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Aboriginal Australians See “End of Days” in Late 2019

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The editor of Nexus Magazine sent me a free copy of their latest issue including my POLE SHIFT article (same title as my book, Pole Shift: Evidence Will Not Be Silenced) and as I read through the latest copy of Nexus I noticed another article titled: “Wisdom of the Ancients” which mentioned that “Aboriginal Elders in Australia have started speaking of the ‘End of Days.’  From what I can gather, this once in an epoch event will occur in late 2019.” – Duncan Roads, editor

The editor also noted the “synchronicity of information,” as contact with me and my learning more about my books made him aware of my earlier work in End Times and 2019 – in which I review the amazing correlation between the movements and positions of astronomical bodies in the night sky with the prophetic visions of the skies as they appear during the end times visions of various prophets – and how the celestial bodies act out all major steps of an ancient Jewish wedding ceremony in order in late December 2019.

The editor of Nexus suggests a link between my conclusions in

Pole Shift: Evidence Will Not Be Silenced

that a pole shift is due in the early 21st century, and my earlier much more specific potential timeline of the coming pole shift event based on evidence from many sources of prophecy – Biblical, Mayan, and others… as presented in

End Times and 2019

that the pole shift may be the method of creating Revelation’s “new heaven and a new earth” in December 2019…

He noted some correlation with the Aboriginal Elders late 2019 timing for the fulfillment of “the tidal wave dream” many spiritual Australians have been having.  More information on that will become available at an upcoming (already passed in June 2018) a conference: https://secrethistoryconference.com/  Stella Wheildon was one of the speakers on topics like Star Lore and Aboriginal prophecies.



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3 thoughts on “Aboriginal Australians See “End of Days” in Late 2019

  1. Do you think the entire Australia coastline will be flooded?

    Posted by John Connor | March 17, 2019, 2:59 pm
    • I assume EVERY coastline will be flooded – some more than others. Momentum will probably bring oceans onto Western coasts first and worst, so in Australia – Perth would be likely to get submerged hardest and deepest compared to say, Brisbane. The real question is WHEN. Just because I have found clues pointing to December 2019 and Aboriginal elders seem to be in agreement, that doesn’t prove I’m right. Other researchers point to different dates and the next pole shift cataclysm could be 2019 – or 2028 – or 2046 – depending on who you ask. I say this because while I want people to be aware of my research and conclusions, I don’t want to cause panic and despair. If interested, keep studying the topic, keep preparing spiritually, and have a plan in mind in case events seem to be accelerating towards such an event someday.

      Posted by David Montaigne | March 18, 2019, 4:03 pm


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