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Democrats Have Become Socialists

At Writerbeat.com I noticed an article under the name Dannie Poe titled:


D.P. argued: “Sad to say this , but if SOCIALISM is all the Democrats have to defeat Trump this nation is in deep trouble. We can call it being PROGRESSIVE, but it is still SOCIALISM. I have lived through a number of different Presidents, however I would have never in my wildest dreams thought US Citizens would ever choose SOCIALISM over our Representative Republic. SOCIALISM will mean that Big Government will dictate what the citizens will get or need. Stepping into the realm of SOCIALISM will make our US Constitution and it’s Rule of Law obsolete. There are GOP RINOs that want SOCIALISM as well, because these politicians will be part of the ESTABLISHMENT ELITE.

Socialism Putin

This Political Correct Narrative is destroying the freedoms within our US Constitution, putting the politicians in power. The American voters tried to stop this ESTABLISHMENT politics WHEN THEY ELECTED TRUMP. Sadly the ESTABLISHMENT ELITE has shown their true colors. They are no longer afraid to work in the back rooms of government. Their policies are now out in the open for all to see. As a long time US Citizen, I do not see a future based on the individual’s freedom to think and act on their personal views or beliefs.”

I commented:

“Both political parties have Socialist elements because they take through taxes and other fees and redistribute. But I agree with Dannie Poe, the Democrats have no platform except hating Trump and to a lesser extent embracing Socialism, which is evil and destructive at its core – despite some good intentions to enrich the population as a whole, what Socialism primarily does is enable a powerful elite and discourage hard work and productivity by taking most of the rewards away from the individuals that produce well.

Socialism Churchill

What civilization should do is reward high achievers and discourage the behaviors that lead to failure, feelings of entitlement, and the desire for Socialist redistribution of other people’s assets.

Socialism Thatcher

Our people are bombarded with television and movies and internet imagery of the uber-rich and famous and it skews expectations of what an average person should have and achieve and be satisfied with. Our expectations are always relative; a poor American enjoys comforts most ancient kings didn’t have – but we compare to what we know exists in Hollywood, NY, and other locales of the wealthy elite.

Compound these unrealistic expectations with the economic decline that makes the middle class lifestyle is getting more difficult and more dependent on two mediocre incomes instead of one good one – more and more Americans are dissatisfied and leaning towards promises of a Socialist Utopia. Sadly, they want free stuff and feel so entitled to having more that they tend to ignore Venezuela, Cuba, Soviet Russia, and so many other examples of Socialist failure. [I left out North Korea!]

Socialism Putin

Socialism Intellectual

So whether Trump is a good president or not (time will tell how effective his changes may be, but it looks reasonably good so far) the Democrats are leaning more towards Socialists like Bernie Sanders and even absolute morons like Ocasio-Cortez, who is so unqualified and unable to argue her opinions that I hear she is refusing $100,000 offers to debate.

Socialists should read Atlas Shrugged and emulate John Galt. Instead they would hate him.”


Needless to say, I hope the Democrats fail miserably in elections until they discard the evils of Socialism and rise from the ashes of no longer being a major political party, hopefully embracing new, relevant, beneficial ideals.


About David Montaigne

Historian, investigator, and author of prophecy books like End Times and 2019, and Antichrist 2016-2019


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