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WWIII in August 2019?

I just found a foreign web site by Eskild Rasmussen describing WWIII predicted by many lesser known European prophets to occur in late summer 2019.  Nostradamus is not on the list!  Near the top of the post, we are told: “This is the short version about the outbreak, duration and end of the 3rd world war. You will find more details in the following sections. The war will break out in August 2019 or 2020. Everybody will be talking about ‘peace in our time’ before the outbreak, so nobody will suspect anything, when Russia suddenly launches a paralysing nuclear attack on USA and conventional war in Europe.”

One prophet on the list got my attention more than most:

Anton Johanssons predictions about WW3

  • Before the war breaks out the will be a lot of talk about peace, but it will only be a facade to prevent people from suspecting anything.
  • One night the Russians will invade Germany and France through Hungary, Austria, northern Italy and Switzerland – only France will give the invaders resistance, Germany will be taken by surprise.
  • The Russians will conquer all the American weapon depots on their way. Anton Johansson mentions terrible weapons not existing in his time.
  • One of the weapons, which causes the death of 25 million people, infects the victim with a disease, which makes the person mad.
  • Simultaneously with the invasion of Germany Johansson saw an explosion in the North Sea. He saw a great tsunami-like wave rise and hit all the North Sea coasts. A part of Scotland sank into the sea.
  • He noticed that all these events happened in the late summer.
  • He is the only seer to have seen what happened in USA. From his description it is reasonable to conclude that the greatest American cities would come under nuclear attack: New York, Washington, Chicago, Minneapolis – he had never ever seen such explosions of fire before. The entire sky was ignited, everything was hidden in smoke, and the bombs created hurricanes, which destroyed everything. Even the great forests in Canada were swept away by the fire storms, which also moved across the Atlantic Ocean and destroyed the south-western part of Europe before moving into Russia. “This,” he concludes, “is why USA cannot send help to Europe.”

I quote this for several reasons:

I have already written books about Nostradamus’ predictions of WWIII and of Bible prophecy pointing to horrific events in 2019.  Nostradamus also mentioned the “isle of Scotland” in quatrain 5:93 and in quatrain 9:31 “The tin islands of St. George half sunk” (England was known as an ancient source of tin, and it’s patron is Saint George.)  More importantly, he talks about a world war in Europe in which, at least in the early years, America is unable to help Europe.  I assumed pre-war economic collapse, civil war, or an EMP would be possibilities… But Anton Johanssons suggests the problem is a nuclear strike on America.

Maiden Fannys predictions about WW3

A few days before she died, Maiden Fanny had a vision about the 3rd world war.

  • She said that this war will be the most cruel war of all wars fought in Europe. “There will be fire everywhere: From the earth, from the water and from the air. Sailors will have a terrible time on the sea. And it will be a hard time for the Danish people to endure.” Somebody in her audience asked: “Can’t we escape?” She replied: “Escape? Where will you go? The whole world will be ignited! You will do better staying in Denmark, even if it will be a tough time to endure. The food supplies will run out in Copenhagen, and wild hordes of dark people will invade Denmark from Germany. Their faces are dark, and we cannot understand their language. Give them food peacefully; they will stay for 3 days in Abenrade, then they will move north and be defeated by a Danish army. The Danish soldiers will be outnumbered, but they will triumph, because the invaders will not be under any kind of command or discipline.” [This could involve hordes of recent immigrants from Africa and the Middle East.]

There are several other sources quoted.  Most involve a Russian invasion of Europe.  Though the predictions mostly do not match my expectations – there are many more detailed prophecies at the site linked at the top of this post.

About David Montaigne

Historian, investigator, and author of prophecy books like End Times and 2019, and Antichrist 2016-2019


2 thoughts on “WWIII in August 2019?

  1. No, there will be an action from the US in WW3! According to Alois Irlmaier (Germanys most famous prophet) there will be the use of drones from northern africa (Libya) that use a chemical weapon (yellow powder) from the adriatic sea up to scandinavia. It is not passible to cross that line for at least 1 year. Nostradamus didnt tell about 2019? No his prophecy, according to the decoding of Rose Stern, tells extremely much for 2019!!! And the pole shift!!! His prophecy is just another version of the biblical Johannes Revelation! The description is (for most parts) done by Rose Stern.

    Posted by Michael Blumenstein | July 5, 2019, 7:17 pm
  2. Yes, folks, now it looks like WW3 is coming within 8 days (until 28/07/2019). To start the start on the Persian Gulf. If 30% of oil deliveries go away, then this can cause an economic collapse, a “dirty nuclear bomb” for Manhattan would certainly trigger this. August: outbreak of Vesuvius, civil wars in Europe, invasion of the Russians to Central Europe. About 3 months war time in Europe, then 3 dark days, then the pole change.

    Posted by Michael Blumenstein | July 20, 2019, 7:21 pm

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