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Apollo 11 Moon Landing – 50 Years Later and Still Hiding the Truth?


Above: Apollo 11 – projected on the Washington Monument – to celebrate the 50th anniversary of July 20, 1969’s moon landing


July 20, 2019 is the 50th anniversary of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin first setting foot on the moon, and it prompts me to revisit the conspiracy theory question (as I wrote in an article on BIN) – “…if we really did land on the moon as we are told, why have we not returned in almost 50 years? Am I supposed to believe there is no technological benefit to having a scientific base on the moon? Am I supposed to believe NASA’s excuse that “we forgot how to do it”? Or is it more likely that there is some kind of conspiracy?”

There are only a few possibilities:

1 – we really landed on the moon as the government described and there is nothing interesting there – just craters and dust.

2 – we really landed there, but we didn’t tell the public the interesting stuff

2A – we found evidence of previous advanced human civilization and technology on the moon because humans made it into space before the last catastrophic pole shift

2B – we found evidence of aliens observing us, using the moon as their base

3 – we never made it to the moon at all, it was just propaganda

“If we actually found evidence that aliens had observation bases on the dark side of the moon, would we report it? If we found evidence that a previous, lost human civilization like Atlantis had risen and fallen and been to the Moon thousands of years ago, leaving behind evidence and technology equal to or more advanced than our own – would we re-write history, or hide and study their technology?”


If we do have alien evidence/artifacts/contact – how many decades of gradual acclimation to their existence does the public need before the government finally offers disclosure?

I went on about the theory that Stanley Kubrick confessed to faking the moon landing during his filming of 2001: A Space Odyssey.  Maybe he did, maybe he didn’t.


But a recent article on Motherboard also just got my attention with: “NASA confessed [in 2006] that it likely reused 45 tapes containing original footage of Apollo 11 astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin’s iconic July 20, 1969 moonwalk. Even today, the specter of the Apollo 11 tape blunder still looms over the agency.”

So the original moon landing tapes – the most important, most historical, and most controversial footage NASA ever took – was accidentally taped over?  On 45 different tapes?  I’m supposed to believe that was an accident?  Much more likely to me, they were under scrutiny, and could be proved as forgeries, so they were conveniently wiped clean like a Hillary Clinton email server.

Then in 2015, it was found out that someone had saved about 300 data reels of NASA tapes from 1969-1972 and stored them in Pennsylvania.  Unfortunately, the owner was secretive about them, and the person who found them turned them over to NASA, who said that none of them had anything to do with the Apollo missions.  Sure they didn’t.

My best guess is that we found evidence that mankind had visited the Moon before – thousands of years ago – and that we are denying the truth so we can back-engineer ancient VIMANA technology and understand cycles of terrestrial destruction without re-writing history or alerting the masses.

I am not arguing that we never landed on the moon – just that the public has been shown meaningless edited photographs, while the truly interesting finds have been kept secret.

Watch 2 minutes of this video, from about the 26 minute mark to the 28 minute mark, showing very clear photographic editing:

Neil Armstrong should have been a sought after public speaker.  The first man to walk on the Moon could have been rich beyond his wildest dreams merely speaking motivationally to graduating classes and anyone else… Instead he stayed out of the limelight.  25 years later he compared the astronauts to parrots.  Which don’t fly high, but they do repeat what is said to them.

Tell me NASA isn’t shutting up the astronaut to prevent revealing something in this clip:

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One thought on “Apollo 11 Moon Landing – 50 Years Later and Still Hiding the Truth?

  1. Nothing from Earth has been sent above LEO in 12,000 years.
    All funding for such ventures is diverted toward CoTAC (continuity of technologically advanced civilisation) across P.
    There are terrestrial ventures that are similar diversions (peculations).

    Posted by Zod | July 19, 2019, 3:11 pm

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