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SANTA and SATAN: Amazing Similarities

We’ve all seen comparisons between Santa Claus and Satan before; I’m not the first one to compile a list or make a video about it. My first memory of such a comparison is probably from Dana Carvey’s “Church Lady” character on Saturday Night Live…

But comedy aside, the similarities are impressive – it’s like someone worked hard distract us from the Christ part of Christmas – the messages of Christianity – by creating a lovable, gift-giving, fictional character based on the devil…
When I notice that lines like Isaiah 14:13-14 –
“In the recesses of the north I will ascend above the heights of the clouds”
could apply to a flying sleigh leaving the North Pole as easily as it could fit Isaiah’s description of Satan, such things really make me wonder why – instead of focusing on Jesus or His messages of love and peace every December 25 – instead we are focused on material gifts and deceiving our children into believing in a lie about a character who doesn’t exist?
Won’t they eventually figure out Santa doesn’t exist, and wonder if God and Jesus are real too?  Is this designed to make us doubt that Satan exists?  As Kevin Spacey’s character said in The Usual Suspects:

Santa words

If you like my unusual take on the Santa topic, maybe you’d also appreciate my insights on world mythology, the astronomical references in biblical prophecies, and how they clue us in to a possible time frame for the fulfillment of end times Bible prophecies in late December 2019:


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One thought on “SANTA and SATAN: Amazing Similarities

  1. The saying ‘The greatest trick the devil ever pulled’ was popularised in the 18th century at about the same time our imperial astronomers agreed to hide our second sun, to pretend that Set (aka Satan) was huge and far away (insignificant) rather than a twin of our Sun and relatively close (a few thousand AU). That’s a big trick, and it’s still being perpetuated.

    Satan is ‘The Father’ in ‘The Father, The Son, and the Holy Ghost’ – Earth’s three great lights (it’s two Suns, and single Moon). Also known as The Morning Star, and Lucifer, the light bringer.

    Satan is also the seventh (Set=Sept), and slowest moving planet (wandering/moving star), and why Saturn (2nd slowest) is named after it. (Uranus & Neptune are not easily seen with the naked eye and so not embedded in mythology). Saturday is also really named after Set rather than Saturn, via Saetere’s day or Set’s day (cf Satyr). Hence we have the two holy days per week corresponding to our two suns. The Moon being the first day, with solar consorts Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus for the other days.

    The immanence of poleshift is not just indicated by the celestial alignment depicted by the nativity (woman clothed with the Sun), and by the 12th night (12 millennia) epiphany (apocalypse), but also by the now almost forgotten festival of topsy-turvy (qv ‘lord of misrule’) which reminds us that the Earth turns upside down. It doesn’t just tip over a tad. https://drewlichtenberg.com/2017/10/07/topsy-turvy-or-the-feast-of-epiphany-twelfth-night/

    It is thanks to the dance between Set and Sol that so much death and destruction occurs every epiphany, but being understandably heliocentric we Earthlings tend to misperceive that it is wholly the fault of Set, that without Set, we’d not suffer this trauma twice a great year (that we could enjoy The Sun’s life giving beneficence in peace). Hence we conclude that it is Set that is the evil one – the great Satan – the devil that the world must be convinced does not exist (if it is to thrive and prosper in blissful ignorance).

    Posted by Zod | December 8, 2019, 2:04 pm

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