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Netherlands Prosecutes Its Own Citizen For Calling Turkish Dictator A “Goat F*cker”

I’m no fan of Turkey’s dictator, Recep Erdogan.  I love his quote: “Democracy is like a streetcar. When you come to your stop, you get off.”  Personally, I think he will tilt more and more towards his true beliefs – Islamic rule – and may eventually prove to be the Islamic Antichrist in WWIII.

Maybe calling him a goat-f*cker went too far.  But if you’re not in Turkey… or Iran… if you’re in a “free” nation in the West, you can say such things, right?  Not so fast, if you’re in the Islamic Republic of The Netherlands.

Netherlands Prosecutes Its Own Citizen For Calling Turkish Dictator A “Goat F*cker”



“A few weeks ago the government of the Netherlands charged and prosecuted one of its own citizens, a 64-year old Dutchman from the town of Sittard near the German border, for sending angry emails to the President of Turkey.

You read that correctly. The Dutch government prosecuted a Dutch citizen living on Dutch soil because he insulted a foreign government official.

Bear in mind, that foreign government official is Recep Erdogan, who has basically been dictator of Turkey since the early 2000s.

When it comes to ruling with an iron fist, Erdogan makes Vladimir Putin look like a pathetic amateur.

Erdogan has crushed his opposition, imprisoning 160,000 political opponents. He’s tightened controls over the Internet, heavily censored the media, corrupted the judiciary, suspended many individual freedoms, brutally squashed protests, and gradually taken more and more power for himself.

So this Dutchman sent Erdogan several angry emails, comparing him to Hitler and calling him a “goat fucker”.


“Europe [or at least, Europe’s traitorous elite, hell bent on destroying nation states and Europe, using Islam to foment WWIII to bring on a One World Government in the aftermath] is so concerned about the delicate sensibilities of Recep Erdogan that they throw away the most basic freedoms of their own citizens.

To appease a dictator, politicians trample freedom of expression… something that is supposed to be the hallmark of Western civilization.

It’s incredible when you compare this to what happened more than three centuries ago when a union of European nations held off the Ottoman Turkish invasion in 1683.

Now European Union nations have laid themselves down at the foot of the Turkish president. And I don’t see the [Polish] cavalry riding in to save them this time around.”

Europe will suffer for their neglect and apathy.


About David Montaigne

Historian, investigator, and author of prophecy books like End Times and 2019, and Antichrist 2016-2019


3 thoughts on “Netherlands Prosecutes Its Own Citizen For Calling Turkish Dictator A “Goat F*cker”

  1. Given you know pole shift is around the corner, and that the elite (who puppeteer national governments the world over) also know this, it is likely there is no motive to continue the ascendance of the illusion of democracy/justice/libertarianism for its own sake. If anything, it is now time to rock the boat, to alarm those who should be alarmed, to offend those who can smell something rotten in the State of Denmark, to summon The Elect.

    There is also the need for a descent, an increase in deterioration, to foment a final fog of war to distract the ignorant from a wobbling planet – the illusion of WW3 is better than the alternative of WWZ.

    Posted by Zod | September 23, 2018, 8:13 am
    • Fascinating suggestion that WWIII would be a necessary distraction – but I think the whole process of pole shift is so rapid that distraction may be unecessary.

      Posted by David Montaigne | September 24, 2018, 10:52 am
      • When the Russians are alleged to have tsunami bombs to attack US coastlines, it seems to me they’re covering their bets they need to have ‘more comforting’ explanations right until the end. It’s likely there will be high level military/governmental factions still in the dark as to what’s really going on, even as the first, minor wobble-generated 100ft tsunamis inexplicably arrive on the shores, and it could be dangerous if they’re allowed to figure things out too soon. “It’s the Ruskies!”

        Fortunately, if any splinter faction ever tries to use a nuke to retaliate or blast open the doors to a DUMB, I think they’ll be disappointed to find that the missile has a depleted Uranium warhead instead of fissile material.

        Posted by Zod | September 24, 2018, 1:55 pm

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