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There Are No Ice Ages – Only Pole Shifts

Evidence of ice caps can be found in the middle of Africa, South America, and India.  But if the entire planet had ever frozen over, no tropical life would remain.  Tropical remains like fossilized fruit trees can be found all over Greenland, Siberia, Antarctica, and other regions that are frigid today.  Great circles of ancient coral criss cross the Earth like so many former equators.  Because there are never ice ages – there are pole shifts – in which the crust of the entire planet is re-positioned in one quick catastrophe, periodically wiping out species and civilizations like clockwork approximately every 12-13,000 years.  North America had mile deep ice over what is now Chicago and New York, while northern Siberia was warm and lush with savannas and herds of huge animals…. because the North Pole at that time was in Hudson Bay.

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Today Antarctica has an “ice age” – but what are governments looking for under the ice – from a time before the ice?


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2 thoughts on “There Are No Ice Ages – Only Pole Shifts

  1. Yup, twice a great year, The Earth ends up rotating about a different set of poles, which ice over, leaving the previous poles to melt.

    However, it seems that Greenland has remained close to a polar region a long time, and so has remained frozen over throughout many of the last pole shifts. This ties in with the theory that the Earth does 180 degree flips, with the crust slipping slightly as a consequence.

    The Hapgood type theory would lead to equatorial regions ending up at the poles.

    So, there are no ‘ice ages’, just relatively constant global temperatures interspersed with ‘Younger Dryas’ events every 12,000 years.

    Posted by Zod | December 14, 2019, 3:34 pm
  2. The Earth’s third movement is not a wobble but a continual rotation along the plane of its present polar obliquity, completing one full resolution once every great year.

    Posted by Andrew Veen | February 8, 2021, 11:12 am

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