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What The X-Files Understood About the Search for Truth

from yesterday’s article by Kelly Connolly at The Atlantic (which I found at Digg.com)

What The X-Files Understood About the Search for Truth

“…Beliefs create themselves on The X-Files, which premiered 25 years ago, on September 10, 1993. Mulder (played by David Duchovny) and Scully (Gillian Anderson), partners on a unit dedicated to investigating unexplained phenomena known as X-Files, became sci-fi archetypes: the believer and the skeptic paired up to probe spooky cases.

It seemed like their job was to determine what was real, but more often they looked at what they felt was real, and why, and whether there was a difference.”

“…Mulder and Scully were Schrödinger’s believer and skeptic, setting the molds even as they broke them. The famous poster on Mulder’s office wall wasn’t “I believe” but “I want to believe”—for all his open-mindedness, he couldn’t fathom belief that doesn’t strive for proof. Scully, who still clung to the cross around her neck, was the one who saw believing as a Catholic leap of faith. The partners were symmetrically curious, both drawn to the spaces where facts should be but aren’t….”


“If the personal conflict at work in The X-Files was between belief and skepticism, the global conflict was between connection and alienation—summed up in the way the strange, instant alchemy between Mulder and Scully made them unknowable to the bureau conspirators, whose business was so impersonal they didn’t have names. The most unconscionable monsters in the world of the show weren’t ghouls, but men in suits working deals behind closed doors, trying to maintain their grasp on the power they felt slipping away….”

But the show’s success wasn’t because Mulder’s character fought hard to search for TRUTH while Scully balanced his enthusiasm with reasonable, scientific doubt…


An equally important angle was the constant threat from the great conspiracy by those in power to hide the truth from a public they believed can’t handle the truth.  It hits home because murky myths and in-your-face current events can both re-direct humanity’s future activities depending on what we believe.  Many wars have been fought over disagreements interpreting what we believe God said to our ancestors; with many millions of lives lost – yet the evidence, the proof that God said this, that, or the other thing is questionable.

Today is the anniversary of 2001’s September 11 attack that brought down the World Trade Center in New York.  Was it the result of religious zealotry – a terrorist act carried out by Islamic fundamentalists?  That is the official government version of the truth.  But the scientific evidence – which so many people refuse to take seriously, despite the testimony of thousands of engineers, architects, demolitions experts, and eyewitnesses – suggests a false flag operation by the U.S. Government used to justify wars in the Middle East that still allow greater American power and profit today.

I suspect the chain of events will lead to WWIII involving the Islamic world, the United States, Europe, Russia and China. My opinion on this is in no small part encouraged by my study of Nostradamus prophecies on the subject.  Even Bible prophecy is largely about an end times Apocalypse featuring a war centered on the Middle East which grows and involves persecution of Christians by a “false” religion that beheads its enemies and seeks world domination, especially over Christians and Jews.  Islam seems to fit the bill; their end times Mahdi is described in Islamic prophecy as almost a perfect match for the Christian’s Antichrist.

These sources of prophecy also talk about “a new heaven and a new earth” and how the “Great Mover renews the Ages.”  Nostradamus says it will seem like the Earth has lost its normal gravity.  The Bible says mountains and islands move out of their places and the sky looks as if it is rolled up like a scroll as the Lord shakes the Earth out of its place.  The Qu’ran says there will be great earthquakes and the sun will rise in the West instead of the east.  Every branch of science offers supporting evidence that Earth experiences a cycle of catastrophic pole shifts and that another is due soon.  A part of me wants a long and uneventful life.  Another part of me, the part that has done decades of research and written many books – wants to believe.

Inside all of us is a battle between our skepticism and what we want to believe; The X-Files were a huge success because Mulder and Scully portrayed this very normal, very human mental balancing act and entertained us while doing so.  If threats to humanity and topics of doom and conspiracies to hide them entertain you, commemorate 9/11 by watching some re-runs of The X-Files.  Despite the fact that all books have a biased version of what their authors consider truth, I am biased into recommending reading (especially the books I wrote myself) instead if you seek the truth or want to believe.


If your interest in the topics above overcomes my shameless self-promotion, check them out!  The truth is out there, if you look for it.









About David Montaigne

Historian, investigator, and author of prophecy books like End Times and 2019, and Antichrist 2016-2019


7 thoughts on “What The X-Files Understood About the Search for Truth

  1. Continuity vs discontinuity.

    As we approach the cusp, we enlightened must live two lives, the one that would continue without change, and the one prepared for immanent change. Neither helps the other.

    When day or night too soon becomes the other, or the stars scroll, or the shadows move, then miles to the mountains must be measured in minutes.

    Posted by Zod | September 11, 2018, 9:26 pm
    • This reminds me of Matthew 24:17-18, where those who perceive the sudden danger “must flee to the mountains. Whoever is on the housetop must not go down to get the things out that are in his house. Whoever is in the field must not turn back to get his cloak.” JUST FLEE to high ground immediately.

      Posted by David Montaigne | September 12, 2018, 1:29 am
      • Indeed.

        Incidentally, have you ever considered the possibilty that poleshift.ning.com/zetatalk.com is a double-disinfo site?

        Although they include obvious rubbish/fakery in their news items, that could be deliberate.

        It could be, that for those who’ve discovered the twice-a-great-year pole shift at the bottom of the rabbit hole, the Zeta site (NASA funded) is intended to provide such folk with useful information – to improve their survival chances.

        For example, see this section that gives information for each country as to where best your chances are of being in the right place at the right time:

        It seems reasonable…

        Posted by Zod | September 12, 2018, 9:15 am
      • Searching for truth within known disinformation, and giving our government credit for purposefully and intentionally putting truth within a package of lies… That’s a tough pill to swallow. The best lies always have kernels of truth within, but to decipher which is which would be very hard.

        Posted by David Montaigne | September 12, 2018, 11:58 am
  2. The Bible is an example of truth within a pack of lies, i.e. there is nothing supernatural, no gods, no miracles, but steganographically encoded knowledge of great importance to mankind.

    I just wondered what your thoughts were.

    Posted by Zod | September 12, 2018, 3:43 pm
    • I agree there is great ancient wisdom encoded, along with many misdirections, mistranslations, and additions, some of which are misunderstandings and lies. Supernatural? Perhaps what is normal in a spiritual realm or a higher or another dimension is very natural and explicable, even if we don’t normally experience it here and now, much like radio waves could not be understood well prior to the 19th century.

      Posted by David Montaigne | September 14, 2018, 12:39 pm
      • Sure, we can’t dismiss anything as impossible, but barycentrism provides an explanation for regular pole shift without the need for any phenomena that we’d consider supernatural today.

        Similarly, The Bible can encode information concerning this and other esoterica via the use of a superficial pretence that supernatural phenomena are real (as opposed to merely being allegorically/steganographically useful).

        I have not yet found anything that requires (or is better explained by) spiritual or extradimensional causes – the apparent predisposition of human beings to believe in them, notwithstanding.

        Posted by Zod | September 15, 2018, 7:44 am

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