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France and Apathy – They Failed to Take the Threat Seriously Before WWII and are Failing Again Before WWIII

Is apathy and indifference to being destroyed part of modern French DNA?

Their inaction from 1932-39 led to a German invasion in 1940.  France could easily have stopped Nazi Germany before it became such a powerful threat.  Instead, the French did nothing to protect themselves.  Today the outside threat is not from Germany, but from North Africa and the Middle East.  The threat of decay from within is also serious, the indifference about their own culture or nation – and it reminds me of this art:


This post will focus on the “art” of the “French” rapper, Nick Conrad.  If the races were reversed, the “artist” would be in jail and all of his videos would be banned.  Instead, this insane double standard of political correctness is just another example of the imminent destruction of France and Western Europe in general.

Just as the French prophet Nostradamus warned in approximately 60 of his roughly 1000 prophecies – France just before WWIII will suffer “apathy,” “negligence” and “neglect” in its self-defense and will allow itself to be overcome by an invasion from the Middle East and North Africa.  It will be slow and gradual, like the proverbial frog in a pot that never jumps out of the increasingly hot water until it gets boiled.  Nostradamus says the problems will gradually intensify over 27 years (2001-2028?) ending in a horrific third world war.  I propose that allowing such music is an example of national suicide.

As this article in Breitbart recently noted:

A controversial French rapper has come under fire for a new video in which he strangles a white woman symbolizing the country of France, while singing, “I f**k France, I burn France.” (Warning: graphic language.)


Nick Conrad’s new song “Doux Pays (Sweet Country)” contains such lyrics as “Cock in France’s mouth, I cum like a pig” and portrays the rapper murdering a white woman wearing Christian jewellery at the end of the accompanying video, before driving off and leaving her.”  (Start at the 3 minute mark for most of the worst lyrics)

“Conrad is no stranger to racist material with violent imagery. A previous song by the rapper, which was deleted from YouTube, contained lyrics such as: “I enter day care centres and kill white babies. Catch them quickly and hang their parents. Spread them apart to pass the time, to entertain black children of all ages young and old.”

In the accompanying video, Conrad is shown kidnapping, torturing, and hanging a white man. The video shows the white man having his face forced down onto the pavement before being kicked in the head in a scene reminiscent of the film American History X.

Mr Conrad attempted to defend his “kill white babies” lyrics during his trial, saying that “this piece is deeper than it seems” and “I can not deny what I wrote, it touches racism, it’s the beauty of this piece, it’s still art”.

(Neither Facebook nor Facebook-owned Instagram have taken any action against the rapper, despite having purged multiple voices on the right such as Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, and Milo Yiannopoulos in recent months for far less violent content.)”

Populist leader Marine Le Pen tweeted about the song saying, “While many compatriots undergo anti-white racism, of which no self-proclaimed expert or media speak, this provocation must not be unpunished. There is nothing artistic in what is purely and simply a call to hatred and murder!”  Up until now, the populists haven’t been able to win French elections – not enough French seem to care much about France.  (Though the last six months of “yellow Vest” protests, and French elections over the weekend – are a promising sign of a trend towards populism.)  Instead they elect the traitorous Macron, who said: “There is no French culture. There is no such thing as French culture, there is some culture in France and it is diverse.”  How could such a man defend France when he doesn’t believe there is anything unique to defend?

Unfortunately Nick Conrad isn’t even unique; there are more musicians and artists promoting the end of France’s existence. Another rapper named Medine released an album called “Jihad” some time ago and hoped to perform at the Bataclan in October 2018 – but as this was the scene of Islamic terrorism where 89 people died at a concert in 2015, it was decided to cancel the concerts over fears there could be riots….

When I translate Medine’s lyrics they aren’t as one-sided against France or the West as Nick Conrad – Medine isn’t clearly calling for Jihad – just commenting on it in song… but lyrics like the ones I’ll quote below still get my attention:

“We are the good guys and you the rogue state! ….With a Fatwa and a Koran in the hand, the green journey is under the lamp.  We reassure the West and take revenge by example….”  That doesn’t sound like he (“We”) is on the West’s side….

So what will the French response be?  Apathy until there is an Islamic army approaching the gates of Paris, I assume.


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Historian, investigator, and author of prophecy books like End Times and 2019, and Antichrist 2016-2019



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Nostradamus and the Islamic Invasion of Europe

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