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Pole Shifts / Ice Ages Return in Cycles – Predictable Like Clockwork


There was a video below promoting the idea that an “Ice Age” returns “like clockwork” – but unfortunately it has been removed

Cyclic Time

It had suggested that a pole shift and new ice age comes every 11,500 years with a more intense one every two cycles (23,000 years.)  I would suggest that his timing is slightly off, and he may be ignoring 1400-1500 years of melting glaciers in between – for a total of 12,900-13,000 years per half cycle event, and an almost 26,000 year cycle between the most intense events – just like the 25,920 year cycle of precession of the earth’s axis – which seems to be linked to cosmic events….


A pole shift creates new “ice ages” at the new poles, much like there are “ice ages” in Antarctica and Greenland today.  The evidence for a regular cycle of POLE SHIFTS that explain regional “ice ages” is massive, and I cover all the details in my newest book:

POLE SHIFT: Evidence Will Not Be Silenced

The first video link directly below no longer seems active:

This one wasn’t the one I originally wanted to post, but it’s still relevant:

Randall Carlson is always good:

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4 thoughts on “Pole Shifts / Ice Ages Return in Cycles – Predictable Like Clockwork

  1. Is this one of them?
    “The Coming Ice Age Cannot be AVOIDED”

    Posted by Zod | April 9, 2019, 2:27 pm
  2. What most alternative climatologists fail to notice is that there is an extremely sudden change to The Earth. Even if there is a gradual onset of climatic and other anomalies that ramps up over a period of years prior, this is not the ‘main event’.

    One doesn’t have to spend 12,000 years in preparation for something that mankind could otherwise accommodate as and when it happens. Nor does one have to build megalithic pyramids that will last umpteen platonic years just so that future civilisations can be tipped off as to the ELE that will strike without warning.

    So this is not a mere argument as to whether climate change is anthropogenic or cosmogenic. It is to recognise that anthropogenic climate change was invented by the cognoscenti precisely to avoid alarm over precursors to pole shift…

    Posted by Zod | April 9, 2019, 2:49 pm

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POLE SHIFT: Evidence Will Not Be Silenced

Evidence suggests that pole shifts are both magnetic and geophysical, with a periodic cycle of recurring and predictable cataclysms involving huge earthquakes and tsunamis, changes in latitude and altitude, mass extinctions, and the destruction of civilizations, reducing them to myth and legend.

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