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China and America – Who is Preparing for War?

While young men in the West eat junk food, play video games and watch TV in their parents’ basements and wonder why they become unhappy incels, China is taking steps to prepare their young men for war. “China’s ongoing battle with feminized men has accelerated – with Beijing recently restricting access to online video games, and trying to discourage … Continue reading

UFO Disclosure – How Will The American Government Portray the Threat?

Anyone can tell that the topic of UFOs and aliens has experienced a recent change because our government, and the lapdog media they so completely control are no longer portraying their existence as crackpot conspiracy theory. UFOs are suddenly (since 2017 anyway) – after roughly seventy years of denial – being portrayed as very real, … Continue reading

Coronavirus’ New “Best Case” Scenario

The title of this recent article at Zerohedge.com speaks volumes: Leaked Covid-19 Documents: Hospitals Prep For 96 Million Infections & 480K Deaths “Leaked medical conference documents have warned that hospitals across the United States are preparing for 96 million coronavirus infections.  Not only that, but the same document wants hospitals to make preparations for 480,000 … Continue reading

How Many Trillions go to Black Budget Programs like a Secret Space Program?

This isn’t corruption funding private stolen wealth.  This is planned financing on a global scale with cooperation between governments and corporations.  It’s not just paying $30,000 for a toilet seat or laundering money through CIA drug operations… There are mortgage loan losses on houses that never existed – and this comes from a former Assistant … Continue reading

$21 Trillion “Missing” For POLE SHIFT Preparations?

For over a year there have been articles like: Is Our Government Intentionally Hiding $21 Trillion In Spending? I would love to think that missing trillions have not gone to greed, corruption, and waste – but have funded a breakaway civilization, a secret space program, and/or: massive preparations for the upcoming POLE SHIFT Youtube’s SuspiciousObservers … Continue reading

Inside a Luxury Doomsday Bunker

I must admit, I am extremely impressed at the facilities inside this bunker. From everyday psychological advantages like the “windows” that display camera footage from the outside (100 feet above) to the hydroponics and fish farming lab where fresh tilapia and vegetables can be grown to the luxury resort size and style swimming pool to … Continue reading

Billionaires Prepping For The Apocalypse

The ultra rich are fast-tracking New Zealand citizenship and building underground bunkers with long-term food storage and other supplies.  Are they aware of the coming POLE SHIFT – or plans for WWIII – or the biblical end times – it doesn’t matter much which combination of fears are prompting the preparations.  If you have billions … Continue reading

CDC Briefing On Preparing The Public For Nuclear Detonation In America

I study prophecies, and many sources warn there is a nuclear war in our near future.  End Times Bible prophecy suggests that most of humanity will die in an apocalyptic war.  The Hopi Indians warned about a time when “the gourd of ashes” would be used as a weapon.  Nostradamus described “death within the circle” … Continue reading

Sweden Warns Citizens: Be Prepared to Survive For a Week Without Help

Are you friends with any farmers?  Do you have a backup source of water?  How would you function without electricity, or gas, or grocery stores?  War, economic collapse, and social unrest could happen suddenly – faster than you can develop a plan if you don’t have one already. From the article at SHTFplan.com: “The Swedish … Continue reading

Are The Elite Preparing for a Cataclysmic Event?

Years ago, my research into ancient civilizations, cycles of cataclysms, and end time prophecies led me to the conclusion that catastrophe could strike in just a few years. If one part-time researcher like me can put two and two together and reach such conclusions on causes and timing of TEOTWAWKI, I’m quite sure the Vatican, … Continue reading

Black Sky Event – 8/23 Gov Drill for the END of Electric Grid, all Utilities

“Black sky events” are defined as, “Catastrophic occurrences caused by man or nature that bring society to its knees.” An exercise sponsored by FEMA and the U.S. Department of Energy set to take place on August 23 called EarthEX2017 will wargame responses to catastrophes such as mega earthquakes, cyber terrorism or high altitude electromagnetic pulse … Continue reading

Government Plan To Survive Doesn’t Include You: “There Won’t Be Enough Bulldozers To Scrape the Bodies Off The Street”

President “Eisenhower admitted that nation didn’t have ‘enough bulldozers to scrape the bodies off the street’ in the event of a nuclear strike’.” When the next war comes, will you be ready for the scenarios described in the original article HERE?  “And as we all know, our government didn’t take many measures to protect civilians … Continue reading

Massive Government Preparations and Stockpiling Point To One Thing: “An Event Is Going To Happen”

by Jeremiah Johnson at SHTFplan.com HERE “The question is subtly Malthusian in nature: how to deal with the world’s teeming billions in one fell swoop while maintaining the existing social and political orders in all of the countries?  That order needs only to have one facade now: as Draconian an order that can be accomplished … Continue reading

Green Beret Fears Final Government Objective: Enslave Or Kill Us All

From the article at Zerohedge.com and SHTFplan.com by Jeremiah Johnson: “Domestically the U.S. government was instituting and initiating “reforms” at a running pace under Obama.  The reforms were actually removals of more and more of our liberties.  This pace has slowed down, but has not ceased.  Read the article Senate Bill: Travelers Must Register Cash … Continue reading

POLE SHIFT 2019 and Government Preparations For the Catastrophe

A few years ago, my book End Times and 2019 explained the evidence pointing to periodic, recurring, and predictable outbursts from the center of every spiral galaxy, including our own Milky Way.  There is massive evidence that a “galactic superwave” (as Dr. Paul LaViolette named it) explodes outwards from the center of every spiral galaxy … Continue reading

Post Election Martial Law Confirmed

By now everyone knows that a week ago in Charlotte NC a police officer fatally shot Keith Lamont Scott.  Because Scott is black, the event had the full attention and resources of the Black Lives Matter group and was built up to become a media circus despite the fact that the officer who shot him … Continue reading

What Will You Be Prepared For?

From the article: Police Officer’s FEMA Warning : “If You Get On A Bus With Government Plates Then You May Have Sealed Your Fate” at SHTFplan.com “It should be clear that the U.S. government is and has been actively preparing for a major crisis or disaster for nearly a decade. They’ve spent billions of dollars … Continue reading

Retired Green Beret Warns: “World Governments Are Preparing For Disaster And War”

Submitted by Jeremiah Johnson (nom de plume of retired Green Beret of US Army Special Forces) via SHTFPlan.com, As written in previous articles, it is my firm conviction that we will be involved in a World War that will be initiated by an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) weapon detonated over the continental United States. That being … Continue reading

ALERT: Wal-Mart Just Announced 154 More Store Closings – Martial Law Detention Centers by March?

You’re hearing it from a hundred different sources: economic collapse, martial law, dictatorship, cancelled elections… something big is about to happen.   Why would Wal-Mart be filling its distribution centers more than ever, but closing down so many stores?  Why have several Wal-Marts been shut down for six months of “plumbing repairs” near deep underground … Continue reading

The International War On Cash

Submitted by Jeff Thomas via InterntionalMan.com, as I found the article at Zerohedge.com A global conspiracy to make holding cash illegal – it’s happening now: “Back in 2008, I began warning of increasing capital controls that we would see in the future, as a component in the decline of Western economies (Western in the broad … Continue reading

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POLE SHIFT: Evidence Will Not Be Silenced

Evidence suggests that pole shifts are both magnetic and geophysical, with a periodic cycle of recurring and predictable cataclysms involving huge earthquakes and tsunamis, changes in latitude and altitude, mass extinctions, and the destruction of civilizations, reducing them to myth and legend.

Nostradamus and the Islamic Invasion of Europe

Nostradamus and the Islamic Invasion of Europe

Nostradamus prophecies suggest Europe will suffer greatly before WWIII ends in 2028.

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