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Why is China Eager to Expand in Antarctica?

Something interesting has been going on in Antarctica for many years.  There have been many visits by top American, Russian, and church officials since 2016.  I suspect that evidence of a civilization like Atlantis – a technologically advanced civilization from before the last catastrophic pole shift, is being excavated and studied – especially in Western/Lesser Antarctica.  Maybe China has decided not to be left out of the loop.


Maybe China simply realizes there are a lot of mineral resources down there… I lot of potential fishing areas… and that a manned presence there helps establish a claim, even if the continent was divided up (with over 40% of the land going to the relatively weak and defenseless Australia) long before China became an economic and military superpower…

This article at Zerohedge notes:

“China is set to significantly expand its presence in Antarctica as it takes the crucial step of establishing its first permanent airport and large landing strip… according to Chinese state-run Xinhua News Agency the airfield will support China’s Antarctic “strategy needs” and protect China’s right to speak on “Antarctic airspace control” but all of this also “suggests the possibility of ‘militarization’ of the Antarctic region.”

Chinese bases Antarctica

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One thought on “Why is China Eager to Expand in Antarctica?

  1. Perhaps it’s a good idea to start colonising a land mass that will soon be non-polar?

    Posted by Zod | November 3, 2018, 8:49 pm

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