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Proof That Galactic Magnetic Fields Flip

Pole shift researchers often conclude that the galactic center causes the electromagnetic disruption that triggers a pole shift on Earth. Dr. Paul LaViolette is known for his “galactic superwave” theory – which warns that all spiral galaxies, including our own, have a central black hole which – while normally inactive for thousands of years – … Continue reading

December 21, 2019 in Prophecies Around the World Starts With The Birth of the Hero Twins on 11/23/19

I already wrote about the astronomical lineup in November 2019 in which Mayan mythology plays out in the sky in the “Birth of the Hero Twins” in an earlier blog post and in the book: End Times and 2019: The End of the Mayan Calendar and the Countdown to Judgment Day. Long story short – … Continue reading

Our Galaxy’s Central Black Hole is Awakening; Expect Big Changes on Earth When We Feel the Effects

Years of research have led me to a few conclusions.  One is that catastrophic pole shifts devastate the surface of the Earth roughly every 13,000 years.  Second is that “Ice Ages” are merely local problems resulting from areas being rotated into a polar area for 13,000 years.  Third is that the trigger for such earth … Continue reading

Dr. Paul LaViolette on Galactic Superwaves & Ancient Catastrophes

Astrophysicist (and author of books like Earth Under Fire and Genesis of the Cosmos) Dr. Paul LaViolette discusses the evidence of a cycle of explosive outbursts from our galactic center that periodically reach Earth with a wave of radiation, light, and a gravity wave that pushes cosmic dust into our inner solar system and has … Continue reading

Five-dimensional black hole could ‘break’ general relativity

“Researchers have shown how a bizarrely shaped black hole could cause Einstein’s general theory of relativity, a foundation of modern physics, to break down. However, such an object could only exist in a universe with five or more dimensions. The researchers, from the University of Cambridge and Queen Mary University of London, have successfully simulated … Continue reading

CERN Will Open New Dimensions – But With More Knowledge or Harm?

CERN is amazing – and our scientists have already discovered many things about subatomic particles and how matter and energy are held together.  But in opening new doors to see through their looking glass, what risks are involved?  If Stephen Hawking is concerned, perhaps we all should be. We know that physicists have created small … Continue reading

Did Nostradamus Predict a Disaster at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider Soon?

The French prophet Nostradamus wrote over a thousand vague predictions approximately 450 years ago.  Most seem like gibberish; but if you aren’t familiar with several languages, able to solve anagrams, and familiar with ancient history, you don’t stand much chance of putting his clues together. As a history major whose first published book is about … Continue reading

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POLE SHIFT: Evidence Will Not Be Silenced

Evidence suggests that pole shifts are both magnetic and geophysical, with a periodic cycle of recurring and predictable cataclysms involving huge earthquakes and tsunamis, changes in latitude and altitude, mass extinctions, and the destruction of civilizations, reducing them to myth and legend.

Nostradamus and the Islamic Invasion of Europe

Nostradamus and the Islamic Invasion of Europe

Nostradamus prophecies suggest Europe will suffer greatly before WWIII ends in 2028.

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