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Who is Q?

Who is Q?

As millions of government-distrusting patriots already know, most high-ranking officials, elected and otherwise, American and otherwise, are more concerned with their own lust for power and money than with serving the best interests of their fellow citizens.  The corruption, fraud, theft, pedophilia, and other criminal activity accepted as standard behavior at the highest levels of politics and intelligence agencies and other bureaucracies – especially since the mid-20th century – is mind boggling.  Unfortunately, there are many elite groups protecting each other’s members, controlling both the government agencies that should prosecute such crimes and the media that buries stories that make “their” people look bad.

This isn’t about Right vs. Left, or Democrats vs. Republicans, or conservatives vs. liberals/progressives.  But those who have corrupted the system and seek nothing more than more for themselves need to achieve these by taking from others.  Communism has historically been the easiest and most effective way to rob the public of its wealth and power and concentrate it in the hands of a small group (before it inevitably destroys the system/nation by discouraging hard work and productivity.  See Soviet Russia, or Venezuela today.)

As one online post on a recent Q video commented: “Except leftism IS evil. Socialism = evil. The Nazis rose from a socialist, leftist political system. Mao, Lenin, Stalin and others same thing. Left wing policies always lead to death and slavery of the people. It is evil at it’s core. You can’t be a “good” person AND left wing.”  I might not go that far, because many an ignorant leftist genuinely believes the world will be better when you rob most people of their hard-earned wealth and freedom and spread it around “equally” to “those who need and deserve it.”  The road to hell is paved with good intentions from weak minds.

Religious Christians might describe the world as being under the control of Satan.  Non-religious patriots might say it has been under the control of an evil cabal of self-centered narcissists who intend to bring on destruction and chaos so that they can more easily centralize greater power under their own control in the aftermath.  Communists, Socialists, and blissfully ignorant Democrats who haven’t woken up to the Walk Away movement might say everything was fine until Trump was elected…

Management Overview

But everything is not fine.  Behind the scenes, without getting the attention of the general population, there is a major war being fought right now.  I am not using the word “WAR” lightly.  There is the most epic battle for control of the world since WWII happening right now.  There are deaths on both sides.  The Good Guys, the Patriots – are taking action in America and the rest of the world against the criminal establishments and purging them, imprisoning them, and dis-empowering them.  Many politicians are secretly being told: “This is all the evidence we have against you.  If you don’t cooperate you will rot in jail briefly before the other inmates kill you for the many crimes that will be exposed.”

Some who wouldn’t cooperate have already been sent off to places like Guantanamo Bay.  The Clinton’s appear to be dis-empowered and separated from their money, both the Clinton Foundation and their personal wealth; note how they flew on a public flight recently with no Secret Service…  Non-cooperation would have made it far worse; remember the more drastic results in Saudi Arabia’s purge.  Cooperation may mean not running for re-election, or it may involve actually working for the public good.  Working for the team that is trying to save us from destruction and chaos.

Unfortunately, the bad guys want destruction and chaos because they think they will have even greater power in the aftermath.  And they are losing the power struggle right now against the Good Guys – but they may be able to sabotage the whole global system and collapse it anyway.  The timing of this battle for world domination between the forces of good and evil parallels the conclusions of my research and my books on end times bible prophecy, even Nostradamus, even the idea that a catastrophic pole shift is coming.  Expect all hell to break loose by 2019…

One of the patriotic good guys – giving many of us hope – goes by the name of Q and since October 2017 has been publicizing messages under Q anon (anonymous) giving clues to information about national and world politics.   As Wikipedia says: “QAnon refers to a conspiracy theory based on Q, an online handle used on several image boards by a presumably American pseudonymous individual or group of individuals claiming to have access to classified information involving the Trump administration and its opponents in the United States, and detailing a supposed secret counter-coup against the alleged “deep state”.  The name implies having Q level clearance to classified information.

This anonymous high-ranking official (or group of patriots choosing to post as an individual) presumably in the intelligence community and or military and or politics – has been making many public posts which are so vast in scope that it is impossible to summarize everything.  But Q’s posts explain the corruption and the hidden battles against the criminal establishment and that ‘everything is connected and everything has meaning’.  Q seems to have connections at every level of government and intelligence agencies and has posted enough suggestions that have made the news months later that millions of people assume Q is what “he” claims to be, despite the somewhat cryptic manner in which messages are given to the world. The information that Q has revealed usually takes the form of a question – we need to fill in the blanks.

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Historian, investigator, and author of prophecy books like End Times and 2019, and Antichrist 2016-2019


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