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Doomsday Preppers Review: Preparing For a Pole Shift

Of all the problems people do prepare for – even among preppers and survivalists – a POLE SHIFT – typically isn’t on the list. As an author of a book on pole shifts I was pleasantly surprised to find a video titled: Doomsday Preppers Review: Preparing For a Pole Shift I still can’t find the … Continue reading

Who’s Prepared For WWIII? Compare China, Russia, America

Major powers haven’t fought each other directly in open warfare since the end of WWII – 76 years ago. Atomic and later nuclear weapons created unprecedented risk and devastation and the threat of such destruction has helped to allow an unprecedented Pax Americana. With constant growth and progress, most people, and most nations, have benefited … Continue reading

A Great Pole Shift Video by Ben Davidson

If you’re interested in cyclic catastrophes – Charles Hapgood – Chan Thomas – Major White – evidence of recurring pole shifts – then I think you’ll like this recent video by Ben Davidson on his SuspiciousObservers youtube channel, as it is one of his best so far.

Candace Owens Explains Why No One Should View George Floyd as a Martyr

Candace Owens doesn’t need me to editorialize – she speaks for herself on race, media hype, politics, perception, martyrs, and other topics related to George Floyd’s death and the riots that followed – and as usual, it’s worth listening to her:


Much evidence proves a series of cataclysmic pole shifts every 12-13,000 years and that another is due soon.  From the recent Youtube video by Florida Maquis: NEW NORTH & SOUTH POLE LOCATIONS FOUND(!)2 WORLD POWERS ADMIT POLE REVERSAL IS CLOSE & INEVITABLE(!)

Video: 2019…End Times Birth Pains Are Increasing

This gets my attention not because of references to – or interpretations of – end times biblical prophecies – but because I did write about such things in End Times and 2019 Are the events in the news today just getting our attention more because of all the technology making it easier to get more … Continue reading

Nostradamus Prophecies for the 2020s

Every December, people start making predictions for the next year. They inevitably make reference to prophecies from Nostradamus.  While some people twist what he said to align with their expectations of Putin or Trump or North Korea or whatever suits their fancy at the moment, I am reminded of a Nostradamus movie HBO produced around … Continue reading

Video: November – December 2019 – End Times

I’ve been writing about prophetic events starting in November 2019 (like the Birth of the Hero Twins posts) and culminating December 21-28, 2019 since I wrote the book: Which brings me to this guy’s recent video:


On 9/11/2001 President George Bush sat in an elementary school classroom while a teacher prompted children to read words off a paper – including – PLANES – MUST – HIT – STEEL – almost to the minute as the president was informed of what was happening to the first of the Twin Towers in New … Continue reading

Hanukkah – December 2019 – End Times Prophecy Video by Renee Moses

Renee Moses understands what I’m saying in End Times and 2019 and has done a much better job than I ever did making a video presentation about it: Tammy Craine commented on one of my blog articles and alerted me to Renee Moses and her Youtube channel (and book, though I haven’t read it) The … Continue reading

Chaos, Cover-Ups, & Pole Shift Evidence

Chaos, Cover-Ups, & Pole Shift Evidence – sounds very familiar  

Hidden Catastrophe Science – The Trigger of the End – Chan Thomas – Pole Shifts

Youtube’s Suspect Sky channel made yet another video reviewing part of Chan Thomas’ pole shift theory.  Episode 4 covers several topics including the magnetohydrodynamic trigger that allows the nearly solid mantle to act as a liquid and allow the crust of the Earth to float over the core and establish a new balance – a … Continue reading

Hominid for Halloween

A quick reminder on the origins of Halloween: almost every culture on Earth has a “holiday” commemorating death around November 1.  European sailors were surprised to find such common ground with natives around the world even in the Western and Southern hemispheres.  Why?  Because (as described at length in my recent POLE SHIFT book) a … Continue reading

Video: The Poleshift

I don’t agree with the suggested cause of the pole shift cycle in this video.  But I like that people are thinking about it and trying to explain how it happens.  It still presents some evidence and supports the basic idea that there is a cycle of cataclysmic pole shifts – and it’s entertaining and … Continue reading

Video: What You Need to Know About Earth’s Coming Pole Shift

Pole Shift: If you want to know all the details of every piece of evidence I could put together, I’m partial to my newest book: Pole Shift: Evidence Will Not Be Silenced But many people would rather watch a video even if they get far less information… The Edge of Wonder recently posted this video … Continue reading

A Few Videos on POLE SHIFT Evidence

Of course I’m partial to the idea of reading my recent book as the best way to understand everything you need to know about pole shifts, including the evidence for past catastrophes, the warnings in religions, myths, legends, and prophecies – and the time frame in which we should expect the next civilization-ending event. POLE … Continue reading

End Times and 2019 – On YouTube Again

Earlier this week, Youtube’s Conflict Radio Official channel re-posted a podcast interview I once did for my Bible prophecy book: End Times and 2019.  (Yes, it got into a lot more than JUST Bible prophecy because many sources point to the same time and describe the same events…) I commented under the video: “Thanks for … Continue reading

Why is the Pentagon’s UFO Project Suddenly in the News?

I have heard the information was released because a made for TV production going into the (up until recently, secret) details will be aired very soon, and the government wanted to take some of the wind out of its sails with a preemptive release of some (of the lamest and crappiest) of their UFO videos.  … Continue reading

Obama’s Concern for Climate Change Over War and Terrorism Mocked by Muslims in Satirical Video

reblogged from: Obama’s climate change fiasco while the world burns I love Bunkerville’s blog (even though he seems to have taken this satirical old video’s subtitles seriously) – and felt this video is funny because it’s true – and deserves another look.  Because in my opinion Obama does have warped and un-American priorities.  I think, as … Continue reading

Chinese Video Depiction of Battle with America?

Interesting, video-game-like perspective of a military battle in which Chinese forces defeat… somebody. Consider this – for decades, China’s one-child policy and the preference for baby boys and gender based infanticide means China has about 50 million “surplus” males – a society-wide imbalance. In America, a few hundred body bags of soldiers coming home means … Continue reading

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POLE SHIFT: Evidence Will Not Be Silenced

Evidence suggests that pole shifts are both magnetic and geophysical, with a periodic cycle of recurring and predictable cataclysms involving huge earthquakes and tsunamis, changes in latitude and altitude, mass extinctions, and the destruction of civilizations, reducing them to myth and legend.

Nostradamus and the Islamic Invasion of Europe

Nostradamus and the Islamic Invasion of Europe

Nostradamus prophecies suggest Europe will suffer greatly before WWIII ends in 2028.

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