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“Paris is a Sh*thole”


I’ve been pointing out the obvious problems Western Europe is suffering as the result of mass immigration from regions like the Middle East and Africa for a long time.  Crime, filth, and welfare spending are up, while safety, tourism, and social cohesion are down.  Migrant camps, piles of human feces, trash, rats, and open air urinals decorate the city.  I still call this a plot by the international elite to destroy nation states, foment WWIII, and bring on a New World Order in the aftermath of collective national suicide policies.

The French prophet Nostradamus wrote about this almost 500 years ago, describing the destruction of France by “apathy” and “negligence” as the Islamic Invasion of Europe slowly progresses. Nostradamus said that although the war would eventually be nuclear and that Europe will purge itself of invading armies – this will progress very gradually over the course of 27 years. I suspect the years 2001-2028 should be considered, as the West has been in a long war with terrorists, Iraq and Afghanistan, and Syria already.

But what do I know?  I’ve merely visited the place.  But French author Eric Zemmour talked about the “Islamic invasion” that France was facing and he warned about the risks of a civil war in France. Zemmour’s most successful book is “The French Suicide” which sold more than a million copies back in 2015. Of course, the French prosecuted him for inciting hatred against Muslims.  As Donald Trump said, “Paris isn’t Paris anymore.”

Meanwhile, Paris is burning.  Not the way Hitler wanted it destroyed as the Germans retreated in WWII, but this way, as narrated by Paul Joseph Watson:

“On January 20, 2018, Pierre Cassen was convicted of “incitement to hatred against Muslims” and a fine of $12,000 was imposed on him. He was also given a three-month suspended prison sentence. He will soon be tried again for repeating the same “crime”, and could be sent to prison…. If Pierre Cassen is imprisoned, it will be the first time that someone in a Western democracy is sent to jail for criticizing a religion.

Worse, Cassen is not even the author of the article targeted by the judges, and the article only says what is obvious: that extremist Muslims are at war with France and the West, and that incitement to kill infidels is present in the Qur’an. Cassen was sentenced as the editor of Riposte Laïque; since 2012, however, Riposte Laïque has been hosted by Switzerland and has a Swiss editor. Pierre Cassen no longer even has an official role in the organization. He is just easy prey because he lives in France. Pierre Cassen, clearly a victim of prosecutorial abuse, is planning to apply for political asylum in Switzerland.”

What are native Europeans waiting for?  Why don’t they do something about their traitorous governments destroying their nations?  Must this progress into WWIII as Nostradamus warned us?

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Historian, investigator, and author of prophecy books like End Times and 2019, and Antichrist 2016-2019


3 thoughts on ““Paris is a Sh*thole”

  1. If France is being asset stripped and no longer maintained, then it helps to provide the plebs with an obvious party to blame, i.e. the immigrants (not those who shipped them in, of course).

    This ‘civil war in waiting’ can be triggered at the right moment (when a major distraction is needed).

    Posted by Zod | August 26, 2018, 10:43 am
  2. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama told al-Qaeda and isis in Iraq and Syria and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt to wage war on America, Israel and the Christians but, the Good News is that Donald Trump, Mike Pence, George Bush and Jesus Christ are our Good Republican Christians saving our world from tyranny. The democrats are corrupt and are of satan and the devil. Islam is satanic and al-Qaeda too. Anita Fuentes in Schertz, Texas and Lyn Leahz in Dayton, Ohio are lobbying Congress to get the world to make Bush, Trump, Pence and Christ Republican Personal Lords and Saviors so that the earth will be the new Heaven. Thank you real good!

    Posted by Colleen Fischer of The Republican Christian Church and Good Shepherd Lutheran working together | June 6, 2019, 6:29 pm

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Nostradamus and the Islamic Invasion of Europe

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