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Pole Shift In Progress – Nothing to Worry About

I’ve been sounding the alarm for years that Earth is already experiencing a magnetic pole shift, and that a catastrophic crustal displacement – the unthinkable kind of pole shift disaster that comes with massive earthquakes, tidal waves, and the end of our current civilization – will come next as the magnetic and rotational poles realign.

I saw this particular article at Zerohedge.com, though Kevin Anderton wrote it for its original source at Forbes, in which he says: “The poles movement has sped up in recent


memory from 9 miles a year in the 1990s to about 34 miles a year at present (even this is an understatement – the current position is an estimate based on old data because the US Government has refused to publish the data for years after the acceleration got scary enough.)  If you have been seeing headlines that imply the scientists are clueless or don’t understand what is happening this is what they are talking about. Anomalies like this happen from time to time and honestly, it’s nothing to be worried about.”

Really?  Earth does something it hasn’t done for over 10,000 years – something associated with mass extinctions in the past – and it’s “nothing to be worried about”?

That’s not what this Harvard research paper titled: “Magnetic reversals and mass extinctions” said in 1985 when it studied: “The correlation between the reversal intensity and biological extinctions.”  Many other sites admit the truth about this threat.  Many sites spread the official lies (conspiracy?) that we should remain calm and ignore these Earth changes.

I say we are due for a catastrophic POLE SHIFT in the early 21st century.




About David Montaigne

Historian, investigator, and author of prophecy books like End Times and 2019, and Antichrist 2016-2019


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