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Mainstream Media Propaganda

From a brilliant commentary on media control:

The Establishment Media Exists to Propagandize and Control, Not Report

“It’s obvious to anyone these days that the media regularly issues propaganda; but it’s not just that, they are propaganda: it’s the primary reason they exist. The reporters, while surely well meaning at lower levels, and their investigations are just the cover story. They are in essence PR agencies for the power structure, not journalistic enterprises.

The last objection before confronting this fact is that the media are journalists, just not respectable ones: that they’re governed only by views, attention, and money – presumably meaning that of their audience.

They aren’t, or at least don’t have to be. Their money comes from corporate sponsors, the owners of many of whom also own the small handful of media conglomerates themselves, or in any case have heavily overlapping interests. It’s a closed-circuit funding mechanism that has nothing to do with the people, their values, or their desires. If no one watches, no one subscribes, no one believes, and no one cares, they will still get money from their advertisers/owners, and still be able to renew their broadcast licenses, put on slick productions, and shove ‘the messaging’ down our throats on a massive scale.

Of course there is a point where it just doesn’t work anymore, and we may be there already, but the size of the gap between a reality and an illusion of informational authority can be difficult to discern. Even if a person doesn’t believe, if he or she believes that others believe, that in itself is a powerful thing.”

About David Montaigne

Historian, investigator, and author of prophecy books like End Times and 2019, and Antichrist 2016-2019


One thought on “Mainstream Media Propaganda

  1. Facts are facts. And then there is the right wing hate media machine from Rush Limbaugh et al to Fox “News” started in the 1980’s when Reagan via Executive Order killed the Fairness Doctrine that voluntarily made all networks and radio stations air equal quality time to exactly opposing viewpoints. A Doctrine that had well served American democracy throughout the 20th century from its inception and adoption by every national and local radio and TV station.

    And while it is absolutely true and quite obvious that all mainstream media is GOP owned and operated, their owners wanted a “sane” republican President to rubber-stamp GOP congressional massive media merger profits in the trillions, not THE Antichrist Trümp who was too stupid to see how hard they worked to put him in office by lambasting his only opponent Hillary Clinton and propping up her only Democrat opponent, the “can never win” socialist Bernie Sanders. And would rail against them night and day as well as kill their media mergers.

    A study by Harvard (NOT owned by GOP media corporations) showed clearly that Trümp’s coverage in the runup to the election was TEN times that of any other candidate, often broadcasting two full hours PLUS of his Party rallies even on MSNBC and CNN. And that Bernie Sanders’ coverage was ten times Hillary Clinton’s, and Hillary Clinton’s coverage was the smallest of all the candidates AND 100% negative as opposed to Sander’s 100% positive. The Harvard Study (google it) clearly showed a bias to the Antichrist Trümp. Even on the so-called “liberal” “fake” news media of MSNBC and CNN. And the Harvard Study is not the only one who clearly observed this.

    The most glaring and obvious proof that Trümp is THE Antichrist, is how anyone else who has committed the crimes he has for decades (Russian moneylaudering, accused rape of children complete with secret payoffs resulting in the bankruptcy of his CASINOS, various tax and business frauds) would long ago have been in prison, never had been elevated to reality TV stardom after a simple CURSORY vetting by a network such as NBC, or even come remotely close to the US Presidency. Never before has such a Man of Lawlessness been elevated to such a position of the greatest military and nuclear power on the planet nor done more to destroy our American sovereignty and system of government AND governmental checks and balances against rogue executive power. Not to mention the courting of murderous despots around the planet and the nudge nudge wink wink embrace of racist Nazi White Nationalism at home and abroad.

    And back to the REAL fake news media; NOTHING Fox Lies network could dream up in the eight years Obama was President (and it is quite obvious how they labored mightily at the task) could even come remotely CLOSE. And no, the “war on Christmas” and TAN SUITS and apologising to foreign ALLIES don’t even begin to qualify.

    America was never taught how many Germans went to their graves believing Hitler was a “great man of God” doing “Christ’s own work” of ridding the planet of the “Christ-killing” Jews. And that he’d gotten a “raw deal” from the “Vast Jewish conspiracy”. And that German Nazism started as a “Christian” movement with hundreds of quotes by Hitler attesting to that inconvenient truth.

    However, Americans instead were taught that Nazi fascism could never happen here. Wake up. It’s far worse, the Great Deception of the very Elect[orate].

    Posted by xbjllb | August 8, 2019, 3:02 pm

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