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Submission: France Capitulates to Islam – as described by Paul Joseph Watson

The French should listen their most famous prophet – but unfortunately, Nostradamus not only saw that WWIII will involve the Islamic invasion of Europe – but that the French will allow it through “apathy” and “neglect.” They should read: Nostradamus And The Islamic Invasion Of Europe

New Democrat Campaign “Ad”

This new “Democratic Party campaign ad” seems honest and accurate, and funny because it’s (sadly) true.

New York City Terrorist that just Killed 8 people Brought in Through Schumer’s Diversity Visa Lottery – Great Idea!

America became great by accepting the best and brightest from around the world.  And so long as America is selective in choosing the best and brightest, the incoming diversity of people strengthens the United States.  But when we welcome the opposite – those who cannot prove they respect America, and democracy, and intend to assimilate, … Continue reading

Why does Obama, Clinton, and most liberals love ISLAM?

Excerpts below from the full original article by Geri Ungurean found here “After reading article after article on this subject, a breakthrough came today, and it was from the Word of God. Why did I not search there first? I have racked my brain for years, trying to figure out why atheists and far-left liberals … Continue reading

Islam and Liberal Principles

I found this at the counterjihadreport blog, but it was originally published on Apr 27, 2016 by Political Islam Bill Maher is a self-declared liberal who has the courage and sense to condemn Islam’s brutality against women. And Mr. Maher gets the same response from liberals that I get. He is called a bigot. But, … Continue reading

Why ‘Draw Mohammed’? The Artist Explains

“National Review, by Andrew C. McCarthy, January 2, 2016:” “Mohammed cartoons don’t inspire Islamic violence. Islamic violence inspires Mohammed cartoons.” “That is what Bosch Fawstin tells me. And he knows whereof he speaks.Fawstin is the award-winning cartoonist thrust into international notoriety in May when he won a “Draw Muhammad” contest in Garland, Texas — a … Continue reading

Islam – and the Death of Political Correctness

As Bill Whittle notes, Islam has been at war with Europeans since the 7th century…  With Buddhists in Afghanistan and Hindus in India and animists and Christians in Africa; with Israel since its creation in 1948, and with America since the Iranian hostage situation when they took over the American embassy in 1979. The Left … Continue reading

European on Train Understood Arabic – What Migrants Said

A European woman who speaks fluent Arabic was on a train from Budapest to Vienna recently when she overheard some Arabic conversations from migrants on the train. Watch the video and read the subtitles.  The barbarians she described are there to rape, steal, and take welfare money – she described them like a plague on … Continue reading

4574 Years and Counting

Originally posted on WarSclerotic:
ISIS: Destroying Egypt’s Sphinx, Pyramids Is ‘Religious Duty’ by Jordan Schachtel3 Jul 2015 Via Breitbart http://media.breitbart.com/media/2015/03/pyramids-reuters-640×480.jpg Will they stand the test of time? [Source: Reuters] (Unthinkable. – LS) ISIS “caliph” Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi told followers of his terror group that destroying Egypt’s national monuments, such as the pyramids and the sphinx,…

The Downfall of America and the World!

Originally posted on End Time Bible Prophecy:
Commentary By:  Gordon King Over the past several decades in America we have seen the degradation of society at large.  During the 1960’s we saw major changes in morals, values, and human behavior on a grand scale.  The “sexual revolution” embraced a new “drug culture”.  All of this…

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POLE SHIFT: Evidence Will Not Be Silenced

Evidence suggests that pole shifts are both magnetic and geophysical, with a periodic cycle of recurring and predictable cataclysms involving huge earthquakes and tsunamis, changes in latitude and altitude, mass extinctions, and the destruction of civilizations, reducing them to myth and legend.

Nostradamus and the Islamic Invasion of Europe

Nostradamus and the Islamic Invasion of Europe

Nostradamus prophecies suggest Europe will suffer greatly before WWIII ends in 2028.

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