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Why Chimpanzees and Democrats Like to Throw Feces


I have always been intrigued by humanity’s closest relatives: chimpanzees… and Democrats are also fascinating, especially when they cry and scream and rant over not


getting their way.  So when someone quite validly compares the two, the combination can be entertaining and enlightening.


This is Why Chimpanzees Throw Their Poop at Us

“Just like humans, chimpanzees use many methods of communication within their group. They are capable of expressing a wide-range of emotions using postures, gestures, and facial expressions. But if you’ve ever seen chimps at the zoo, you’ve probably seen them do something that humans most [most humans] definitely do not do, which is to throw their poop –  sometimes right at Grandma. The video of a chimp hitting an unsuspecting visitor to the zoo with its poop – bullseye! – probably made you laugh. But did it also make you wonder why chimps throw their feces in the first place?

In their natural habitat, when chimpanzees become angry, they often stand up, wave their arms, and throw branches or rocks – anything nearby that they can get their hands on. When chimps are removed from the wild and kept in captivity, they experience stress and agitation, which can cause them to react in the same way – by throwing things. Captive chimpanzees are deprived of the diverse objects they would find in nature, and the most readily available projectile is feces. Since they also tend to get a pretty strong reaction from people when they do throw it, their behaviour is reinforced and likely to be repeated, which explains the abundance of YouTube videos on this subject.”


Democrats: Flinging feces for the cause

“Dr. Jane Goodall is a pioneer in the study of chimpanzees.  In 1960, she set up camp in Tanzania’s Gombe National Stream Park to live among the wild chimpanzees.  In 1984, Dr. Goodall was asked to study the unusual but frequently observed habit of chimpanzees flinging their feces while in zoo captivity.  This behavior rarely occurs in the wild.

Since President Trump’s inauguration 21 months ago, it’s more than evident that many of the president’s critics, detractors, and enemies have gleefully adopted the repugnant behavior of captive chimpanzees.  According to Dr. Goodall’s research, chimps in captivity resort to feces-flinging because of stress, agitation, and pent-up frustration.

Yes, there is absolutely unresolved stress since the election of Donald Trump.  Almost two years have passed, and no, there isn’t a groundswell of acceptance among Democrats.  If anything, the anxiety has risen to near a hysterical state.  What began as Trump Derangement Syndrome, those afflicted and unable to reconcile the fact that Hillary Clinton lost, has evolved into episodic psychosis.

In fact, the tension and stress have reached extreme levels.  Journalists such as Chuck Todd of Meet the Press find it necessary to pen articles defending the media’s negativity and overt hostility toward the president.  In Mr. Todd’s twisted opinion, despite the overwhelming adverse press specifically directed at the president, the media somehow remain fair and unbiased purveyors of the news.  Labeling Fox News viewers as “old white people” certainly cements Mr. Todd’s claim that the media are not biased.  In other words…not a smidgen of bias.  (Wink, wink.)

Yes, the Democrats are agitated – so much so that bouts of feces-flinging now occur with certain regularity.  To date, several salacious books (and one forthcoming) have been written warning that the White House is in turmoil, Donald Trump is crazy, and the White House staff loathe and despise him.  According to “in the know” authors, White House staffers operate in a constant state of trepidation.  Their panic is palpable, and they are consumed with dread and alarm.  The latest tome of tongue-lashing, Fear, written by Bob Woodward, is simply a rehash of uninteresting gossip.  Just like many of his nattering, like-minded essayists, Woodward quotes sources in and out of the White House, several of whom have categorically denied ever speaking to or meeting Mr. Woodard.  Sound familiar?  Author Michael Wolff’s book is also a plethora of gossip and innuendo.

CNN’s first review of Bob Woodward’s book calls life in the White House “harrowing.”  New York Times reviewer Dwight Garner claims that while Woodward was never a graceful writer, he (Woodward) is able to spin tales of a man (Trump) who is “emotionally over-wrought, mercurial, and unpredictable.”

If we are to believe Mr. Woodward, White House aides have taken it upon themselves to hide important documents from the president.  White House aides also routinely block the president’s most dangerous impulses.  Sure they do, Bob.

Inevitably, all of this stress and agitation leads to pent-up frustration, hence more feces-flinging, evidenced by the opening day of Judge Kavanagh’s Supreme Court hearing.  Judicial Committee chairman Senator Chuck Grassley couldn’t even complete his first sentence before Senator Kamala Harris interrupted him, demanding a delay in the hearing.  Beyond rude and ill-mannered, she continued her tirade, claiming that the White House had purposely and with malice withheld critical documents authored by Judge Kavanagh that are imperative to the hearing discussion.  Despite the fact that over 400,000 documents have been released, Senators Booker, Blumenthal, and Klobuchar accused the administration of hiding “something.”  Thus far, they have yet to specifically identify the elusive “something.”

[I counted 64 interruptions from Democrats before the first main point of Brett Kavanagh’s introduction could be made.  Keep in mind, the Democrats insisted they had no time to look into BK’s background – when the reality is, Trump openly and publicly had BK’s name on a short list of potential Supreme Court nominees before he was even elected in 2016.]

More unbearable, during the course of the opening remarks by various senators, loud-mouthed, banshee-like screeching protesters interrupted the proceedings time and time again.  If that wasn’t enough, Fred Guttenberg, father of a deceased Florida Parkland High School student, rushed Judge Kavanagh just as the committee recessed for lunch.  Startled, Judge Kavanagh recoiled as he rose from the table, turning away as security intervened.  Dianne Feinstein admitted she had invited the father, who earlier in July tweeted, “Judge Kavanagh must not become an SC judge, because he is a risk to public safety.”

The coordinated feces-flinging attack during the hearing was a sordid spectacle.  It is a sure sign that even more disgusting behavior is planned as the liberal hysteria explodes.


If you were unfortunate enough to watch the first day of Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing, you saw coordinated feces-flinging in action. I’ve been on the receiving end of primate poop flinging twice – at two different zoos, and I’d rather go back to either one as a designated target than submit to the feces-laden unpleasantness that the judge had to endure.

For one thing, primates flinging feces is inherently far more honest than the democrats were while trying to find some minute gotcha moment with which to crucify Judge Kavanaugh. According to Dr. Goodall’s research, chimps in captivity resort to feces-flinging because of stress, agitation, and pent-up frustration. I guess true to their familial ancestors, the democrats were exhibiting their own pent-up frustration in attempting to rattle Judge Kavanaugh, knowing all the while that absent a nuclear-level misstep on his part, he would be confirmed.

While I didn’t watch all of the adversarial hijinks, I saw enough to recognize that many of their questions were about as relevant to his qualifications to be a Supreme Court Justice as a steamy pile of primate feces. It was pure theater. Partly to trip Kavanaugh up and attempt to make him look less qualified than he is, partly to imply that anyone nominated by that ignorant oaf President Trump had to be unworthy, and partly to grandstand for their own constituency and/or entice voters for those who are presidential hopefuls. 

In short, I can think of no more appropriate or descriptive way to describe the democrats than being foul and fraudulent feces flingers.”

Democrats are stressed because Trump is accomplishing great things while the Democratic Party offers no platform other than hating Trump.  Hence the “Walk Away” movement dwindling the Democrat’s numbers…

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Historian, investigator, and author of prophecy books like End Times and 2019, and Antichrist 2016-2019


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