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Ice Ages: We are Taught Nothing But Lies

Wikipedia suggests that “An ice age is a long period of reduction in the temperature of the Earth’s surface and atmosphere, resulting in the presence or expansion of continental and polar ice sheets.”  The main idea being that complex overlapping cycles occasionally, and very slowly, change global temperature levels so much that although the North Pole and South Pole are fixed in place and never change, the portion of the Earth that experiences polar weather (ice sheets and glaciers) increases and decreases over long periods of time.

Because recent history has experienced climatic stability, we accept these vague ideas that long ago there were gradual but large fluctuations in global temperature.  But “The causes of ice ages are not fully understood for either the large-scale ice age periods or the smaller ebb and flow of glacial–interglacial periods within an ice age. The consensus is that several factors are important: atmospheric composition, such as the concentrations of carbon dioxide and methane …variations in solar output; …and volcanism including eruptions of supervolcanoes.”

That sounds great – if you don’t think about it much.  But if you do think about it, there are big holes in this theory.  It would make more sense if the evidence showed that pre-historic ice caps came down to a certain latitude all around the world.  For example, if the spot New York City is on today (roughly 40 degrees North Latitude) was under a mile of ice 15,000 years ago, we would expect that all land at the same latitude was under an ice cap.  The southern extent of the ice sheet went through the middle of Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey – possibly by some estimates, even into Kentucky.  The exact boundaries are not agreed upon – but the ice sheet seems to have been centered in Hudson Bay, or possibly the western edge of it.

If the North Pole had been at the same location it is today, we would expect ice sheets coming down to about 40 degrees latitude all around the world.


That would mean the ice should have reached the mountains of northern Turkey and Iran and India – the Himalayas in Tibet – and the middle of China.  But instead we are told that Northern Russia – even in today’s Arctic – even at 70 degrees North – there were green savannas and grasslands teeming with life – huge herds of mammoths and rhinos and other grazing animals and predators… Fruit trees and flowers (and mammoths) have been found as if suddenly frozen.

In my POLE SHIFT book, I explain this demonstrates the North Pole was not in the same location it is today.  Hudson Bay must have been at the North Pole.  Much of Russia and Central Asia would have been TROPICAL.  Northern Siberia would have been temperate with a climate more like Virginia or parts of California have today.  Assuming mammoths needed to eat approximately the same 500 pounds of vegetation PER DAY that elephants do – they weren’t roaming desolate glaciers.  But we are taught that they did.


There is a reason for these lies, and it isn’t just an ignorant lack of understanding.  By making us believe that ice ages come and go slowly, taking many thousands of years to change – and with many hundreds of thousands of years between events – we have nothing to worry about in our lifetimes.  If the causes are taught to be a complex overlap of many gradual long term trends – there is no sudden catastrophe to worry about.  If a supervolcano or an asteroid impact could be the trigger – then such things are unpredictable, and we would never have to worry that catastrophic change is imminent.

But the evidence suggests otherwise.  Change is sudden, the causes are known, the cycles are periodic and predictable, and another POLE SHIFT is due very soon.

“Ice ages are not a matter of advancing and retreating ice; it’s simply that different areas of the Earth are in polar regions at different times… with the changes between positions taking place in a fraction of a day. [The Adam and Eve Story, pp.13-14]

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One thought on “Ice Ages: We are Taught Nothing But Lies

  1. Lieing (or establishing consensus among the scientific community of something one knows to be false) that ice ages (or glaciations) are a global rather than local phenomenon is just one of many deceptions.

    One of the key deceptions few are yet aware of is the hiding of our second sun.

    “The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist”

    1) Devil=Satan (& synagogue thereof)
    2) Satan=Set=Sothis=Isis=Sirius

    “We’ll just establish consensus among all the senior (masonic) astronomers to agree that Sirius is 8.6LY away (and gigantic) rather than 2-6,000 AU away (and The Sun’s twin).”

    So, The Devil does exist, in the sense of being with us – father (Sirius), son (Sun), holy ghost (Moon) – 3 masonic towers – the trinity of Earth’s key lights.

    The reason it’s best if we don’t know about our 2nd sun, is because otherwise we’d more easily realise that the yin and yang within the Chinese variant of the Zodiac (24,000 year, Set/Sun orbital calendar) are Earth’s population cycles delimited by cataclysm.

    It’s that orbit that is the cause. You just need to deduce the mechanism, e.g. magnetic field inversion causing 180° flip.

    Posted by Zod | March 23, 2019, 7:37 am

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