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Though Denying Pole Shifts in Human History, New Study Admits Ancient Pole Shifts

A new study was just published June 15 in Nature Communications – and although it’s a far cry from admitting there are catastrophic pole shifts very 12-13,000 years in which Earth’s crust suddenly slips over the interior, causing massive earthquakes, tsunamis, and extinctions (and wiping out most of human civilization) the study does admit that … Continue reading

LaViolette Discovered Galactic Superwave – Predicts Arrival in 2020s – Corey Goode Implies Secret Space Program Discovered Super wave

I’ve been writing about Dr. Paul LaViolette’s “galactic superwave” theory since at least 2012.  The idea that our galactic center is periodically active, putting out an explosion of energy every 12-13,000 years, with enough of a gravity wavefront to cause a pole shift, and enough visible light to look like a light blue “eye in … Continue reading

Pole Shift Due in 2046?

Syyenergy7 on Youtube recently put out a video focused on Douglas Vogt’s theory that the universe is a computer matrix which experiences a clock cycle resynchronization event (utter catastrophe and polar reversal on Earth) with the next pole shift catastrophe is due in 2046. “Edgar Cayce was Right, 2046 Earth Changes. The 12068 year clock-cycle … Continue reading

Pole Shift thoughts from Immanuel Velikovsky

Image above: Lightning Strike (Theros) by Adam Paquette Immanuel Velikovsky was one of the first authors to expose the world at large to the idea that the Earth periodically suffers a cataclysmic natural disaster like a Pole Shift.  He didn’t have all the causes correct.  His theories were so unscientific that his publisher was pressured … Continue reading

Funding Favors Ignoring Evidence of Cataclysm

John Sepkoski and David Raup of the University of Chicago “discovered a repeating pattern of extinctions” – with a 26 million year cycle having nothing to do with pole shifts – but my point is that instead of acknowledging a great discovery, which has since been attributed to our solar systems’ oscillations above and below … Continue reading

Ice Ages: We are Taught Nothing But Lies

Wikipedia suggests that “An ice age is a long period of reduction in the temperature of the Earth’s surface and atmosphere, resulting in the presence or expansion of continental and polar ice sheets.”  The main idea being that complex overlapping cycles occasionally, and very slowly, change global temperature levels so much that although the North … Continue reading

Earth Changes and Pole Shifts – The Tale Of Three Magnets

Why do Global Warming and a weakening terrestrial magnetic field go hand in hand?  Why are temperatures lower at the Magnetic North Pole than at the rotational/geophysical North Pole?  Why is the ice cap centered not at the rotational pole but at the magnetic pole?  Why are earthquakes increasing in frequency and intensity?  Should we … Continue reading

Far Out Dwarf Planets Suggest Farther – Planet X or Binary Companion Star

New finds of dwarf planets far beyond Pluto continue to suggest a more massive undiscovered object affecting their orbits.  Will we eventually find Planet X or a binary companion to our sun – or have we already, with the knowledge kept secret because it is central to understanding a long cycle of periodic disasters that … Continue reading

Why Would a Scientist Say: I Fought Against the Conclusions as Hard as I Could?

In my recent book on POLE SHIFTS, one of the inescapable conclusions is that many species go extinct when such a cataclysm occurs, and surviving species branch out into newly available lands.  Massive evolution occurs in short bursts.  Eldredge and Gould published their thesis on this (allopatric speciation – or punctuated equilibrium) in 1972 – … Continue reading

Solar Outbursts and POLE SHIFTS

Youtube’s Suspicious Observers has several videos about Earth changes like a POLE SHIFT triggered by a solar micronova.  In the last video on this topic – the focus was on Dr. Robert Schoch detailing evidence of past solar outbursts of plasma in prehistory.  This video covers more points by Douglas Vogt of the Diehold Foundation, … Continue reading

Partially Declassified CIA File on Chan Thomas’ Pole Shift book – Nothing Was Hidden?

In September 2017 I became aware of a (then) lesser known POLE SHIFT book by Chan Thomas called “The Adam and Eve Story.”  Thomas explains his theories, including that stories in the Bible’s Book of Genesis like Adam and Eve being kicked out of the Garden of Eden involve fleeing an ancestral homeland after a … Continue reading

Helliconia: Alien Pole Shift Metaphor?

Sometimes you have a forum for saying something important but you aren’t allowed to say it directly for political reasons.  One of the highest rated TV shows of all time, M*A*S*H* – was in theory about the Korean War, but was intended (and succeeded) to promote a powerful anti-war message about Vietnam, the war actually … Continue reading


SuspiciousObservers recently posted a video about evidence of recurring solar outbursts that have destroyed civilization in the past – and are due to flare up again soon. Ken White, Douglas Vogt, Charles Hapgood, and many other authors and theorists writing about magnetic and rotational pole shifts are discussed.  Sometimes forbidden evidence is discussed and written … Continue reading

Earth Catastrophe Cycle | Stories to Tell

Several posts back I featured a video from Youtube’s SuspiciousObservers The Next End of the World | C.I.A. Classified and I commented: “Over a year ago, I stumbled onto a video by Youtube’s “Leak Project” commenting on “The Adam and Eve Story” – a book the CIA classified in 1966.  Author Chan Thomas discussed his … Continue reading

Rice University on POLE SHIFT: “True polar wander may have caused ice age”

Referring to an article that Rice University put out on November 19, 2018 titled ‘True polar wander’ may have caused ice age which shares one of my conclusions – that an “Ice Age” occurs when land is at one of the poles, like Antarctica or Greenland have now… also that the crust of the Earth … Continue reading

Global Warming Distracts From Pole Shift Evidence – Martin Armstrong

Economist Martin Armstrong wrote about pole shifts on October 13 (again) saying: “This idea that there is Global Warming for the entire planet as a whole is just nonsense. It is preventing real research into what is going on and are we in the early stages of a pole shift.” I want to emphasize Armstrong … Continue reading

Pole Shifts Happen FAST

Scientists are acknowledging more and more evidence that pole shifts and magnetic reversals are rapid.  Far from geologically slow events that take millions of years, mainstream science is admitting shorter and shorter time frames: millennia, centuries, “within a single human lifetime” and less…. Evidence from Battle Mountain Nevada shows one pole shift happened in under … Continue reading

Suppressed Ice Age Discoveries That Will Rewrite Every Known History Book

Geological evidence indicates that a cosmic wavefront impacted our solar system around 12,900 years ago and triggered a POLE SHIFT. The land mammal extinction episode that occurred during this interval was the worst since the extinction of the dinosaurs. There is a finite chance that one such event could arrive within the next few decades.  … Continue reading

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POLE SHIFT: Evidence Will Not Be Silenced

Evidence suggests that pole shifts are both magnetic and geophysical, with a periodic cycle of recurring and predictable cataclysms involving huge earthquakes and tsunamis, changes in latitude and altitude, mass extinctions, and the destruction of civilizations, reducing them to myth and legend.

Nostradamus and the Islamic Invasion of Europe

Nostradamus and the Islamic Invasion of Europe

Nostradamus prophecies suggest Europe will suffer greatly before WWIII ends in 2028.

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