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Alien Life is VERY Likely on “Waterworlds” Even in Our Own Solar System

Astronomy.com’s recent article suggests that many of the exoplanets discovered in distant solar systems are mostly water:

One-third of known planets may be enormous ocean worlds

“The densities of many exoplanets just a few times larger than Earth indicate they may host vast liquid water oceans….

“Life could develop in certain near-surface layers on these water worlds when the pressure, temperature and chemical conditions are appropriate,” says the study’s lead author, Li Zeng of Harvard University…. “One has to realize that, although water appears to be precious and rarer on Earth and other inner solar system terrestrial planets, it is in fact one of the most abundant substance in the universe, since oxygen is the third most abundant element after hydrogen and helium,” Zeng said.


From what I hear, our scientists are well aware not just of the high odds that alien life exists out there somewhere – but that we have been in contact with aliens for a long time.  What is holding back disclosure?  One idea: there is a cycle of cataclysmic pole shifts and we are about to suffer another great cataclysm, on schedule for the 21st century.  Aliens will help guide survivors through the changes – but the opportunity to vastly transform the new civilization that emerges will not be squandered.  And our leaders, along with the extraterrestrials, are waiting until AFTER most of us are killed off before bothering with disclosure…  Just a theory, of course.

On a related note: thank you Bright Insight for pointing out some interesting discoveries about the moons of Jupiter and Saturn, especially in regard to extraterrestrial oceans and alien life.


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