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Global Warming Distracts From Pole Shift Evidence – Martin Armstrong

Economist Martin Armstrong wrote about pole shifts on October 13 (again) saying:

“This idea that there is Global Warming for the entire planet as a whole is just nonsense. It is preventing real research into what is going on and are we in the early stages of a pole shift.”

I want to emphasize Armstrong is a brilliant ECONOMIST.  He studies economics.  (And like any honest economist he admits expects a huge crash relatively soon.)  But because he is a smart guy studying facts and trends and numbers and data he noticed the obvious evidence on a topic unrelated to economics.  A coming pole shift is obvious for anyone looking for evidence.  His article titled “Global Warming & Pole Shifts”


can be found here: https://www.armstrongeconomics.com/world-news/climate/global-warming-pole-shifts/

I commented:

The Magnetic North Pole has been moving from Canada towards Russia at a rate of at least 40 miles per year – it was accelerating before the USGS stopped publicizing the data in 2015, and is presumably moving faster now. I think the magnetic pole shift is a precursor to a more catastrophic movement of the the crust of the Earth over the core – a geophysical pole shift – and the evidence indicates this last happened almost 13,000 years ago, moving the pole from near Hudson Bay to its present location – ending North America’s “ice age,” suddenly freezing Siberia and killing off healthy specimens of mammoths and other temperate climate species that are still found with undigested warm-weather vegetation in their bellies… So much evidence indicates that mankind had a previous advanced civilization destroyed and that a periodic cycle of catastrophic pole shifts occurs every half precession cycle (twice every 25,920 years, or approximately every 12,960 years.) Read: Pole Shift: Evidence Will Not Be Silenced – https://www.amazon.com/Pole-Shift-Evidence-Will-Silenced/dp/1986785130

Pole Shift Front Page Book Cover

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4 thoughts on “Global Warming Distracts From Pole Shift Evidence – Martin Armstrong

  1. Is there no one tracking the north pole?

    Is it no longer published for the benefit of fishermen, etc., e.g. as chart corrections for Icelandic fishermen?

    Posted by Zod | October 18, 2018, 2:24 pm
    • about 9 months ago USGS said the predictive model they had for five years, due to last until 2020, was no good anymore. The real position of the Magnetic North Pole had veered so far from the prediction they admitted the model and its data were somewhat useless, but no new updated version was provided

      Posted by David Montaigne | October 20, 2018, 12:22 am
    • Mr. Edward S. Rader,former board of director of the Smithsonian,brought forth factual evidence and theory concerning the relationship of free neutron decay jadeite.The answer is simple and perpetual energy are related.The Smithsonian Agreement of 1971 is about to be realized for what it was and not received.What is written will be.

      Posted by Raymond Benjamin Marvin | September 8, 2021, 3:27 pm


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