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Which Nostradamus prediction is most likely to occur in the next ten years?


I just answered this question on Quora.com

My answer: WWIII

Nostradamus described a 27 year period of escalating conflict between the West and the Islamic world culminating in a nuclear WWIII. He gives several clues to timing the start of this 27 year period, including being shortly after 1999, shortly after the turn of the millennium, and being underway by the time of an astronomical configuration, which occurred in June 2002. So it seems like September 11, 2001 was the start – and if this is an accurate start date, we could expect WWIII to be over in 2028… unfortunately he suggests the war is followed by a catastrophic pole shift maybe 2028 or 2029… not that I assume anyone has conversations with him, but Delores Cannon first suggested that Nostradamus predicted a pole shift for October 2029.



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One thought on “Which Nostradamus prediction is most likely to occur in the next ten years?

  1. As Nostradamus himself said, his predictions will be descripted. And his is done for many dramatic predictions, done by Rose Stern. There are serveral books edited, in german language. And what is the content? Its just the same as in the Revellation of John. But with much more accuracy, especially for the toxic corridor by a yellow powder, a chemical weapon. Also much more accuracy for the poleshilt and the new poles.As i understood Rose Stern, the year 2019 is meant, as well as done by David Montaigne. But David Montaigne is absolute on the wrong way in his trial to descripting Nostradamus. That was a work done in decades by Rose Stern.

    Posted by Michael Blumenstein | July 6, 2019, 6:32 pm

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