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The PreTrib Rapture DEFENDED – makes some bad assumptions

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The PMI Center for Biblical Studies blog argues for a pre-trib rapture.  I think the evidence is strongly against this conclusion.  The mere fact that many schools of thought still argue about it means it is far from obvious.  But the article cited below says: “it’s that clear cut:

1) We do not have an appointment to face the wrath of God.

2) Which means we cannot be here during the Tribulation Period”

I commented that this pre-tribulation rapture argument assumes that the entire tribulation is God’s wrath, and that as we are not appointed for God’s wrath, we are raptured away before those years. But Daniel 12:11-12 indicates there are 30 and 45 day periods after the 70th week of years for judgment and wrath. God’s wrath doesn’t start until after the seals are opened. “His wrath” is specifically mentioned in Revelation 16:19. We will not be appointed to God’s wrath, but we will be here during the reign of the Antichrist and suffer the wrath of evil first. Read Alan Kurschner’s Antichrist:Before the Day of the Lord, or my own Antichrist: 2016-2019

original article: The PreTrib Rapture DEFENDED

Understanding the final 30 and 45 day periods of judgment and wrath is important.  I remember years ago, when I had not yet accepted Christ – being distraught that all my astronomical alignments and codebreaking led me to two crucial end times dates instead of one.  I asked many Christian scholars: “I know you don’t think anyone can know the day or the hour anyway, but I think such end times events can be calculated – yet I come up with two dates months apart.  Can you think of any reason why Christ might come back on one date, then twiddle His thumbs for a few months before Judgment Day?  Because I’m coming up with two dates a few months apart in the near future.”  Most Christians had no answer for me, then one finally replied: “Yes – if those dates are exactly 75 days apart.”  I thought for a moment.  “My dates are exactly 75 days apart.”  He had my full attention.

As do the Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot) and Hanukkah in 2019.

Consider reading End Times and 2019

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