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Does Coronavirus Justify the Response?

We all know there’s a new virus in town.  But has it been hyped up way out of proportion to its actual danger?  And if so, why?  Who benefits from the changes that are occurring?

Some of the obvious changes: economic collapse, with many businesses not functioning and 30 million new jobless claims in the United States alone.  Restrictions on travel and gatherings and business that feel like a half step towards martial law.  A call for some kind of mandated vaccines, possibly even identity bracelets or chip implants to “prove” immunity and track one’s medical condition (and location and interactions with others.)

We are seeing the end of the age when everything was manufactured in China.  (By the way, my intel says a second wave of the virus is pummeling China hard right now, but that it hasn’t been publicized yet.  The only good news is that despite the second wave spreading even faster, it appears less deadly.)

With oil prices smashed down to very low levels, we will probably see the end of Iran’s religious dictatorship by Ayatollahs if the people revolt under economic hardship.  And in the West, the time may be ripe for a call to eliminate physical money – paper bills and metal coins, we may soon be told, are too dirty and germ-y and because they spread disease so well we must eliminate cash (and untaxed black market transactions under the table) and go all digital (controllable and taxable.)

Long story short: are the actions governments are taking really justified responses to a virus that seems less deadly that the flu?  Or is the cover story of a virus being used to activate measures that accomplish certain long-desired agendas?  And at the far-out conspiracy theory theory end of those ideas…. is massive population reduction part of the plan to change the course of human civilization?  Should we be alert to the possibility that over 90% of us are considered “useless eaters” and that there is a plan to depopulate the planet with multiple pandemics and re-start civilization?

As some European’s commented on one conspiracy site I read:

“there is zero reason for farmers to be forced to destroy what they have, 100% percent of that is COMMUNISTS* in the system wreaking mayhem by simply choosing to not put it into distribution. They want the masses DESPERATE and they want the producers devastated and primed for replacement.”

“The supply chains are “broken” as much as the COMMUNISTS* want them to be.  There’s no shortage of demand for meat. Yet companies, owned by both COMMUNISTS* and communist Chinese are not accepting meat from American farmers. Texas farmers are having to euthanize cattle and let it rot…. The problem is not coronavirus, and it is not a “broken supply chain”, the problem is that a bunch of filthy disgusting people simply decided to not source anything from American farmers. They have, as an act of war, decided to let shelves go empty if they can’t replace the American farmer with meat from elsewhere.

That is ALL there is to it, there’s a reason why Trump ordered all the meat packing companies to open, he understands this is war and an outright attempt to destroy American agribusiness. The meat that is in the supply lines now will get used up, the farmers will be forced to simply euthanize their cattle because they can’t feed them if they can’t pay for feed (or go through the expense of creating it) and they’ll never pay for feed if a bunch of filthy disgusting COMMUNISTS*, who infiltrated everything, refuse to buy their livestock.

If farmers can’t sell their meat and will subsequently be destroyed, it is because a COMMUNISTS* wanted it.”

Food for thought, while food for you may not be so easy to obtain soon….


About David Montaigne

Historian, investigator, and author of prophecy books like End Times and 2019, and Antichrist 2016-2019


2 thoughts on “Does Coronavirus Justify the Response?

  1. Medicare is giving out thousands for each patient with CV19 in the US, which why the numbers are so high here. John mcafee even mentions it in his feed: https://mobile.twitter.com/officialmcafee
    So it’s no secret whatsoever except to those who don’t want to see.

    And the infamous Deagel report 2025 seems to be underway: population reduction by 80% by 2025. Strange that the Guidestones block that was added then removed read “2014”, and it just so happens 7 billion divided by 80% is 1.4B … and it’s 2020.

    RFID is outdated at this point. Quantum dot technology seems far more likely: https://www.genengnews.com/topics/drug-discovery/quantum-dots-deliver-vaccines-and-invisibly-encode-vaccination-history-in-skin/

    And those can’t be easily removed.

    It’s going to be an attack on all fronts by any means necessary. And as for us? “Who is like the beast and who can make war/stand against it?”

    Posted by Watcher | May 3, 2020, 11:34 pm
  2. Forgot to mention: how about those Biblical scorpions of Revelation tormenting people as micro drones with nano needles delivering quantum dots?


    I didn’t mention Bill Gates latest patent either but I linked mcafee who did.

    It’s truly sad to witness what the great deception actually is and how few among the billions are aware of it.

    Posted by Watcher | May 3, 2020, 11:48 pm

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