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Is Donald Trump the Bible’s “Last Trump”?

Lou Comunale recently asked:

Is the Donald the “Last Trump”?

He began: “I’ve never seen so much speculation about the end times as we’re seeing today. Each year these speculations become more and more preposterous. Did you hear this one? Doomsday prophets suggest that the apostle Paul was referring to Pres Donald Trump as the “last trump” (1 Cor 15:52).

This feeds right into the doomsday scenarios pictured by many internet prognosticators. Yet, meanwhile, what they may be missing out is that God is using President Trump to expose deep corruption which will lay the groundwork for great revival in the land.

Historian David Montaigne, who has written several books on the end times blogged in 2016, “I am not suggesting that Donald Trump absolutely *IS* the last trump – but since the LAST TRUMP is one of the most clear and final signs in end times prophecy, can we overlook the possibility that a presidential candidate named Trump is being used as a sign by God?


Comunale believes that Trump will be used by God to lead America to a Christian revival.  I don’t have high hopes for that; time will tell…  But he does correctly point out that most American Christians wrongly expect a pre-tribulation rapture, when in reality, we will NOT be whisked away before the horrific suffering of the great tribulation.  The disappointment from this will feed the great apostasy.  Consider Comunale’s book:

“Escape the Coming Antichrist – When the Pre-Tribulation Rapture Fails (and it will!).”

and of course, consider my take – that we should pay great attention to the detailed correlation between the skies described by biblical prophets thousands of years ago and the matching positions of all the major astronomical bodies we can see, like the sun, moon, and planets – which not only match prophecies but move in a manner that astronomically acts out all the major steps of an ancient Jewish wedding ceremony in the sky, during Hanukkah, in December 2019.

If you’re less interested in timing (Though you gotta admit, the clock is ticking for the “generation” that witnessed the creation of Israel in 1948 to see all these things wrapped up…) and more interested in understanding the nature of the Antichrist or why America is Mystery Babylon, consider my Antichrist book or an even more scholarly one by Alan Kurschner: Antichrist Before the Day of the Lord

About David Montaigne

Historian, investigator, and author of prophecy books like End Times and 2019, and Antichrist 2016-2019


7 thoughts on “Is Donald Trump the Bible’s “Last Trump”?

  1. Those who have long been forewarned/enlightened/illuminated as to the coming pole shift, who have secretly fostered an unwitting civilisation able to be harnessed to prepare for it, are also warning those of us who are sufficiently percipient and predisposed (to shift paradigms).

    The Bible warns us.
    The Pyramid warns us.
    Stonehenge warns us.
    The Mayans warn us.
    The Hopi warn us (when Sirius/Kachina turns from red to blue shifted).
    The Freemasons warn us (when the two towers representing Isis & Osiris are felled).
    The Norse myths warn us.
    The ancient Egyptians warn us (When Sirius is in line with Orion’s belt).
    Ad nauseum.

    Why the warnings?

    Because when the Earth destabilises, with very few prior natural warning signs, aside from climatic anomalies and seismic/volcanic activity (both due to magnetic field disturbances), things accelerate very quickly, with concomitant upheaval (from pole shift), before the Earth soon restabilises.

    It is because the pole shift comes upon the world of men so suddenly, that after umpteen cycles, man’s cunning has developed strategies that can persist across the generations for thousands of years, to not only provide warning, but to prepare – to preserve and perpetuate a technologically advanced civilisation across the pole shift.

    Now, as to the clues we proles are being given by the illuminati…

    It does no good to warn those who cannot improve their chances of survival (mostly being psychologically incapable, if anything).

    In any case, it’s not about numbers, but fitness (eugenics).

    If you perceive a warning – it is intended only for you (and those like you).

    Thus ‘The Last Trump’ is perceived as significant only by astute eschatologists. To everyone else it is religious nonsense.

    Posted by Zod | September 2, 2018, 11:05 am
    • The style and content of your comments makes me curious, Zod – as to what kind of education and career has led you to share these interests. Do tell if you feel it is relevant. And of course, I’m looking forward to any upcoming book review I hope you put on Amazon someday soon.

      Posted by David Montaigne | September 3, 2018, 3:58 am
  2. I have put my review of your book on amazon.fr – on the assumption it would be duplicated across to the other amazons. I may have done a boo-boo there. :-/

    I don’t think education/career led me (I was largely self-educated, developed my own skills, and found jobs that paid me to do what I would have done for pleasure). I’ve always been curious as to how things work. I think the greatest assistance comes from shifting paradigms – in any aspect. If you shift paradigm once, the next ones are easier, e.g. accepting Apollo as staged, was easier after prior revelations/epiphanies.

    I am therefore curious as to the size of your audience, which I would have assumed to be niche/minuscule, but if it’s considerable, then that’s a good sign.

    Posted by Zod | September 3, 2018, 7:22 am
  3. I’ve now submitted it on amazon.co.uk too – in case that helps. Perhaps being UK, that will be duplicated to amazon.com.

    Posted by Zod | September 3, 2018, 7:33 am
    • I see your review on the UK version of Amazon, where the American dot com site reviews are also automatically shown – but a UK review doesn’t transfer over to the US listing unless you post it there. Glad you like the book, and thanks again for posting.

      Posted by David Montaigne | September 3, 2018, 11:43 am
      • I’ve just tried to post it on amazon.com, but I have insufficient purchases on that variant, so have not been permitted to leave a review.

        Yes, an excellent book (let down slightly by LaViolette), and consequently, I strongly encourage you to connect the great year (and the twice a great year pole shift), the precession of the equinoxes about the Zodiac, with the barycentric orbit of Sun and Sirius. The latter has been hidden away about an invisible companion precisely because otherwise it would be too easy to connect the ‘glaciation cycle’ with the great year, and deduce causation (which would then upset the proles).

        Magicians of the Gods + The Lost Star + Pole Shift – now that’s a great combo.

        I’d suggest you guys should work together, but then perhaps you wouldn’t be allowed to. :-}

        For all I know, Hancock’s been ‘told’ he can only propose asteroid strike, and Cruttenden has been ‘told’ to leave the identity of the Sun’s binary as an open question (albeit easily answered by the astute), and you have been ‘told’ to explain LaViolette’s superwave as the cause of pole shift.

        Incidentally, I suspect a lot of people search for pole shift using ‘poleshift’, i.e. as a single word. Unfortunately, your book does not turn up using that term. Can you add that as another tag/keyword to your book’s metadata?

        Posted by Zod | September 3, 2018, 4:00 pm
      • excellent suggestion, and thanks again for even trying to post a review on the American version of Amazon

        Posted by David Montaigne | September 5, 2018, 2:27 am

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