protect Taiwan from China. It is amusing, but saddening, to watch this Australian video comparing the army recruiting videos of major powers:

Potential enemies watching such American recruiting videos may assume victory over America will be easy.

If America does not defend Taiwan, China will be encouraged to expand further, flexing its muscles as a new great power. Russia, Iran, Turkey, and other regional hegemons will probably do the same – seizing territory at will. And within a few months at most, the first stages of what we will call WWIII will be underway.




About David Montaigne

Historian, investigator, and author of prophecy books like End Times and 2019, and Antichrist 2016-2019


One thought on “WWIII Looms Closer

  1. China and Babylon America must have war to hide all their deceptions and keep the populace from uprising. Same with the middle east country’s. Russia is ready for war but waiting like a vulture until the eagle and dragon are tearing each others throats out and then pounce like a bear on it’s weakened prey. The animal analogy sort of fits. Babylon America is destroyed in one hour by a nation from the North. Russia is due north of America, so deductive reasoning points towards Russia that burns latter day Babylon with fire. I am not sure that Babylon is destroyed in this 1st war but at a later date in the Tribulation. Seems like the Red Horse is chomping at the bit to leave the barn!

    Posted by watcher | August 3, 2021, 5:31 am

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