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Some Europeans Notice Migrant Assimilation Doesn’t Happen

“German Chancellor Angela Merkel says her attempt to create a multicultural society has “utterly failed,” and that too little had been required of immigrants who refuse to integrate into German culture,” this recent article at Zerohedge.com notes.  “Merkel told an audience of young members of her Christian Democrats (CDU) that allowing people of differing cultural backgrounds to live side by side without such integration was a huge mistake, according to Reuters, which notes that approximately four million Muslims live in the country.  “This (multicultural) approach has failed, utterly failed,” said Merkel during the meeting in Potsdam, south of Berlin.”

Germany isn’t the first or the only nation to suffer from mass immigration of Muslims who don’t intend to assimilate.

Authored by Alain Destexhe via The Gatestone Institute,

On October 3, 2019, a knife-wielding Muslim employee of the Paris Police Department Intelligence Directorate stabbed to death four other employees at police headquarters in the center of Paris, before a trainee police officer shot and killed him. While it was not the deadliest terror attack France has experienced in recent years, the fatal stabbings that took place at the Paris police headquarters were perhaps the most worrisome. Its author (a French public servant employed by the police), its highly sensitive target, and the catastrophic handling of the aftermath of the attack reveal the failure of the French institutions.

….According to a study by the Montaigne Institute, 29% of Muslims in France believe that Sharia law is more important than French law. This means that almost one-third of French Muslims live according to values that are fundamentally incompatible with French or Western standards.

Although France is the European country most targeted by Islamists (263 killed since 2012), politicians are paralyzed by the fear of being accused by the mainstream media of discrimination against Muslims, of creating an amalgam between terrorists and Muslims or of “fueling tensions.” Senior figures acknowledge a major problem only when they are no longer in charge. In a book published after he stepped down, the socialist former president François Hollande wrote:

“Islam? Yes, there is indeed a problem with Islam. Nobody doubts this. The Islamic veil is a form of enslavement. We cannot continue welcoming migrants without any form of control in the context of increased terror attacks.”

Hollande never would have said such a thing when he was president. Like others, he sheepishly ignored the problem. (Nostradamus warned that France and Europe would suffer from Islamic invasion in the early 21st century after “neglect,” “negligence,” and “apathy” opened a door for the followers of Mohammad….)

Denmark sees the writing on the wall too:

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit.news,

Also found at Zerohedge.com: “Danish history professor Uffe Østergaard says it’s time to build a wall around Europe because integration of migrants has failed and, “Protecting borders is necessary, otherwise the population will rebel against the government”.


Østergaard is a Jean Monnet professor of European civilisation and integration at Aarhus University and professor of European and Danish history at Copenhagen Business School. He specializes in European identity history and has studied multicultural and multiethnic states such as Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire and their successor states.

Writing in an opinion piece for the Politiken newspaper, Østergaard admits that he used to be heavily in favor of multiculturalism but has since reversed his position.

“The time has come to build walls with wire fences in four lanes, floodlights and guard posts.”

What a bigoted racist!  Can’t he just learn to appreciate soaring numbers of rapes, murders, arson, and other crimes while welfare costs soar and native laws are gradually replaced with Sharia-compliance by traitorous leaders?  Because if he can’t accept it peacefully then Nostradamus’ prophetic visions of Europe’s Eurabia’s future at the mercy of Islam will probably play out as foretold: WWIII not between Western European enemies, but with all of Western Europe finally defending itself from Islamic invasion.  But before that happens, Europe can do nothing, commit mass national suicide at the altar of political correctness, and enjoy this:

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Nostradamus and the Islamic Invasion of Europe

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