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“Servant of Nation” Comedian Elected as Ukraine’s President

As Western Europeans grow tired of their ineffective and traitorous government leaders, (but remain too apathetic to stop the incoming tides of Islam or Socialism before it collapses them into a giant welcome mat of failure for another invasion in the next world war…) voters in Eastern Europe tried something different – they voted out the usual establishment politicians and just elected a 41 year old comedian with no insider or political experience to Ukraine’s Presidency – with over 70% of the votes.  Ouch! and Goodbye to outgoing President Petro Poroshenko.


Comedian Who “Came To Break The System” Wins Ukraine Presidential Election By Landslide – According to exit polls, millions of voters – weary of war and economic hardship – have thoroughly rebuked the incumbent elites, overwhelmingly voting for 41-year-old TV comedian Volodymyr Zelenskii in Ukraine’s presidential election today.

“I voted for Zelenskii because everything he said is true,” said Viktoriia Bengalska, a 45-year-old secretary in Kiev.  “It’s impossible to survive on this salary, prices have increased like crazy, and we were promised something totally different.”

With no political record (aside from playing the president on TV), Zelenskii crushed President Petro Poroshenko, who was running for his second five-year term, with 73% of the vote.



“The Servant Of Nation” is an Ukrainian Comedy TV Series (sitcom), created by “Studio Kvartal 95”, which originally aired on 1+1 TV channel and official Studio Kvartal 95 Youtube channel youtube.com/c/sluga95 (where you can watch all episodes online) from November 16, 2015… It becomes most popular comedy tv series, and millions of ukrainians and russians called it the best TV series in 2015 about corrupt government, where history teacher became president and people began to hope for a better life.

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