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Is Paris Burning? No, But Notre Dame is a Metaphor for France’s Destruction


“Is Paris burning?”  In 1944 Hitler asked this question after giving General von Choltitz the order to burn Paris to the ground as German forces retreated… and for once German generals did the right thing and disobeyed the order.  They felt Paris was a beautiful city that should be spared.

April 15, 2019 – Notre Dame Cathedral burns in Paris.


So far, I see no claims of arson or terrorism.  But when French authorities suggest this isn’t the case – within hours – can we assume they had time to investigate, or must we assume that answer is politically correct?

Glenn Beck suggests that, if the fire was caused by terrorism, the truth would never be told.  “If this was started by Islamists, I don’t think you’ll find out about it,” Beck said on The Blaze. “I think it would set the entire country on fire.”  Emerald Robinson tweeted: “Dear media: you are already reporting that Notre Dame has been declared an accident. But the investigation just started. And the restorers had already left for the day. And the scaffolding had just gone up with no “welding equipment” there yet. Tell me again how it started?  Jack Posobiec tweeted: “Fastest arson investigation in history.”  Stefan Molyneux tweeted: “So from now on, they should just ask people if they committed the crime, and if say they didn’t, they are “ruled out.”  Pardes Seleh tweeted: “i’d be very shocked if it was an accident.  and no, french authorities announcing at the start of an investigation that they’re “treating it as an accident” doesn’t count. french authorities are incompetent.”

President Macron has already vowed to rebuild the great cathedral, which began construction over eight hundred years ago.  (Maybe that will boost the traitor’s 26% approval rating and distract him from his policies of national suicide.)

But these are not the only important fires in Paris.  The Yellow Vest uprising, underway for months to protest taxes, inflation, and limitless immigration, has seen at least 125,000 fires.


It has been a few years since Islamic terrorists firebombed the offices of Charlie Hebdo over a cartoon in 2011 or murdered a dozen of their staff over another cartoon in 2015.  It wasn’t long before ISIS terrorists slaughtered 130 people (and wounding 494 others) in coordinated attacks at the concert hall Le Bataclan and other locations….  Since then France seems to have surrendered to a wave of Islamic migration (as Nostradamus predicted they would before the actual military invasion that hasn’t come yet) – at least they were buying time of relative peace from terrorism, though it contributes to social unrest in the form of riots and protests when the native population of France can’t take the destruction of their nation any more… (see “Terrorism, Migrants, and Crippling Debt: Is This the End of Europe?“)


(photo above from the article: Marseille falls apart: why is France’s second city crumbling?)

France Is Falling Apart According To 97% Of The Population

Is the reality of France today going to bring in tourists?  Or is it going to bring on the invasion and war described by France’s greatest prophet?



About David Montaigne

Historian, investigator, and author of prophecy books like End Times and 2019, and Antichrist 2016-2019


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