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Phys.Org Warns: “Earth’s magnetic poles could start to flip”

It’s almost funny, considering how the magnetic North Pole has already been moving fast towards Russia for many years, to suggest in their article title that:

Earth’s magnetic poles could start to flip


“We predict it [Earth’s magnetic field] will drop to near zero.”

Earth’s magnetic poles are already flipping – it’s the crustal displacement that follows that we really need to worry about – because the change won’t just be magnetic.  The crust will move over the core and the evidence shows that such catastrophes happen like clockwork roughly every 12,900 years. “The consequences of this process could be dire for our planet.” (No kidding, really?)


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4 thoughts on “Phys.Org Warns: “Earth’s magnetic poles could start to flip”

  1. They are just trying to tip off the astute and percipient – eugenics, you see.

    Why would a magnet’s field drop to near zero?

    Something internal?

    Of perhaps an external magnetic field?

    What happens when you bring a north pole to a north pole? Most of those on the surface assume the magnetic field has diminished. Eventually, the planet flips 180°, to realign, and the crust slips.

    The Earth’s magnetic field does not change.
    The Earth’s temperature does not change.
    There is a rinse cycle, and a change in polar regions.
    Earth’s population changes – see Yin & Yang.

    Posted by Zod | December 12, 2018, 8:10 am
  2. The big question is “When?”

    And then there’s the nature of ‘when’.

    Twice a great year is the frequency, but where is that ‘twice’ in the Zodiac? Between Pisces and Aquarius it seems (the latter symbolising cataclysm).

    However, is the ‘when’ such that it can be predicted to the day (according to planetary alignment)? Your wedding ceremony?
    Or is the more precise timing only available from cosmic measurements? e.g. the external magnetic field as measured in low earth orbit (or as beyond that as one can get without electronics frying up).

    It seems reasonable that multi-millennial calendars and bible codes will tell us from which decade to start worrying, but they may not tell us the precise year or even decade thereafter as to precisely when. So, end of Pisces, end of Mayan cycle, woman clothed in the sun, etc. may just be blurry shadows on a sundial.

    If the Earth flips due to an external magnetic field (repulsion), then there is likely to be a period of negative stability, i.e. The Earth will be in a state where it will be predisposed to flip for some time, perhaps years. But, it won’t flip until sufficient destabilising torque occurs, e.g. perhaps the Earth’s internal magnet drifts very slowly…

    Alternatively, we can indirectly observe the actions of the Illuminati on the world’s stage in terms of their machinated distractions, e.g. the closer WW3 appears, the closer the pole shift is. Either they’ll know precisely, or they’ll gauge an ever increasing probability.

    Posted by Zod | December 12, 2018, 5:05 pm

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