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Robert Breaker Asks: Is Rapture in 2019?

I’ve been writing about the prophetic clues pointing to 2019 for at least 7 years now…  Robert Breaker just made a video (below) reviewing some of the same ideas.  He’s very worried about setting a date – as if that’s forbidden…  It is forbidden only in Jewish traditions, to calculate the dates of end times events: “Blasted be the bones of those who calculate the end.”  The intention was clearly to prevent getting peoples’ hopes up for incorrect dates, then complaining afterward that nothing happened, and making people lose faith… The unsaid implication being that the end can be calculated.

I know American Christians are fixated on Matthew 24:36, in which the English version has a small but important mis-translation that suggests: “No one knows the hour or the day.”  My readers know the original Greek verb “oiden” is past tense, and merely meant that “no one yet knows” as of the year 33 A.D.  It does not preclude studying the Bible for clues and making use of the many astronomical signs the Lord provides with references as early as Genesis 1:14.  And of course the verse after suggesting no one has known, Matthew 24:37, says: “For the coming of the Son of Man will be just like the days of Noah.”  Two key takeaways from that – first – Noah was warned many years ahead of time to build an ark – second – those days ended with a civilization-ending flood which some people believe was a description of the last POLE SHIFT.

If we take the Bible seriously, we must acknowledge that about one third of it is prophecy.  There were prophecies about Israel being re-created as a nation – an event that took place on schedule in May 1948.  As explained here: http://www.christiantruthcenter.com/the-fig-tree-generation-the-generation-that-will-not-pass/

“Israel is God’s time piece and in Matthew 24, Mark 13 and Luke 21, Jesus used Israel to tell us of a generation that will see all things prophesied be fulfilled.”  The “fig tree generation” alive in 1948 when Israel became a nation again.  As Luke 21:32 says: “This generation shall not pass away, till all be fulfilled.”  Jesus confirmed this words when He said, ‘Heaven and earth shall pass away: but my words shall not pass away’ (Luke 21:33).  I.e. this generation that sees the fig tree shoot forth will not pass till all these things be fulfilled….

The 1948 generation is the generation that will not pass till all things prophesied by Jesus in Mathew 24, Mark 13 and Luke 21 be fulfilled.

How many years did the Bible suggest there are in a generation?

Psalms 90:10: The days of our lives are seventy years; and if by reason of strength they be eighty years, yet is their labor and sorrow; for it is soon cut off, and we fly away.”

The verse above not only suggests that 70 years is a normal generation, but that if one approaches the maximum of 80 years – it will be a time of sorrow, during which we “fly away” – a clear hint to tribulation and rapture and end times events between the 70th and 80th years of this crucial generation.

“A person born in 1950 is not of the 1948 generation. Neither is a person born in 1960, 2000 or any other year. It is only those born in the year 1948 that are of the generation that saw the fig tree shoot forth.”  70 years later is 2018, and the crucial window in time for the final generation is upon us.


With modern astronomical software we can calculate when events in the sky match descriptions of future skies given in Bible prophecy. Many clues point to major events the week of Hanukkah in December 2019.  Matthew 22:2 says “The kingdom of heaven may be compared to a king who gave a wedding feast for his son.”  How do these seemingly unrelated facts come together to suggest the fulfillment of end times Bible prophecy in December 2019 – quite possibly in the form of a POLE SHIFT?

In December 2019, during Hanukkah, all major steps in an ancient, week-long Jewish wedding ceremony will be played out by the movements of the sun, moon, and planets in a heavenly wedding.  The giving of the ring to the bride even matches (to the minute) the “diamond ring effect” of the total solar eclipse which is at the right point in the ceremony – while we celebrate Christmas – and it will be visible at sunrise from Jerusalem – fulfilling Isaiah 13:10 very accurately – “the sun will be dark when it rises.”  Lots more astronomical details (and explanations of how they match prophetic visions – and an ancient Jewish wedding – and how Revelation’s “new heavens and a new earth” are achieved through a pole shift) are given in the book: End Times and 2019

About David Montaigne

Historian, investigator, and author of prophecy books like End Times and 2019, and Antichrist 2016-2019


3 thoughts on “Robert Breaker Asks: Is Rapture in 2019?

  1. Go to Amazon and read a summary of numerous bible studies on the reasons 2019 is very likely the year.

    Posted by greg2017 | April 13, 2019, 6:12 pm
  2. Amazing Reason to be exited John 16:13 The Holy spirit will tell you THINGS TO COME

    Posted by Johnny Kasselman | May 23, 2019, 10:52 am
  3. Mr Breaker, I really enjoy your teaching about the rapture. Did you ever hear Tim Leheys reasoning on the fig tree generation. In one of his non fiction books he says a person would have to be about 8 or 10 years old to see and understand the meaning of Israel becoming a nation. This would mean that 1938 would be counted as being the fig tree generation making us already past 80 years, I find this very exciting, just a thought thanks.

    Posted by stephen dean folk | December 24, 2019, 7:05 am

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