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Magnetic Pole Shift Underway and Mainstream Media is Acknowledging It

The New York Post had an article on December 18 that practically lifted its title straight from this blog:

Earth’s magnetic north pole is speeding towards Russia

“Earth’s magnetic north pole is shifting faster than anyone had predicted. Polar shifts aren’t uncommon and we’ve long known that Earth’s magnetic poles are always on the move, but the rate at which the pole was moving gave researchers pause.”

[Whoa, the official narrative used to be that pole shifts only happen once every 780,000 years or so.  I know pole shifts happen at least every 12-13,000 years and that they aren’t just magnetic but that axial, geophysical, catastrophic pole shifts happen – but is the narrative changing?]

“Now, months after that initial report, new research confirms the drifting pole is still headed toward Siberia and it’s doing so at unprecedented speeds. In a new report from NOAA, the “World Magnetic Model” for 2020 is revealed and it shows that the pole is speeding toward northern Russia.”

From Zerohedge.com’s article:

“Geomagnetic specialist Ciaran Beggan from the British Geological Survey (BGS) told the Financial Times:

“The movement since the 1990s is much faster than at any time for at least four centuries.

We really don’t know much about the changes in the core that’s driving it.”

The new model also confirms that Earth’s magnetic field is weakening. If this continues, scientists say the field could collapse entirely and flip polarity—changing magnetic north to south and vice versa—and the consequences could be dire for the planet.”

“The decrease in geomagnetic field is much more important and dramatic than the reversal,” said Dr. Nicolas Thouveny from the European Centre for Research and Teaching of Environmental Geosciences (CEREGE) in Aix-en-Provence, France.

“It is very important to understand if the present field will decay to zero in the next century, because we will have to prepare.”

[As the magnetic field weakens, so does the friction and viscosity between the Earth’s crust and layers below.  A strong magnetic field causes partial crystallization latticing through the iron-rich magma.  In a weak field, these molecular structures break up, lowering viscosity and friction – and this is what will eventually allow mass imbalances to shift the crust over an increasingly liquid layer beneath.]


About David Montaigne

Historian, investigator, and author of prophecy books like End Times and 2019, and Antichrist 2016-2019


14 thoughts on “Magnetic Pole Shift Underway and Mainstream Media is Acknowledging It

  1. An alternative is that an external, and opposite magnetic field is increasing, that makes it APPEAR as if Earth’s field is weakening. Similarly, it is not a weak/absent magnetic field that gives rise to poleshift, but one that is strong enough to persuade the planet to axially reorient 180° degrees (with accompanying crustal displacement). This explains the suddenness and violence, whereas otherwise it would be slow and gradual.

    Posted by Zod | December 23, 2019, 9:33 am
    • I keep thinking that if this were the explanation, the whole planet (not just the crust) would flip over in space, and the view of the heavens would change, but without catastrophe.

      Posted by David Montaigne | December 23, 2019, 10:04 am
      • That is a far more violent transformation of the Earth (giving rise to crustal displacement) than a mere ‘rebalancing’ crustal drift occurring due to reduced viscosity/friction.

        Posted by Zod | December 25, 2019, 8:33 am
      • Only if there is variety in the drag effect between crust and core – if they move together, but not in relation to each other – then no tsunamis and earthquakes – just a different sky

        Posted by David Montaigne | December 25, 2019, 3:07 pm
      • It’s a matter of momentum. When the Earth’s magnetic core suddenly flips 180 degrees (Dzhanibekov style), the oceans slosh about (super-tsunami), the atmosphere lags (extreme winds), and the crust slips (lubricated by magma) with consequent volcanic, seismic and tectonic activty (rise/fall).

        Posted by Zod | December 25, 2019, 7:05 pm
      • If that is the case, then yes, all we need is a cosmic magnetic field change.

        Posted by David Montaigne | December 26, 2019, 3:06 am
      • And a cosmic magnetic field change is likely if the Solar system oscillates between fields as a consequence of binary orbit.
        Hence binary orbit is kept secret* to prevent folk too readily deducing the cause of catastrophism every 12,000 years.

        * yet preserved via Vesica Piscis.

        Posted by Zod | December 26, 2019, 6:32 pm
      • That would be an impressive conspiracy to keep such a situation (binary with a much closer than acknowledged Sirius)

        Posted by David Montaigne | December 27, 2019, 1:55 am
      • Some folk are already on the edge of realising there is hidden control system governing mankind (despite a veneer of corruption and disorder): https://auticulture.com/schismogenesis-psychological-operatives-in-hollywood-2/
        What they’re missing is the motivation for such a system (continuity of technologically advanced civilisation across the cataclysm).

        Posted by Zod | December 27, 2019, 9:27 am
      • At first glance the schismogenesis site seems intelligent enough… I’ll have to give it more than a cursory 5 minute look later on.

        Posted by David Montaigne | December 27, 2019, 12:10 pm
  2. Binary Orbit as an instigator for a pole shift? Maybe! Or a better Maybe, maybe – Paul La Violette’s Theory, on The Cyclical “Cosmic Super wave”, already proven by both Nasa, and Esa Space agencies, and through their Space Teck – is a much bigger and better instigator – maybe! Especially for a Pole shift hypothesis! This Paul La Violette’s Theory ( Gained Brilliant scientist Category – after his theories were proven correct ) was developed back in 1983! He is now working on Pole shift Theories and evidence to support them now! Might be very wise to research his work! Starburst Foundation! And His debunkers are as good as – he said, she said! Armchair critics as usual! They have only had about 37 years to come up with an alternative theory, or something to debunk his! They have Nothing as usual! He seems to think we are due, or overdue, for a cosmic super wave ( Massive Cosmic Ray – particle – Influx, that occurs roughly every 12,000 years or thereabouts! After analysing evidence both Geological, and cosmological. And he is still going! And all this, with a much weakened Magnetosphere not helping, due to a Magnetic Pole shift on Earth, and Sol’s – Grand Solar Minimum’s side effects, for 30 years possibly, or more, that enable even more cosmic rays to enter our solar system – thus Earth! If it couldn’t get any worse Eh! ) to hit our solar system soon, Hence he – Dr Paul La Violette ( PHD ) has developed the “Starburst Foundation” to warn Governments! Listening isn’t a Governments Forte though! Funny that eh! Ignorance is bliss, or maybe, just maybe, they have all their bases already covered! Bugger you Jack, I’m all right approach, or view of it all! Hope this helps somewhat! Maybe their Bases ( covered ) will prove to be their Coffins? Hmmm, interesting! Mbat.

    Posted by Matthew Bath | January 13, 2020, 10:31 am
    • I have enjoyed LaViolette’s work for many years, especially Earth Under Fire – though I also read Genesis of the Cosmos – unfortunately I mailed my copy to another astrophysicist I was in touch with, now deceased…. And LaViolette and I have been in touch, he even mentioned me and some of my work once and emailed me to make sure I knew. You say he is working on pole shift theories now? I’d be very interested in any details or links. Thank you.

      Posted by David Montaigne | January 13, 2020, 10:59 pm
  3. David, just dealing with fires still over here in Rural Australia. Fire preps are still very much a real concern as my village is out of water. Rectified soon though if Gov’t can manage it! I am still technically on the East Coast, but a long way in. Very rural though! So dry everywhere over here! No “burn – offs” had in winter months. Real reasons for fires, besides ferocious drought! Really going since the millennial drought that started back in 1997. Why I am peeved with all levels of Govt at the moment! Poor Prepping!!! Piss poor performance! All so unnecessary, even in drought! Tony Abbott’s Antarctic research Team back in 2016 found out there were 50 Year droughts every 1000 years in Australia, And tree rings found in old Dead trees in swamps confirmed this. So maybe it is simply our time Again. Luckily I’m in a high up valley 500 metres up, 150 plus Kilometres from the coast! My house is Double brick, solid. Helps a lot with surviving fires. Fires find it harder to go downhill into valleys, and therefore travel much faster uphill! I’m in the valley but not too in, as flash flooding even right up here can be problematic! Droughts make flash flooding much, much, worse as soil Bakes so hard rain can’t get into it! Why trees are dying every where at present! Why so many Deer are coming into my back yard with a few Roos as well! From what they Firefighters tell me I’m in a good spot! House is fully insured, Nevertheless I am still nervous with these Hellish fires. Scorched Earth or what? Never seen anything Like it, and I have been in these Parts of Aussie – 5 decades now! My Birthday today Actually! Mates are Taking me out for a Chinese meal Later in the evening! Anyway I am an extremely cynical Generation Xer. Love where I live up in the mountains though, but can’t believe what I am seeing east of me! After seeing these fires if there is a grid down scenario, don’t be anywhere near the Bush/wilderness/Forests, that is! In them especially! I have remote viewed these fires, Scorched Earth Fires, Hell fires, whatever, on East Coast of Australia, but Didn’t think It would be so soon! Typical! Must get out of that Damned Habit! Everything seems to be accelerating exponentially now! My area should hold up fine, farmland, grassland surrounds me, and grass is short due to Farm animals, and others as of late, munching away, and the drought keeps the grass short as well, no water no growth! Makes it difficult for fires. But you never know, so I keep prepping whilst I can! February is our hottest, driest month, traditionally over here in the land of OZ! Aussie! Nothing like a disaster of this magnitude to get yourself, and everyone else prepping Like Mad though! I Also Remote viewed the Pole shift again recently. Still Am! This includes Magnetic Pole shift as well! And still am! Military Family, and included me. Remote Viewers are “all” seeing the same things everywhere! All can’t be wrong!? I do not let the existing Fires – chaos influence my thoughts, on the Pole Shift Situation though. I remote viewed – that I had to come to where I am now some years ago, so I did, as I remote viewed 2 massive Solar flares coming to earth a few years Back, and remote viewed to be where I am now, amongst other things! I trust my remote viewings, far more than any politician Living, or dead! Opposite end of the spectrum of trust so to speak, maybe this will change, I have been described as the eternal optimist, however tempered with worldly wisdom, gleaned over generations – from family that is, and all good! Paul La Violette is Looking into super floods, and how, when, and where, these happened, and the role of solar flares, Micro Nova’s, etc had on these! Look into “The Starburst Foundation” online, google search! But I extensively read! Google Scholar and science Journals I can loose myself in! So I have probably read it in half a dozen different places, and will be in my favourites somewhere, along with half a million other things! Sometimes I wonder if an internet search, is easier than searching through my favourites? Even when its organised and categorised. Google Scholar is fun Especially for Those articles geared around best Locations for Climate Refugium, for Plants and Animals. Scientists globally are racing to find these, one fully instigated up near me, called Devil Ark, Aussie Ark, For the Tasmanian Devils, Pesky things! Now it includes many animals, endangered or not! Interesting eh, and Limestone caves filled with water nearby! Very interesting, Yep, Dad instilled survival into me, and he was a marine engineer, he went to Uni in Sydney, after military service – commando, back before the SAS existed, and he was as tough as Nails, when necessary, and with a heart of Gold, yet worldly wise as all hell, to protect that heart, no doubt! Wished he was still here, but he sort of is, through me! In regards to Paul La Violette, I think if he finds enough evidence in mega floods around the Earth, it could help him to understand the role of pole shifts. and there necessity for our planet. Meteorites in the Pacific not included though, or any ocean, where they may fall for that Matter, Pacific is a rather large Ocean! There role is different. Bit of Interesting Trivia – Back Before Captain Cook founded Australia, or just 300 years prior, to him finding Australia, excluding the Dutch, possibly French, and whom knows who else, and the Aboriginals of course, Anyway back on track, a decent sized meteorite hit of New Zealand’s north, This resulted in a Mega Tsunami that went as far inland, as to the base of the Blue Mtn’s! Just Behind where Penrith is now located, What a site that would have been, a mega tsunami crashing into the Blue Mtn’s. Not Good for the Aboriginals though on the plains eh! Many hills, up and down the coast from Sydney, are covered in trillions of middens, and these are mostly too small for Aboriginal Consumption! I would talk to my Father a lot, about all this, up until he died a number of years back! He was Very Worldly Wise! His Favourite saying to me was – Son not all is, as what seems to be, just After, of course, Son, I want to be good, but not just yet? Never knew a better man though, funny enough, and I have seen, and known plenty of people, in my time! I was very fortunate to have so much time with him! Anyway I digress, I have seen these Middens, personally myself, these Middens, across many Hills along Australia’s East Coast! One of my Brother’s is a school teacher, in Geography, he explained much to me about East Coast Australian Mega -Tsunamis! I think our politicians, and our cities placements, are largely not Good, unless you want to get rid of a lot of people and fast! And these are especially not well thought out! Especially in regards to our Ancient Mega Tsunami History! That isn’t so ancient – just 500 plus years ago! All our major cities are on the coast mainly eh! Except Canberra, and Canberra would have to be the absolute worst survival geared city – planetary! Full of Bureaucrats / Fat-cat’s, I would say perfectly geared for extinction! Perfect place for this Canberra, with them rounded up and all, including there waistline! I’m no where near there, Canberra that is, thank the higher power, alien’s, future humans – whatever! These Mega fires, in Australia now, and there associated firestorms, and hail that is black soot, pyro – cumulonimbus clouds, firenadoes, Large cities, to towns, and villages, surrounded by fires, cut off highways, exodus’s, evacuations, a localised Apocalypse! Dams that will fill up with Ash, and Dead Animals that flock to dams, to escape the fires that die there, all along the East Coast the dams will fill up with all this crap, if it rains too heavily! Dams are in real trouble, in heavy enough rains! If it Rains heavily we will have so much mud slips it will be unbelievable, as nothing is holding the soil together, as so much plant life destroyed, Rain can in this situation be a real Catch – 22, if there ever was one! A Billion plus animals dead! What a waste, Imagine a Pole shift, this mega fire Catastrophe happening here in Australia wont even be close to the death, and destruction, that is happening now! SURVIVAL will not be easy! Not at all, in a Pole Shift! And Especially in a pole shift – Situation, and I think it’s coming, ready or not! Magnetic pole shift I am sure is with us now, or Pole Wander, at least! Hence the Necessity of the Swarm Satellites, and their mission! What a mess. Localised mini magnetospheres on Earth, are key to surviving magnetic pole shifts, and all that this will entail! The Swarm Satellite Mission is or has mapped these Localised Mini magnetospheres out already in the Magnetosphere for strength, and most importantly all over the Earth and on it’s surface as well, and in our Oceans!! Fantastic, Localised mini magnetospheres are good for Astronauts on the moon and Mars! Yes they are found there! Basically highly magnetic rock, Magnetite on earth mainly, found also in rock in space – on the Moon and Mars anyways. and Scientists realise this Magnetite rock, or similar can help protect Astronauts from solar flares etc! Even on the Moon. Localised mini magnetospheres found on Mars are very powerful! Earths Localised Mini Magnetospheres are in between the Moons and mars for Powerfulness, for their effectiveness at deflecting solar flares! Magnetite maps ( areas rich in Magnetite – thus good as Localised Mini Magnetospheres ) for NSW, Australia, were done before the Swarm Satellites Missions – amongst other things, besides mapping Localised Mini Magnetospheres here on Earth! Anyway Australia’s previously Mapped Magnetite regions were done as we are so full of resources in this country, the Earths Quarry Eh! Chinas anyway! Magnetite helps in Coal separation from refuse material surrounding it! Why we beat the Swarm Mission to map Magnetic anomalies on Earth! Anyway Aussie, NSW, Magnetite maps, give my area a 1800nt reading, rather good! Much better than the moons anyway, and the scientists want to use the moons magnetite rich magnetic anomalous regions for solar flare protection for the Astronauts! Interesting to say the least! Concerning for the worst! Anyway the absolute latest research being done right now regarding Localised Mini Magnetospheres – LMM’s on the Moon and their capacity for ramping up massively in strength, should catch anyone’s interest! And these LMM’s becoming Electro – magnetic like forcefields take the Cake, and the Icing! Wonder if this happens on Earth too, with our Localised mini Magnetospheres! I’m sure the scientists are onto it, from my research anyways, I know they are! Localised Mini Magnetospheres are as I see it Earths Backup deflectors, maybe forcefield like, against solar flares and Cosmic Ray Particles! Otherwise not much would survive at all! Astronauts will utilise these LMM’s elsewhere, so why not on Earth also? I am anyways, nevertheless, no one lives under power lines for good reason, so their is a trick to this being within LMM’s if These Localised – ramped up ( electro Magnetic ) Mini Magnetospheres, ramp up through the roof, as the scientists are finding out now that this happens, they are doing actual tests now, as well as for finding out the parameters, and factors variables that instigate this phenomena, obviously! I’m still researching to figure the trick, that I need more info on before I comment! Must be sure! Remote viewed this also! Need the science to confirm! Earth always has Backup strategies ( Higher Power ) for life’s survival eh, or Magnetic Pole shifts would be a real doosy of a problem!!! Wouldn’t they? An Australian East Coast Low would be an absolute nightmare in the coming months in Australia, however I am in a pretty good place for these too, Barrington Tops Mtn range helps out somewhat also! Luckily the Dam I am being connected to soon, is not effected by fires much at all. So far anyways! Big dam too! New fire station, new hospital, not so bad for a little village! I should be Greatfull for all the above coming to my little Village. Anyway all these Mega fires are helping me to comprehend how difficult it will be to survive a cyclical pole shift. Nevertheless I am not getting a whole lot of “remote viewings” happening, constantly because It can’t be survived! Remote viewing is a military thing CIA – project stargate. Pentagon, amongst others. I find it effective, so did my father, so I utilise it but can only do so if the outcome is positive! Built in to the hardwiring so to speak, He, He, he, So I prep, with resourcefulness constantly in mind, to survive this cyclical phenomena! Anyway Paul la Violette, I think he is very wise in this new research of his! I did info science at Uni, in my younger days, after the military, so I like to collate info from wherever I can, as quickly as I can, in relation to making sense of my “remote viewings” as my first priority of course, and / or, also for analysing the wisdom of others, even for rather Lefty Uni’s and all, as Thomas Chan’s works on the Adam and Eve story was in fact released by President Obamah, and Clinton, Just 1 month before Trump was inaugurated as President back in January 2017! Maybe this wouldn’t have been released to the common people, or yourselves, if this were to be released later! I don’t know, but I know the right wing online survivalists are running with it now, and that ultimately they can thank Barack Obama – a lefty, for their present knowledge, and predicament, regardless of them kicking him and Hilary in the teeth, every chance they get! Ironic eh! They better watch out, for what comes around goes around, and Karma is bigger than them! It’s called life, and humility, and life is full to the brim with it! Oh Me, Oh My! American Pie! and I know what my priorities are, anyways, and I am focused, and that is the only reason I am researching all this, instead of partying like it is 1999! Maybe… Mbat. All the Best David, I won’t be back on for a fair while as I have Got much prepping to do, to survive these Damned Hell fires, and Pole shift that seems to be coming ready or not!

    Posted by Matthew Bath | January 14, 2020, 8:26 am

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