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New Navy Maps and Post – Pole Shift Maps

There’s a new spike in interest in POLE SHIFTS after a lot of Youtube videos in the last few weeks started commenting on a “new navy map” that isn’t really new and isn’t really from the U.S. Navy. There are a lot of maps based on estimates of what would happen if polar ice all melted or what would happen if the Earth’s crust slips over the core and a pole shift creates a new arrangement of the planet’s surface, with all the continents at different latitudes and elevations, and new locations for the poles, the equator, and everything in between.

It’s all guesswork, but it’s pretty cool to look at. Consider these pics from a video just based on all the ice melting:

More recently Pastor Paul Begley made several videos highlighting a map he got from “Mike From Around the World” and this map of the eastern United States also shows many areas submerged and is allegedly based on the U.S. Navy’s expectations of a worst case climate change scenario in the near future:

In this map many low lying areas, including Florida, Cuba, and much of the southeastern United States and eastern coastal areas are just gone, submerged underwater. But this map is based more on soil liquefaction.

Next, imagine the far greater catastrophe of a POLE SHIFT – in which the entire crust of the planet moves as one solid piece over the core, shifting mass imbalances like the accumulated ice sheets of Greenland and Antarctica to the equator after cosmic electromagnetic field changes induce a solar outburst and the Earth is affected on many levels…. Well explained and documented by Ben Davidson in many videos on his SuspiciousObservers channel on Youtube.

Ben Davidson’s map above only shows the new positions of the continents if the massive ice caps of Antarctica and Greenland are re-balanced and allowed to shift to the equator. No changes in elevation – no submergence of existing lands – or rising of old ones – is depicted above. But it may very well show the future equator. Chan Thomas, author of The Adam and Eve story and the subject of my next book, predicted that the upcoming pole shift will see the new North Pole in the Bay of Bengal, and that is where our magnetic poles seem to be moving to a convergence point – the magnetic poles are currently on a collision course towards the Bay of Bengal. (And Chan Thomas is not the only pole shift researcher who expected that position for the next North Pole.) If this happens, southeast Asia will be under one of the next ice caps, along with Peru, as the new South Pole would end up just west of Peru. But before those new ice caps grow, the old ones we have known will be melting rapidly in the equatorial sunshine. I often wonder what newly habitable lands will emerge, and what evidence may yet be found of previous civilizations….

Different analysts have different expectations based on the evidence of past pole shifts and current terrestrial, solar, and galactic ongoing changes. If you want a deeper look at the evidence, consider reading some good pole shift books like POLE SHIFT: Evidence Will Not Be Silencedand several others found here.





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6 thoughts on “New Navy Maps and Post – Pole Shift Maps

  1. interestingly, 0 and 180 longitude may turn into the new equator. Did someone know the new poles in 1851, the year when Greenwich 0 longitude was proposed…?

    Posted by Julian the Apostate | July 10, 2021, 2:34 pm
  2. Nobody actually knows where the sea level will be at any location on planet earth when this thing lets go. Mountains will sink into the earth and new mountains formed. Land that sits on thick underground basalt layers should fare better than land supported by sand or limestone but maybe not. What minimum elevation on earth would be a good location to survive such a calamity? The land of Israel will survive as foretold in the Bible, but Mystery Babylon (America) will burn and most of her will be submerged by a new ocean. Where will the new lands and continents appear that get pushed up out of the depths of the old oceans? Now’s the time to invest in a helmet or hard hat if you plan on surviving this thing, do to all the falling objects ejected into the atmosphere!

    Posted by watcher | July 11, 2021, 3:29 am
  3. As the solar system moves further into a magnetic field of opposite polarity (to the one it was in for the last 12,000 years), so The Earth’s magnetic field is oppressed (apparently weakened), its magnetic poles are deflected, and its geographic poles begin their accelerating gyratory migration. Ultimately, succumbing to increasing negative stability, the Earth suddenly performs a 180° flip, whereafter it remains stable for another 12,000 years.

    After super-tsunami, supersonic cryo/pyrothermal winds, pole shift and global tectonic upheaval (causing violent and abundant seismicity and volcanism), yes, the coastlines will be different. The flip will be brief (10-20 hours), with its violent repercussions persisting some time thereafter, and the colossal flooding and volcanic fimbulwinter will take a few years to dissipate. I wouldn’t be surprised if it took around a decade for the new coastlines to stabilise.

    Posted by Zod YinYang | July 11, 2021, 12:20 pm
  4. I’m looking forward towards your next book.

    Posted by Charles Jones | July 11, 2021, 6:17 pm
  5. wow on the Europe, seems that 90% of Denmark disappears.

    Posted by Joseph | July 29, 2021, 5:04 pm

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