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Divided We Fall?

If Trump manages to arrest a large number of corrupt, career criminal politicians, truly draining the swamp – I and many millions of other Americans will be thrilled. But the United States has never been more politically polarized and divided since 1860 when America’s political disagreements over slavery, the economics of industrialization vs. agriculture, states’ rights, and other issues led to our (first) Civil War.

Is the stage set for another?  Any major trigger, like global economic collapse or Great Depression II or WWIII could trigger social collapse, martial law, and Civil War here.  Even if Trump drains the swamp of lots of criminal, traitorous politicians… as most of them will probably be Democrats, many millions of my fellow citizens will be horrified, and some will riot as if there is a coup and the world is ending.

If such arrests are announced, martial law seems very likely.  It may be needed to minimize rioting by those who don’t care about the evidence of corruption, criminal acts, fraud, theft, or treason – but emotionally and blindly support their criminal politicians and feel “their” side is being rounded up.  The recent installation of the “Presidential”/FEMA text alert system that goes to every cell phone may be a step in preparation for martial law.


QAnon sees Trump text alert test as signaling the coming of martial law

While I like Trump and think he is an effective president so far, I do note that in 2016 he went from no political office at all to the presidency of the United States – just the kind of rise to power I wrote about in Antichrist: 2016-2019 – as the clues from end times Bible prophecy made me (and others – for example, Tom Horn’s Zenith 2016) expect the rise of the eventual Antichrist dictator in mid 2016.

It probably won’t play out exactly how and when I expected it to, but I can’t help noticing that 2019 is the other year I see so many clues from end times Bible prophecy pointing to huge events – which is why I wrote End Times and 2019.  Here we are in the final quarter of 2018, and we now have a situation in America that may fit many characteristics of those prophecies, and the possibility of dictatorship a few months away has never seemed more real.

Europe has a different set of problems, including elite puppetmasters dictating that European “leaders” must commit collective national suicide through mass immigration from the Middle East and Africa, in order to foment the collapse of their social welfare systems and national governments, leading towards WWIII – just as Nostradamus predicted, and as two of my books have described in detail – and (the elite seem to hope) a One World Government in the aftermath.

About David Montaigne

Historian, investigator, and author of prophecy books like End Times and 2019, and Antichrist 2016-2019


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