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Socialists: Listen to these North Koreans

Today is Veteran’s Day in America.  I don’t have any planned commentary about WWI or any other wars we have fought in the past to preserve freedom – though there have been many.  I do have some comments on what life is like under one of the remaining brutal dictatorships, and it seems fitting to … Continue reading

Socialists Arise! And Check Venezuela For a Look at how Socialism Always Fails

This quote is from an article in 2017 – How Venezuela went from a rich democracy to a dictatorship on the brink of collapse (I’ll give you a hint: SOCIALISM ruins countries) and it has only gotten worse since then: “It’s difficult to overstate how dire Venezuela’s economic plight is….The International Monetary Fund estimates that … Continue reading

Stefan Molyneux Warns: Winter is Coming!

WINTER IS COMING! “Stefan Molyneux, Host of Freedomain Radio, describes the “virtue signalling” involved in promising to others what you do not have to pay for yourself – and how these empty promises are the greatest single threat to Western Civilization.” SM’s warning is less about cold weather and more about hard times that will … Continue reading

French Spring Uprising Against Macron?

The world may unravel in 2019, but it is already falling apart in France.  Videos below show a protester beaten by Police, and another protester’s hand blown off by a grenade.  You can watch live footage of fires and tear gas in Paris and other French cities. One article at Infowars suggests of the yellow … Continue reading

Thanksgiving – Celebrates Capitalism’s Success over the Failure of Communism

This is a MUST READ – teach this to your children TODAY Almost everyone in America can get a turkey on Thanksgiving today.  But during the first few years of the Plymouth Colony: “some of our settler forbears were so hungry, so depraved by starvation that rather than consuming that Norman Rockwell-esque beautifully browned turkey, … Continue reading

Democrats: Wolves in Wolves Clothing

found at thepeskytruth blog: “By Victor Davis Hanson ********* If the New Democrat Party was smart, it would do what the old Democrat Party did long ago: Always sound centrist if not conservative in the last weeks of a campaign, get elected, then revert to form and pursue a left-wing agenda for a year or … Continue reading

Living Wages, Minimum Wage Hikes, Devastating Effects

Many jobs don’t pay enough for someone to make a decent living working them.  Socialists often argue that minimum wages must be raised to change that. Others understand that some jobs can’t exist if labor prices rise too much; they aren’t productive enough to justify it. For a recent example: Amazon is considering opening 3,000 … Continue reading

Democrats Have Become Socialists

At Writerbeat.com I noticed an article under the name Dannie Poe titled: DEMOCRATS HAVE BECOME SOCIALISTS D.P. argued: “Sad to say this , but if SOCIALISM is all the Democrats have to defeat Trump this nation is in deep trouble. We can call it being PROGRESSIVE, but it is still SOCIALISM. I have lived through … Continue reading

How Socialism Ruined My Country

Hopefully, this is not an explanation to be repeated by our children or grandchildren in America.  The video below explains the failure of Socialism in Brazil.  But the parallels to every other nation embracing Socialism are scary when we realize the ignorant young feeling left out of the American Dream – yet entitled to it … Continue reading

Facebook’s psycho-liberals BAN member posting on how to AVOID another 9/11

Thank you counterjihadreport blog for alerting us to Facebook’s pro-JIHAD insanity: Facebook Bans Frontpage Editor Jamie Glazov on 9/11 – For Posting on How to Prevent Another 9/11 Because apparently, what Western Civilization really needs, according to multi-culti insanely liberal/socialist/Democrat Facebook rules – is more Islam and Jihad and terrorism, and less complaining about it.  … Continue reading

How Tyrants Become Dictators

“Everybody wants to rule the world.”  When I hear the words I think of the song by Tears for Fears that came out in 1985.  And while the statement may not be true of EVERYONE, there are enough people who wish they were in charge of everything that we all know a few.  Most of … Continue reading

Brazil sending troops to Venezuelan border amid massive refugee influx

Venezuela is another Socialist failure, as all socialist states are, because they deny hard workers the fruits of their labor, thereby removing the incentive to work harder.  Now that economic collapse has arrived, thousands of Venezuelans are starting to flee their country.  Brazil has its own socialist problems developing, so they will be sent back.  … Continue reading

Venezuela Shows How Well Socialism Works

As ignorant American youth worships at the feet of socialists like Bernie Sanders and communist idiots like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are promoted as serious candidates after “winning” an uncontested primary (the incumbent retired and no one else ran but her) – countries where socialism has been implemented continue to collapse.  I amuse myself imagining a college … Continue reading

Getting Screwed By Inflation and Lies

Communist states that remove the reward incentive for hard work eventually collapse and fail.  I have written articles before about this ranging from an article on Thanksgiving (Plymouth Colony was initially communist, until massive starvation deaths followed the end of hard work; for when some farmers started to slack off, others got jealous and angry … Continue reading

Thanksgiving – Celebrating Capitalism’s Success over the Failure of Communism

Somehow this didn’t post on Thanksgiving and disappeared on me… But this is a MUST READ – teach this to your children TODAY The Pilgrims tried Communism/Socialism/Collectivism for the first two years.  Those who got up early and worked hard soon resented those who didn’t.  Soon almost everyone felt the system was unfair, resentment grew, … Continue reading

1917-2017 100 Years of Evil – Communism

No form of government is perfect; all are corrupt.  But I do believe that capitalism partnered with some form of democracy offers the best possibilities.  Of course, we do not have capitalism in the West today.  We have heavily taxed welfare redistributing socialism.  Personally, I think welfare should be limited and temporary – and that … Continue reading

Economic Collapse and WWIII by 2018?

Europe’s Unsustainable Welfare State The NWO Elite are forcing Europe’s “national leaders” [traitors] to destroy their nations from within, largely through a huge influx of immigrants from the Middle East and North Africa who tend not to assimilate but to end up on Socialism’s ever-expanding welfare state… I say ever-expanding, but like a cancerous tumor, … Continue reading

Is This The Worst Guy On The Planet?

From the original article which I found at Zerohedge.com HERE – which they got from Simon Black via SovereignMan.com, “Jose Rafael Torrealba wins the award for biggest scumbag on the planet today.  Torrealba is a Venezuelan army general who was featured in a leaked audio recording that was just published yesterday.  The recording is of … Continue reading

Surviving Economic Collapse: Lessons from Venezuela

Economic collapse ALWAYS occurs eventually when a great empire spends beyond its means, attempts to do too much for too many, and allows part of the population to become dependent.  America is no exception, and financial experts like Peter Schiff, Martin Armstrong, Jim Willie, Gerald Celente, Jim Rogers, and many others have been warning that … Continue reading


Zerohedge.com recently posted a damning article about Philadelphia as an absolute hellhole: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-06-19/dogshit-sugar-tax-philadelphia-stupid-it-burns based on the article by Jim Quinn via The Burning Platform blog – excerpts below, see link for full article. Coming from Philadelphia myself, I can easily agree with many of Jim’s points: huge sections of Philly are a shithole, literally covered … Continue reading

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POLE SHIFT: Evidence Will Not Be Silenced

Evidence suggests that pole shifts are both magnetic and geophysical, with a periodic cycle of recurring and predictable cataclysms involving huge earthquakes and tsunamis, changes in latitude and altitude, mass extinctions, and the destruction of civilizations, reducing them to myth and legend.

Nostradamus and the Islamic Invasion of Europe

Nostradamus and the Islamic Invasion of Europe

Nostradamus prophecies suggest Europe will suffer greatly before WWIII ends in 2028.

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